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London, United Kingdom


Recent work includes television pilot "Dim Squad", short film "Candy" and a comedy sketch for "Guerilla Bus Fare". A trained actor with ten years experience in comedy and drama in film and television. More at

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  • Film (Feature), The Beheading of Barry Lynch, Harry, Sonder Pictures, Dir. Jack Millard, Worcester, UK
  • Film (Feature), Peninsula, Ben (Supporting), Rapid Eye Movies, Dir. Tim Rolt, Wales, UK
  • Film (Short), Guerilla Bus Fare, Ricky Flanagan, Dir. Dan Clarke, London, UK
  • Voice Over, Mission: Too Bloody Right, Narrator, Dir. Geoff Moseley, London, UK
  • Television, Dim Squad, Comedy Pilot Episode : Mr. Masson, London, UK
  • Film (Short), Candy, Paloma Lommel : Carl, London, UK
  • Promo, Adult Content, Dan Hedley : Pimp, London, UK
  • Television, David Hasselhoff Mockumentary, Comedy Pilot Episode : Actor, London, UK
  • Music Video, Two Door Cinema Club / Changing of the Seasons, Ben Brewer & Alex Brewer : Journalist, London, UK
  • Film (Feature), Monstrum, James J. Powdrill & Jonathan Kemp : Tony Shank, London, UK
  • Film (Short), The Bench, Ernesto Tapia : Malcolm Bailey, London, UK
  • Film (Feature), I'm Still Here, Kris Smith : Peter Dean, London, UK
  • Film (Feature), Night Bus, Simon Baker : John, London, UK
  • Film (Feature), Dead Wood, Paul Knight : Dr. Novel, London, UK
  • Corporate, Google Privacy Eyes, Ross Olivey & Ed Roberts-Graver : Mal-Aware, London, UK
  • Film (Feature), Prose and Cons, Steve McAleavy : Peter, London, UK
  • Television, Let's Dance for Sport Relief, BBC1, Tom McKay : Billy Bongle, London, UK
  • Music Video, Tina Barrett/ Fire, Linzy Attenborough : Slimy Sam/ Jack-Knife Jim, London, UK
  • Still Photography, Emotions in an Urban District, Xiawei Zhang : Disparate Characters, London, UK
  • Film (Feature), The Sweeney, Nick Love : Vasilije, London, UK
  • Film (Feature), Meeting Place, Stephen Southouse : Benny/ Sebastian, London, UK
  • Film (Feature), Le Fear II: Le Sequel, Jay Croot : Carlos Revalos (Lead), London, UK
  • Film (Feature), Eva's Diamond, Ice Neal : Diegob, London, UK
  • Film (Short), The Plan, Jason Moola : Ephrayim, London, UK
  • Film (Short), Carlos and the Werewolf, Jay Croot : Carlos (Lead), London, UK
  • Film (Short), London to Brighton, YRB Films : Jaques, London, UK
  • Film (Short), Who Ate JR's Last Pork Pie?, Catherine Vase : JR, London, UK
  • Film (Short), Wheel of Fortune, YRB Films : Onions, London, UK
  • Film (Feature), Demons and Doors, Stephen Southouse : Lenny, London, UK
  • Film (Short), Brain Steroids, Elliot Manches : Igor, London, UK
  • Film (Short), Closure, Airson Monimambo : John (Lead), London, UK
  • Film (Short), Geanes, Maria-Cristina Trepcea : Paulo, London, UK
  • Film (Short), Castle Made of Sand, Tristan Casey : Eddie, London, UK
  • Film (Short), Dvision, Richard Murphy : Muffin Man, London, UK
  • Film (Short), The Way Home, Junvie Liu : Aldarmon, London, UK
  • Film (Short), Between Us, Neeraj Das : Thomas Hardy (Lead), London, UK
  • Film (Short), Just Like Them, Dani Masterson : Evil Clown, London, UK
  • Film (Short), Guy, Early 20s, Chavonne Farley : John, London, UK
  • Commercial, Nike/ Midnight Runners, Keen City Productions, Dominic O'Riordan : Businessman, London, UK
  • Film (Feature), Le Fear, Jay Croot : Carlos Revalos (Lead), London, UK
  • Theatre, Sushi Shorts, Tomato People : Ensemble, London, UK
  • Theatre, Raw & Tasty, Etcetera Theatre, Chris Head : Ensemble, London, UK
  • Theatre, Just Add Lib, Just Add Lib : Ensemble, London, UK
  • Theatre, Three Lives, Theatre Nomad, Glenn Tillin, Amanda Morgan, Luke Dixon : Passenger, London, UK
  • Theatre, May Contain Juice, Hen & Chickens : Ensemble, London, UK
  • Film (Short), Trainspotting, Oscar Forshaw-Swift : Interviewer, London, UK
  • Film (Short), At Last, Green Grass, Aaron Garcia de Alba : Malik (Lead), London, UK
  • Training, City Lit (Drama, Dance and Speech) : 3 yr. Acting : 2006 - 2009, London, UK
  • Viral, Condomania, Manpreet Gosh : Pharmacist, London, UK
  • Theatre, Stuckley Street Stories, Theatre Nomad, Glenn Tillin, Amanda Morgan, Kitty Myers : Office Worker, London, UK
  • Theatre, Chain Murder, Mark Phoenix : Ensemble, London, UK
  • Film (Short), Can I Help You, Madam?, John Gibson : Salesman, London, UK
  • Training, City University : Digital Filmmaking Certificate, London, UK
  • Television, The Culture Show, BBC2, Jack Cocker, Alison Grist : Man at Bar, London, UK
  • Film (Short), The Water Cooler, David Connell : Office Manager, London, UK
  • Film (Short), The Chime, Kim Aston : Father, London, UK
  • Training, London College of Communication : Film Production Diploma, London, UK
  • Corporate, Job Interviews, Andrew Wicklow : Interviewer, London, UK

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