Cast & Crew Required for Short Film - Queensland

Queensland, Australia

This 7-minute film is specifically being made for Tropfest 2013

Cast & Crew Required for Short Film - Queensland

Casting complete. Applications are now closed.

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This film is being made on the Gold Coast...

Currently its in pre-production with a view to filming in the first half of November - dates to be confirmed. It's expected to take 3 nights for filming, 2 of which will be over a weekend. You must be available for weekend night time filming when you apply, however there will be some flexibility for the 3rd night being a weeknight.

The premise is absurd comedy and the intention is to create something fun, yet thought provoking as well. Importantly, this is a creative outlet for everyone. It's about bringing people together who have great skills in their specialist field, but also have the freedom to make suggestions for the films development and ultimately creating a superior product.

The DP and I are working together for the second time and the film will be done using a RED Digital Film Camera, offering a superior quality film for submission. By bringing together key people for this production, the intention is to achieve the best result and with any luck create a crew for future productions, for which there are currently 3 in the schedule.

At the end of the open period for this casting, we will call all applicants to meet around Mid-October and introduce the script for your review. Actors will be required to complete a screen test and read some of the lines from the film, which you will receive well in advance to learn the lines for the day. The selection process will be made at the end of the casting day.

As it's early days, work on this film is a donation of your time and energy to not only contribute your best skills, but learn from others who bring their best. However, a deferred payment option is also included for any revenue generated through prize money or sales and each day on set will be catered, so you won't go hungry! You will also feature on film in the credits. A copy of the film will be made available to you, as well as any stills you feature in while the film is being made.

While we do seek experience in film making for the crew roles, please note that student experience is also fine. However, not all the 'rules' on what you learned at Uni may necessarily apply during this process, therefore a strong degree of flexibility is required.

In applying for this film, my main request is that you have the strongest desire to bring your best skills and a great attitude. As mentioned, it's comedy and this will be a lot of fun to make.

Get in touch with any questions. Thanks for taking the time to look through this casting call.

All minors must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.



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This character has a look that says don't f$%& with me. Kind of like the security guard you might see at a club. Solid stocky build approximately 6 foot (183cm) tall. In one scene he shows off his 'guns' so you must be supremely muscular in the arms. Also important is clear diction of voice for script requirements. Good looks go a long way, as you will be 'dressed up' for you and your onscreen girlfriend as the pair are going out for the night.

Males, aged 20 to 25 from Queensland, Australia

  • Height: 180 cm / 5ft 11in - 185 cm / 6ft 1in
  • Minimum Acting experience: No previous acting experience
  • Languages: English
  • Accents: Australian


Amy is gorgeous. Preferably long blonde or even red hair. Her character is the girl you want to fall in love with because she is sweet and innocent, but has a touch of naughtiness about her, especially as there is one scene where she is drunk and completely funny. Pretty and a slim figure as she is dressed up to go out to a nice restaurant.

Females, aged 18 to 23 from Queensland, Australia

  • Height: 167 cm / 5ft 6in - 177 cm / 5ft 10in
  • Minimum Acting experience: No previous acting experience
  • Languages: English
  • Accents: Australian

Storyboard Artist

We'd like to do our first story board for this film and due to it being a short film, there are not a lot of scenes that require drawing up - probably about 8-10 in all. Your skill set will obviously require drawing people and then the scenes, which primarily involve cars and a restaurant setting. You will be working with 2AD as he is also an artist/designer. You have complete creative control based on information provided to you. This requirement am looking to complete by mid-October.

Anyone from Queensland, Australia

Camera man

While the DP will have his own RED camera, someone with their own camera gives us greater flexibility for filming. We will look at an agreed nominal financial compensation for its use during filming. The DP you are working with is quite young, but with many years experience and has final creative control in this area. However, it's important you bring a great attitude and willingness to share and learn from this experience.

Anyone from Queensland, Australia

Costume Designer

Here's your chance to use your creative flare and contacts! There are 8 characters in this film, all of whom are dressed up for going out to either movies and clubbing or a fine dining experience. You need to be able to dress them accordingly and therefore ideally have contacts who want to promote their business in the film credits and lend clothes/shoes for the film. All clothes to be returned dry-cleaned. There is also an element of style fun in one of the scenes... details on application

Anyone from Queensland, Australia

Lighting Technician

Lighting plays an important role as there is one outdoor car park scene and two indoor restaurant scenes. Ideally you will have your own lighting equipment and we will come to an agreement for some financial compensation in its use. Technically important, you will need to work closely with myself as Director, the 1st AD and the DP.

Anyone from Queensland, Australia

Sound Technician

Another key role is sound provision, as some of the filming is an outdoor car park scene. Ideally, while we have sound equipment, you will also have your own sound equipment for the film and we will look at an agreed nominal financial compensation for using it. Technically, you will need to work closely with myself as Director, the 1st AD and the DP. A degree of patience will be required when working with some of the actors, as this is their first film experience

Anyone from Queensland, Australia

Hair Stylist

Hair for the main characters, particularly the female leads, is highly important and particularly for continuity and some characters will be in the same outfit and hair/make up for 3 nights. The hairstylist does have creative freedom in conjunction with the Director and the actor being comfortable with your selected style. Technically, you must also work closely with the make up artist. A negotiated nominal amount will be paid to cover hair product used.

Any gender, aged 18 to 45 from Queensland, Australia

Makeup Artist

Make up, along with hair, is integrally important to continuity as the same make up requirements will need to be applied for 3 nights given the scenes are based on one night out. You will have creative freedom to choose the look in line with the character personality and will work with the Director and actors to ensure all parties are comfortable with your suggestions before they are applied. An agreed nominal amount will be paid to cover product used for make up requirements

Any gender, aged 18 to 99 from Queensland, Australia

1st Assistant Director

This is a key role in producing the short film. Therefore experience as a 2AD or 1AD is essential. The role will assist the director in ensuring every aspect of the production is fully resourced - props, equipment, catering and human resources. A large part of the role is set design. You will have a 2AD to help ensure that all aspects can be met. There is a lot of creative input required for this role and you will work closely with the Director and DP to bring about a successful 7-minute film.

Anyone from Queensland, Australia


For this film, we want to create stills, so this is an opportunity for a photography student to jump into a film set situation and take shots to be used in its promotion. More importantly, this is an opportunity to create a relationship for future opportunities coming up later this year and next year. On set you will work closely with the DP for when you are able to photograph without affecting the flow of filming.

Anyone from Queensland, Australia

  • Photography experience: Amateur photographer - Photography student
  • Type of camera equipment: 35mm SLR/DSLR

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