Stephen Holland

Dublin Region, Ireland


Actor Entertainer and creative director with the production company Blackthorn Arts. Highlight projects are many over a career span of 30 years... One City One Book projects for Dublin City Libraries Mr. Podzo Entertains and Double Trouble festival acts would be among some of the more recent highlights. Film appearances in 2014 “Light of Day” for Film Base films, featured commercial appearances for media and retail giants UPC and Tesco Mobile. It pays the bills and helps me focus on my own projects!!! Interests vary though I do like to spend time hill walking, playing squash, reading and travelling...

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Stephen Holland: Commercials

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One City One Book: Strumpet City

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One City One book: Ghost Light

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The Flying Elvis

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Physical Details

180 cm / 5ft 11in
86 cm / 34in
82 kg / 180 lbs
Shoe size:
10.5 UK / 11.5 US / 45.0 Euro
White / Caucasian
Hair color:
Skin color:
Hair length:
Eye color:
Hair type:
106 cm / 42 in


  • UPC for Thomas Thomas Films/ Red Rage Films : Golden Statuette, Dublin, Ireland
  • Filmbase Digital : Light of Day playing Cardinal Quadan, Dublin, Ireland
  • DCC's National Play Day : Mr Podzo Entertains, Dublin, Ireland
  • Leixlip Arts Festival : Street Theatre Double Trouble Comedy Revue, Kildare, Ireland
  • Actor : Monaghan Tourism Model Tom Lawlor Stock Pics Productions, Dublin, Ireland
  • Musical Actor : The king and I playing The King of Siam directed by Brian Merriman for Portmarnack Players Theatre, Dublin, Ireland
  • Actor/ Entertainer/ Director : Blackthorn Arts, Dublin, Ireland
  • Entertainer : Mr. Podzo Entertains at National Play Day, Dublin, Ireland
  • Entertainer : Double Trouble Interactive Comedy Entertainment for Leixlip Festival, Nationwide, Ireland
  • Actor : A Dublin Saunter (Literary one man show) for the DMC market, Nationwide, Ireland
  • Producer/ Director/ Actor : Strumpet City: Boys & Girls Come out to play for One City One Book, Dublin, Ireland
  • Entertainer : Meet The Claus’s for Yahoo, Dublin, Ireland
  • Entertainer : The Hollywood Horrors for EBay, Dublin, Ireland
  • Presenter : Think & Blink Events, Dublin, Ireland
  • Producer : Halloween for Fun for DCC Events, Dublin, Ireland
  • Musical Entertainer : The Flying Elvis: Musical Comedy show for The Peadar Clancy Festival, Nationwide, Ireland
  • Actor/ Entertainer : Senior Joyvillian: Conference event for Cadburys Joyville campaign, Nationwide, Ireland
  • V/O Artist : APMC Awards Ceremony for Pulse promotions & One productions, Dublin, Ireland
  • Actor/ Novel Adaptation : Ghost Light for the Joseph O'Connor novel Ghost Light for One City One Book, Dublin, Ireland
  • Presenter : The Dixon Annual Awards Ceremony hosted by Hotel Solutions, Dublin, Ireland
  • Musical Entertainer : The Lounge Lizards: The Karaoke Kings of Swing for IBM, Dublin, Ireland
  • Entertainer : Re-enactment entertainment for Ovation/MCI at The GSH, Dublin, Ireland
  • Entertainer : Dumbledore for Dublin City University, Dublin, Ireland
  • Musical Entertainer : The Lounge Lizards - the Karaoke Kings of Swing for IBM, Dublin, Ireland
  • Entertainer : DOC from "Back to The Future" for Dublin City University, Dublin, Ireland
  • Actor/ Entertainer : Dracula for One City One Book, Dublin, Ireland
  • Actor/ Entertainer : The Lore of Ireland for Ovation Group, Dublin, Ireland
