MTV True Life: I'm Superstitious - NOW CASTING! - USA

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If you are supersitious we want to hear your story!

MTV True Life: I'm Superstitious - NOW CASTING! - USA

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Do you have a superstition? Are you an athlete (pro, semi-pro or amateur) who has to have things exactly the same every game or you can't perform? Do you wear the opposing team's colors the night before a game or always insist on drinking orange soda before suiting up for good luck? Or maybe you're an actor and gripped by the many superstitions that surround the theater? Are you about to get married, and you're worried about the many wedding related superstitions? Or maybe you're the type of person who has superstitions about everything - the rain, black cats, the number 13, broken mirrors, dogs howling after noon, etc?

How have these superstitions affected your life? Do your beliefs ever keep you from doing things or separate you from people? Have your superstitions ever caused you to miss school, work, social functions, or other events? Have your beliefs become so engrained that you can't do things without first considering your superstitions? Has this caused any issues in your relationships with family, friend, co-workers or others? Are you tired of being gripped by your superstitions and want to break free? Or are you fine with being superstitious, but your parents, partner, friends or others can't understand and it's starting to cause friction?

If you can relate to any of the above, or know somebody who does, and appear between the ages of 18-29 we want to hear from you. Please send us your name, age, city and state and an explanation of your superstitions and how they affect your life.


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