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Victoria, Australia

Actor, Model, Musician

Starnow is how I started acting which became my new passion after I played a Zombie Extra in a student film in 2007. I love being on set and have enjoyed every Film, TV and Modeling experience. I am very easy to work with and get the job done quickly and effectively! I'm professional, polite, courteous, patient and above all grateful. If you've got a good script and a decent crew; I wanna work with you, paid or not. Thanks for checking out my profile. Rich

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Showreel Rich Davine

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Miracle Pill

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Physical Details

187 cm / 6ft 2in
86 cm / 34in
81 kg / 178 lbs
Shoe size:
10.0 UK / 11.0 US / 44.5 Euro
White / Caucasian
Hair color:
Skin color:
Hair length:
Eye color:
Hair type:
104 cm / 41 in


  • Casting Workshop : Hosted by Tom McSweeny for Actors Equity, Victoria, Australia
  • NIDA : Screen Acting technics. Teacher Spencer McLaren, Melbourne, Australia
  • Actors Equity Victoria : Voice Over workshop with Abbie Holmes, Melbourne, Australia
  • McMahon Management 390 Clarendon St South Melbourne : If you think it the camera will see it (Glenda Linscott), Melbourne, Australia
  • Acting for TV. Actors Equity & Film Victoria. : Workshop by Director Grant Brown., Melbourne, Australia
  • National Theatre : Intro to Acting taught by Leon Tegue, Melbourne, Australia



Mock Bank ad.
Acting experience:
  Previous paid speaking roles
Languages spoken
  • English
Accents spoken
  • Australian
  • Canadian
  • Irish
  • New Zealand
  • South African
  • UK Cockney
  • UK English
  • UK Posh
  • UK Scottish
  • USA Boston
  • USA California
  • USA New York
  • USA Southern
  • Dutch
  • French
  • German
  • Indian
  • Italian
  • Russian
Union memberships
  • MEAA
"Invest Victoria Promotional Video" Brave TV. (Fe-Ex)
"Corporate Real Estate video" DPI. Support: Romantic Hero.
"Bayside City Council: Training video". Puffafish Productions. Main Character & Voice Over.
"Drugs, not Thugs" Indie Short. Support: Cop.
"Cut Snake" Feature Film. (Fe-Ex): Fireman.
"Curtain Call" VCA Short. Support: Captain Hook.
"Hunter" Deakin Uni short Lead: Tomas Hunter.
"Para Noir" SAE Institute Short. Support: Jack Argyle.
"Assisted death" VCA Short 16mm film. Lead Greg.
* "Miracle Pill" You Tube clip. ^ See video on profile.
* "Signals" RMIT Short, Lead: David.
* "Mystery of a Hansom Cab." ABC 1 TV Movie (FeEx): Prison Guard.
* "Underground" Freemantle. Film (FeEx): Detective.
* "Kath & Kimderella" Film. (Ex): Shopper.
* "Think twice" Victoria Police teen educational video. Support : Lucy's Dad.
* "Any Questions for Ben" Working Dog Film. (FeEx): Bucks Night, Wedding & Reception Guest.
* "The Cup" Melbourne Cup 2002 Film. (Ex): Punter.
* "Confessions" RMIT Short. Lead: Bad Psychologist. See film above ^
* "Killer Elite" Action Film. (Ex): Pedestrian.
* "In your business shoes" Swinburne Uni short. Lead Greg.
* "Hawke" T.V. Movie. (FeEx): Parliamentarian.
* "Don't be afraid of the dark." Katie Holmes Movie. (FeEx): Passenger.
* "Wayward Hayward" RMIT Student 5 minute short Film. Lead Role: Hugh C. Hayward. See video above ^
* "Operation Oh!" Musical Art/House/Comedy, Footscray City College Short. Support : Madda.
* "I - Shadow". S.A.E. Institute Short Film Lead character: John.
* "The Knowing" Director A. Proyas. (Ex): Parent at the School in 1959.

(FeEx) Featured Extra (Ex) Extra


Modeling experience:
  Part-time model - paid commercial work
2014 GE Money. As a Dad. Internet & Brochure release.

