Ghost writer and producer looking for female rapper/mc - UK

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seeking girl who wants to make it in the industry as a rapper but doesnt have the Lyrics or beats

Ghost writer and producer looking for female rapper/mc - UK

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Hey Guys am not bragging or anything but am pretty damn blessed with writing skills. I Love all kindsa music and I use different elements from different genres when I write my own music. The most common thing that happens after a show is people come up to me and say " I don't usually like hip hop but I really loved what you did". what I try to do is pick a very everyday kind of subject like rejection or bullying, or insecurity or unemployment or self worth and Then I tell the story using a very surreal setting and backstory. I know ive got the potential to make it but i cant do it on my own, I need a good team behind me. hitting open mics on my own, entering competitions on my own and paying loads for studio time isnt as fun as having people there with you who share your passion.
I am currently working on an album with a close friend of mine who is a Producer/Drummer. Our idea was to record 24 brilliant records. groundbreaking records that are catchy, fun, emotional, hard hitting and unique and release two independent albums and build up a buzz big enough to make the labels come to us!
I wanna have loads of collaborations on the albums and we both agreed that having a female rapper on 80% of the records and having her at gigs would really help make the songs more memorable and widen our fanbase.

But most female Rappers are either way too slutty and only rap about Money and sex ( I.e early lil kim, foxy brown etc) or way too Ghetto and only rap about the streets and violence and being hard. I have songs where I wanna talk about self image and loss and really quirky subjects so i need a female rapper thats different.

So my plan is to act as a Ghost writer and find a girl that has the charm, the energy the passion and the abillity to adapt to a flow and rhythem. I will then write the lyrics and we'll work together on a flow that suits you.I will give you songs that no other female rapper is doing and give you the kind of image where you are sexy without being trashy and where you have rhymes that are complex enough to have real hip hop fans give u props but at the same time hooks and melodies that are catchy enough to get us into the mainstream. I wont tell a living soul that I write your lyrics and wont even get upset if you brag about your skills, coz essentially we would be a team and If one of us succeds we all do :)

If this sounds like something you would be interested in then holla at me and we'll get started :)


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The Rap chic

So as a ghost writer we will sit down and discuss different ideas then I will write the verses mostly with you present and will incorporate words that you yourself would actually use in real life and will try my best to actually make your personality shine through the lyrics, then we'll go over the flow and delivery etc. essentially I'd wanna end up with like the Female Asher Roth or Lupe fiasco, really quirky and meaningfull lyrics. so am looking for someone easy to get on with and hard workin

Females, aged 18 to 99 from United Kingdom

  • Minimum Rapping ability: Beginner

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