  • Actor : The Escapist (F) playing Mike, directed by Gilles Mac Kinnon for Houdini Films, London, UK
  • Actor/ Entertainer : Burma for NPCC, Dublin, Ireland
  • Actor : Rebel Heart (TV) playing IRA volunteer directed by John Strickland for Picture Palace/ BBC, London, UK
  • Actor : Trojan Eddie (F) playing V/O artist directed by Gilles Mac Kinnon for Trojan Pictures, London, UK
  • Co-producer/ Director : The Midnight Court for Saint John's Arts Centre, Nationwide Tour, Dublin, Ireland
  • Producer/ Designer/ Facilitator : The Alcohol Awareness Project for Health Promotion Unit, Dublin, Ireland
  • Actor : Moving target (F) playing John CIA agent directed by Paul Ziller for New Concorde Films, Dublin, Ireland
  • Actor : The Suicide Club (F) playing Oswald directed Rachael Samuel's for New Concorde Films, Dublin, Ireland
  • Producer/ Designer : The World Premiere of Picasso's Women for National Concert Hall, Nationwide tour, Dublin, Ireland
  • Producer/ Actor : A Dublin Saunter for Dublin's Dame tavern theatre & N/wide tour, Dublin, Ireland
  • Producer/ Actor/ Writer : Perceptions for ICS, Dublin, Ireland
  • Actor : Anadin Husband Steve Lowe Stockyard Pictures, Dublin, Ireland
  • Actor : Mystic Knights of Tir Na Nog (TV) playing Royal Guard C/U for Sharpmist Productions, Dublin, Ireland
  • Actor : Marie Curie: More Than Meets the Eye, Dublin, Ireland
  • Director/ Actor/ Writter : The De Mount Family Saga Murder Mystery playing Giles, the Butler written/directed by SJ.H for Who Done It productions, Dublin, Ireland
  • Actor : Theroms & Constructions Voice Over Artist Jack Talbot Fairview Productions, Dublin, Ireland
  • Actor : Father & Son Kerry Gold Father Jamie Dela Penne German Production House, Dublin, Ireland
  • Actor : Irish Health Screening Patient Dick Conroy Edit One Video, Dublin, Ireland
  • Actor : An Awfully Big Adventure, Dublin, Ireland
  • Actor : Bank of Ireland Husband C/U Hudson films Ltd, Dublin, Ireland
  • Actor : The Crazy Wall playing Tony directed by Barry Cassin for the Siamsa Tire Theatre, Dublin, Ireland
  • Actor : She Stoops to Conquer playing Marlowe directed by Roz Hickson for the Barnstorm Theatre co., Dublin, Ireland
  • Actor : Jake's Progress (TV) playing Dobbo directed by Robin Le Ferve for Channel 4 television (UK), London, UK
  • Actor : An Awfully Big Adventure (F) playing Rep Actor- Stage Mgn. directed Mike Newell for Heathyard Films, Dublin, Ireland
  • Actor : Korea (TV) playing Luke directed by Cathal Black for Cathal Black Productions, Dublin, Ireland
  • Musical Actor : Eight repertory plays directed by Noel Cummins for the Irish Actors Touring Theatre, Dublin, Ireland
  • Actor : Dirty old town (F) playing The Brother directed by Kieron Donnelly for DCAD film dept, Dublin, Ireland
  • Actor : Coffee spoons (F) playing Robert directed by Neil Mc Quillan for DIT film Dept, Dublin, Ireland
  • Actor : Blue Green (F) playing Simon directed by Rowan O'Neill for DIT film Dept, Dublin, Ireland
  • Actor : Guinness Actor C/U Oniva Productions, Dublin, Ireland
  • Actor : Esat Digiphone Dad C/U Power of Seven Productions, Dublin, Ireland
  • Actor : EU Video Business Man C/U Corporate Video, Dublin, Ireland
  • Actor : Lady Chatterley's Lover playing Clifford Chatterley directed by Rebecca Roper for The Stage Theatre co, Dublin, Ireland
  • Actor : The Indiana Jones Chronicles (TV) playing Michael Dara directed by Gilles Mac Kinnon for George Lucas, Dublin, Ireland
  • Actor : AA Commercial AA rescuer C/U Jonny Speers productions, Dublin, Ireland
