In need of 2 grips for a short film in Calgary - Alberta

Alberta, Canada

Log Line: A crazed spiritual guru travels the land bringig enlightenment in an unusual way May 19-20

In need of 2 grips for a short film in Calgary - Alberta

Casting complete. Applications are now closed.

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Synopsis: A self-proclaimed spiritual Guru receives a misinterpreted message from a dope-smoking Angel and then embarks on a mission to bring his own unique method of bringing enlightenment to the masses . Along the way, he encounters a meditating monk, saves a homeless man, and a few other odd characters and gains enthusiastic followers, and a few enemies along the way.

This ridiculous comedy will (in a fun way) poke fun at the silly things that people do on a spiritual or religious path, with strange and goofy characters and lots of laughs. The film will be in the style of a wee bit of Monty Python, meets "The Love Guru" (Mike Meyers).

I am in need of 2 grips for my short film.

Other Important Information:

Financial Compensation:

Because this is a student film project, I have NO budget whatsoever. In other words, anyone who wishes to be a part of this film, will not be getting any financial compensation. You must be okay with this. If you are not, you need not apply!

Film Credits:

You will receive film credits, and there will be a cast / crew party for which I will supply food and non-alcoholic beverages, sometime after shooting is completed, as a thank you for all of your help.


Our shoot dates will be May 19-20, 2012

Other stuff:

This film most likely won't make you famous, but I absolutely DO plan on submitting my film to lots of film festivals, that might possibly screen it. No guarantees though, but if all goes well, this film could get into a number of festivals which would be a nice calling card for anyone involved.


Anyone interested select apply and I will give you further details.

I will need from you a resume of related experience if applicable, full name with the spelling you want in the credits, address, phone number, email address as soon as possible.

All minors must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.



Applications to this casting call require:
  • A phone number


I need 2 grips who have some experience, if that experience was in film school, to help setting up of dolly track particularly, as well as other grip tasks.

Anyone from Alberta, Canada

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