PAID 3D/2.5D Tracker/After Effects/Mocha Artist Needed For Quick Job - UK

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A single shot requires tracking a.s.a.p

PAID 3D/2.5D Tracker/After Effects/Mocha Artist Needed For Quick Job - UK

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Shot on RED 4k cameras, I have a single 110 frame shot (as a 4K JPEG Sequence) that needs tracking. I have spent many days trying to come up with a solution using After Effects / Mocha AE and Mocha Pro (even Boujou) to no avail. The shot is a handheld panning shot, shot on Blue Screen with tracking markers. Problem is, when the film was shot not enough attention was paid to where the tracking markers were so these disappear and reappear halfway into the shot which is what is throwing off my data. Also, there are no foreground objects to assist with the track (only two actors whom are moving so will not help at all!).

I can provide a link to the shot via YouTube so you can determine whether it's something you can tackle. If you are happy to proceed, I will upload the full sequence as JPEG 4k resolution.

To an expert in this field, this shot may only take you half an hour or so to complete.

The data you provide needs to be rock solid. I need to do a full background replacement and it's very important I don't have any jitter or other obvious tracking anomalies as this is a professional project. You are NOT required to do any compositing, just provide the tracking data I can paste into my existing composition. Easy money Of course, I can only pay if you manage to crack this shot, I cannot pay you just to attempt it. Sorry!

There is potential for a handful of other shots after this one too, all paid.

All minors must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Payment: £15 for entire shot

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Tracking / Roto Artist After Effects / Mocha

Please see main description for project details.

Anyone from United Kingdom

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