  • Actor : Bord Failte Lover Colum Maguire Russ Russell Productions Ad Agency: DDFH&B, Dublin, Ireland
  • Actor : Sing a Wild Song playing Michael directed by Caroline Fitzgerald for the Irish Writers Centre, Dublin, Ireland
  • Musical Actor : Aisling The Musical playing Donal directed by Shaun Purcell for the Dublin Theatre festival, Dublin, Ireland
  • Actor : The Playboys (F) playing Ritchie directed by Gilles Mac Kinnon for Samuel Goldwyn Films, Dublin, Ireland
  • Actor : Inspector Morse, Dublin, Ireland
  • Actor : Weave the Red Thread playing Joss directed by Andy Hinds for the Open House Theatre, Dublin, Ireland
  • Actor : Deirdre of the Sorrows playing the Grim reaper directed by James Flannery for the National Abbey Theatre, Dublin, Ireland
  • Musical Actor : Full Moon in March First playing Second Attendant directed by James Flannery for the National Abbey Theatre, Dublin, Ireland
  • Musical Actor : Shadowy Waters playing Ensemble/ Puppeteer directed by Roman Paska for the National Abbey Theatre, Dublin, Ireland
  • Actor : The Paradise Club (TV) playing Michael directed by Bill Hammond for Zenith Productions, London, UK
  • Actor : Inspector Morse (TV) playing Bereaved husband directed by Adrian Shergold for Zenith Productions, London, UK
  • Actor : The Bill (TV) playing Kevin Huntley directed by Gordon Fleming for Thames television, London, UK
  • Actor : Music Video Love interest Fergal Sharkey Fergal Sharkey Productions, London, UK
  • Actor : Shadow of the Glen playing Michael Dara directed by Jon Quinn for Blackthorn Arts, London, UK
  • Producer/ Actor : Killers Buff playing Z. Patient directed by Howard Lee for Blackthorn Arts, London, UK
  • Actor : Comes the time (TV) playing Danny directed by Morag Fullerton for BBC TV, London, UK
  • Training : Audition technique (Nina Finburgh) at The Actors Centre, London, UK, London, UK
  • Actor : Drink Driving Campaign Friend Paul Wailand Productions, London, UK
  • Actor : Confessional, Dublin, Ireland
  • Actor : Second the Emotion TDK Lover Rodger Lunn Rodger Lunn Productions, London, UK
  • Actor : IL Amorato playing Casanova directed by Antonio Fava for the International Stage di Commedia dell Arte, Reggio Emilia, Italy
  • Actor : The Confessional (TV) playing Davey directed by Gordon Fleming for Granada TV, London, UK
  • Training : Commedia del Arte (Antonio Fava) at International Stage Di Commedia del Arte, Reggio Emilia, Italy, Reggio Emilia, Italy
  • Actor : Discovery Shackelton C/U Picture Palace, Dublin, Ireland
  • Actor : In Our Own Words playing ensemble for the Irish Theatre company., London, UK
  • Actor : City Mission playing Brian directed by Michael McCaffrey for the Dublin theatre Festival Ireland, Dublin, Ireland
  • Actor : Side Wind playing James Mc Dade directed by Nick de Pravo for Portrait Theatre company, Dublin, Ireland
  • Actor : Echoes (TV) playing Gerry Doyle directed by Barbara Renée for Working title films, London, UK
  • Actor : Maurie (F) playing Danny directed by Colin Games for NFTS, London, UK
  • Actor : Lily playing Danny for the Irish Theatre company London, London, UK
  • Training : Musicianship and tenor voice training under the direction of Brendan Kavanaugh at The College of Music, Dublin, Ireland
  • Centre for the performing arts : The Stanislavski Technique, Dublin, Ireland
  • Training : Actor under the direction Mary Elizabeth Burke Kennedy at Centre for the performing Arts, Dublin, Ireland

Acting experience:
  Previous paid speaking roles
  • English
  • Irish
  • UK English

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