Crew wanted for low budget feature film - shooting Oct 2012 - Australia

All states, Australia

Shooting scheduled for 2 weeks in Oct 2012. Drama featuring 2 characters only

Crew wanted for low budget feature film - shooting Oct 2012 - Australia

Casting complete. Applications are now closed.

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Low budget feature film
Filming schedule: 2 weeks during October 2012, 1 week per character.

We have just completed filming a feature "Forget Me Not" and looking for crew to join us for the next feature scheduled for shooting in Oct this year. We currently have portion of the crew who we worked together on "Forget Me Not" but looking to top up. Ideally we would like to carry this team to Oct then onto the next feature in 2013. Hopefully 2013 project will not be a low budget film. At present we are looking for a producer, a translator/interpreter for English/Korean, lights, editor, art director and costume. Please provide your email address and your contact number (and show reel if you have one) with your application.

Film Outline
Lifeline (Production SHOWKHAN, Writer/Director Seewoo Kim, DoP Damien Beebe). Lifeline is the third feature film produced by SHOWKHAN in Australia. The filming is scheduled for October 2012 with screening in first half of 2013. It’s a feminist film of Ellie, a prostitute who after taking a bottle of sedatives to end her life calls and makes her last confession of life and death to Deborah, a counselor at Lifeline. Ellie and Deborah are the only characters that are seen in the film and the story is told through a telephone conversation between them in a confined environment.

Planning and Objectives of the Film
The film is an independent movie set against the background of Christian beliefs exploring the theme of life and death. One of the characters came from a deprived background but after rising through life challenges has become stronger and lives a life dedicated to helping those less fortunate. The other was born to a materially wealthy family but through one little misjudgment resulting in the birth of young life slowly slips to the lowest grade of life in prostitution and whose ultimate solution to life is ending it all. The story of these two characters provide an opportunity for the audience to review the meaning of life and death. Also overlapping the main theme are issues that touch on single parenthood, drug abuse and feminism.

Independent feature film
As the commercial films are usually focused on generating profit they become enslaved in materials that sell to a wide audience. There are no national boundaries in the use of computer graphics in SF films or exploiting beautiful young naked bodies in every angle, or in uncensored stimulating or violent materials. As those themes are the only ones that attract funding and the only ones that sell, the genres that are explored by the film makers become narrow and confined in genre and variety in terms of its artistic value. In the low budget feature film Lifeline we hope to develop a new film genre with artistic qualities that is also capable of capturing its audience.

All minors must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.


Expenses paid

Applications to this casting call require:
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Art director

There are only two locations for this feature. We'll be using real locations for both (house or flat). We would like to hear from an experienced art director with passion.

Anyone from Australia

Assistant director

We would like to hear from an assistant director with experience. We are also looking for another AD who can speak Korean. Experience with editing, call sheets and storyboard etc preferred. You will need to commit yourself (time and energywise) in this project.

Anyone from Australia


An editor with experience with Avid or Final Cut preferred. Ideally part of the editing team will be present during the shoot to carry on to the post production. As this is a low budget project we cannot give you a lot of time for post production. Shooting is scheduled for Oct 2012 with screening scheduled for early 2013.

Anyone from Australia

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