Crew members required for a film - Manchester

Manchester, United Kingdom

A film full of intriques, emotions, betrayals, kidnap, mass brawl, murder, friendship and Revolt!

Crew members required for a film - Manchester

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We will be making a fictional film based on the UK Riots, and add our own little twist. the story is epic in scope, and touches on terrifying ideas of societies vulnerabilities. From an emotional reunion of two friends- to an almost all-out brawl between the city's biggest gangs which could possibly lead to the end of society as we know it. this film is not for the feint of heart, it's real, raw, loud, audacious, and isn't afraid to speak its mind on the government's mistakes and mis-steps, and the frustration society feels, even more by the youths.

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essentially, the audience's link to the director's vision. the cinematographer will work as almost a translator, to translate the visual and thematic narratives of the story in a grand way.

Anyone from Manchester, United Kingdom


this role will be a group of individuals who will work as a team. by the very nature of the story-IT'S BIG, but not just for just the sake, it's the grand scale ideas, which ask major questions on society. there is a lot to organize, and orchestrate, so do not apply unless you are after a challenge which will satisfy your creative juices- only after you have worked hard.

Anyone from Manchester, United Kingdom

visual effects

visual effects advisor who can achieve certain aspects practically which may not be easily staged. warning-there is an explosion in this film-so do not apply unless you know your sh**!

Anyone from Manchester, United Kingdom

sound engineer

we require a sound engineer for our film, to create the diagetic sounds including, speech, atmos, and general sounds.

Anyone from Manchester, United Kingdom

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