Male & female singers required for fulltime international covers band - NSW

New South Wales, Australia

Asia / middle east circuit cover band - requires frontline

Male & female singers required for fulltime international covers band - NSW

Casting complete. Applications are now closed.

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Looking to put together a 6 or 7 piece line up (Looking for male and female frontpersons) to head overseas to the asia / middle east cover band circuit at the end of this year / early 2013. I have many years experience on the scene & have a few agent contacts that I have worked with before, asking me to put together a product for them. After work commitments finish for me in October , I will be available to head off overseas for fulltime band work for 5 star hotels. I am looking to arrange the act sooner than later so that the act is as well prepaired as soon as possible. The act will be required to film a promo video , a confirmed contract will shortly follow as turn over in venues across Asia / Middle East is constant for most of the year and all bookings are made after viewing of promotional material. Australian acts are very highly sought after and in very high demand.

This is the best job in the world . . . You will perform fulltime as a musician in a band performing across many amazing cities, meeting amazing people and new life experiences that not many people get the chance to explore!



* Fulltime job position
* 3-6 Month contracts. If the core of the band remains together, the band will have all opportunity to keep working for years.
* EXPENSES PAID - Flights, Visas, Accomodation, 3 Meals per day , Laundry etc.
* Salary per month $2000 - $2500 U.S.D depending on contract. This is all potential savings as there is very little investment for the job. Very difficult to work in Australia and have $2,000 in savings left over at the end of the month.
* Performance of up to 6 nights a week and approx 2 afternoon rehearsals a week.


*Prefered candidates ; Potential commitment to the band for the longest possible time.
*Open to versitility is extremely important. Singers will be required to sing various styles from current top 40 pop / r&b / rap , commercial and classic rock , laid back / adult contemp, retro 70's & 80's. My previous experiences , I worked with amazing singers who all had to learn new techniques and styles on the job . . I never came across a singer perfect in all styles from the get go , however hard work and desire to grow as a musician in learning many styles always got the job done.
*As this being a fulltime job , musicians will be required to report to and be in contract with the band leader (stating musicians salary info , conditions to adhire to for a fantastic working environment. )
* Basic dance moves rehearsed
*Small jobs will be allowcated to each member (Individual jobs include Arranging cargo , planning rehearsals, organizing setlists , general office band admin etc. ) so that all the running of the band is not left to one member. Therefore the contract money will be an even split amongst all members so that each musician makes the most salary possible.
* Friendly , bright personality is extremely important. Performance is really only half the secret to a sucessful band on the circuit. Great personality for PR skills with venue customers go a long way in the sucess of a band.
* Must have previous cover band experience.

Candidates please reply with cover band video performance attached / linked. As well as current repertoire & photos.

Payment: Min. $2000 U.S.D per month

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Singer / Frontperson

Any gender, aged 22 to 40 from New South Wales, Australia

  • Vocal ability: Backing vocals - Lead singer
  • Singing styles: Pop

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