2013 CPA corporate stills shoot. Internet only. (No face)

2013 Holeproof Explorer sox, Fathers Day campaign. Feet Modelling. National Billboard & Internet release. (No face)

2013 Corporate video shoot for multiplex development. Internet only.

2011 Corporate photo shoot for Trout Productions. Brochure.

2010 Corporate photo shoot for Trout Productions. (No face)

2010 Rural Photo shoot for Melbourne Water. Internet only.

2009 Photo shoot for Ansel Surgical Gloves. Brochure release.

2008 Photo shoot for Life Line's National Suicide Prevention Campaign. Volunteer shoot. Internet only.


Vocal ability:
  Backing vocals
Vocal range:
Singing styles
  • Pop
  • Rock
I'm a regular at Karaoke and I played a comedy relief character in the Art House Musical Student film "Operation Oh." Directed by Renata Bulmont.
2014 - The Presets " Goodbye Future" music Video. Featured Actor - Sleazy 80's guy on a big 80's phone.
2013 - Justice & Kaos Hip Hop Music Video (Acting)

TV & Reality

"Neighbours" Ep 7015, 7019, 7023 & 7024. (Ex) Customer.
"Wentworth" Season 3 (FeEx) Corrections Officer Michael Davies.
"Gallipoli" Ch 9 Mini Series. (FeEx) Australian Major.
"Neighbours" (Ex) Patron at Harolds.
"Time of our lives" ABC1. (Ex) Cafe Patron.
"House Husbands" Ch 9. (Ex) Pub Patron.
"Shaun McCaliefs Mad as Hell. (FeEx) Cop.
"Wentworth" Season 2. (FeEx) Corrections Officer Michael Davies.
"Fat Tony" Ch 9. Ep 1,2,3,4,5 & 6. (FeEx): SOG Police. Ep 4. Bit Part: Pasquale Barbaro.
"All about the movies" Ch 31 Bit Part: Cop.
"House Husbands" Season 2 Ep 13 (FeEx): Lawyer.
"Nowhere Boys" ABC 3 TV (FeEx):Librarian.
"Miss Fisher murder mysteries" ABC TV (FeEx): Forensic Photographer.
* "Worst year of my life" ABC3 TV (Ex): Ep 2 Tourist & Ep 11 Orderly.
* "Offspring" Ch 10 TV (FeEx):Real Estate Client.
* "House Husbands", Ch 9 TV (FeEx): Restaurant Patron.
* "Wentworth" Freemantle Media (FeEx): Corrections Officer Michael Davies.
* "Better Man" TV Movie. (FeEx): Journalist.
* "Upper Middle Bogans" Gristmill, Ep 2 Bit Part - ATM Man.
* "House Husbands" Ch 9 TV (FeEx) :Dad at the Fair.
* "Time of our lives." ABC TV (FeEx): School Counsellor, Lawyer & School reunion Patron.
* "The Dr Blake Mysteries" December Films. TV Series. Episode 2. Bit Part - Police Photographer.
* "Conspiracy 365" Fox Teen Adventure series (Ex): Cop.
* "Rush" Season 4. Roger Corser's Double.
* "Neighbours" (FeEx): Hospital Visitor.
* "Woodley" 8 part ABC TV Comedy Series. (FeEx): Undertaker at Funeral.
* "Outland" ABC1 Series. (FeEx): Tram Passenger.
* "City Homicide" Season 4 Ep 79. (FeEx): Journalist. Ep 82 (Ex) Detective.
* "Neighbours" Ch 10. 1.(FeEx): Visitor at hospital. Episodes 6016 & 6019. 2.(FeEx) Orderly at Hospital Episode 6078.
* "Bed of roses" ABC TV (FeEx): Pub Patron.
* "Winners and Losers" Ch 7 Pilot & Ep 2: (FeEx): Shopper.
* "Offspring" Ch 10. (Ex): Husband & (FeEx): Surgeon.
* "Killing Time" Fremantle Media Mini Series. Ep 1,2,6 & 7. (FeEx): Judges Associate.
* "Tangle" Fox Show Time, Season 2. (FeEx): Wake Guest.
* "Rush" Season Two. 1. Bit Part: Buczeck Associate #2. 2. Roger Corser's Double. 3.Ep 1 (Ex)Yachtsman.
* "The Librarians" ABC Comedy Season 2 (FeEx): Team Mate.
* "Tangle" Fox TV Drama series, episode 2 (Ex): Businessman.
* "Dirt Game" ABC TV (Ex): Doorman.
* "Rush" Ch 7 (Ex): Cop.
* "City Homicide" Ch 9 (FeEx): 1. Dr 2. Legal Exec. 3. Cop, Ep 32. 4. Detective, Ep 36.
* "Neighbours" Ch 10 (FeEx): Patron at Lasseters.
* "The Pacific" HBO 10 part series. (FeEx): Ep 3"Melbourne": Aussie Soldier. 6 "Peleliu Airfield": wounded US Marine. 7 "Peleliu Hills": wounded US Marine. Ep 8 "Iwo Jima": Medic, regular & dead US Marine. Ep 10 "Home" US Marine.

(FeEx) Featured Extra (Ex) Extra



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