Extras desprerately needed for Salvos short film - VIC

Victoria, Australia

The Salvo media team needs extras for an upcoming short film

Extras desprerately needed for Salvos short film - VIC

Casting complete. Applications are now closed.

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Salvo Studios is the media production team of The Salvation Army in the Australia Southern Territory. We are dedicated to providing Salvation Army churches and services with professional media content that is engaging, challenge and relevant to contemporary culture. Our team creates a wide range of short films, promotional videos, online content, music and Christian resources to impact people’s lives. Our resources are free for use in church services and programs, social services, chaplaincy settings and for the general public.

This year, we are producing a short film to mark one hundred years since the death of The Salvation Army’s founder, General William Booth. This short film asks the question, ‘is The Salvation Army still engaged in its mission or has it lost its way?’ This is a dramatic piece with the lives of several characters appearing in a montage style. Many of the scenes in this piece are frescos, with not a great deal of action and no dialogue. The four 'lost people' are drawn from William Booth's Don't Forget speech. Forgive them! Feed them! Reclaim them! Employ them! The three spoken words sections in the song are William Booths words, the first two from the Don't Forget speech and the third from a well-known letter.

Shooting will take place on Saturday the 19th of May from 12:30pm to 3pm in the Fitzroy and city areas. There is no dialogue or sound and some travel is required (from Fitzroy to Federation Square), we can assist with transport if needs be. The project is to be completed by the end of May. The finished product will be available online for high quality download, as well as on YouTube. Involvement in this project is on a voluntary basis and we will be happy to grant permission for people to use clips in folios and showreels. Please be aware that this clip does involve Christian themes, as it is primarily for use in Salvation Army churches.


Applications to this casting call require:
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Featured extras - A collection of Salvationists of various ages and backgrounds. Some are dressed in traditional uniforms while others are in the more contemporary T-shirts with Shields and other insignia. Wherever they are, they seem to form a clique. T-shirts can be provided.

Any gender, aged 18 to 40 from Victoria, Australia

  • Minimum Acting experience: No previous acting experience

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