Stephen Holland

Location Dublin Region, Ireland
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One City One book: Ghost Light

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The Flying Elvis

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Stephen Holland

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Physical Details

180 cm / 5ft 11in
86 cm / 34in
82 kg / 180 lbs
Shoe size:
10.5 UK / 11.5 US / 45.0 Euro
White / Caucasian
Hair color:
Skin color:
Hair length:
Eye color:
Hair type:
106 cm / 42 in


  • UPC for Thomas Thomas Films/ Red Rage Films : Golden Statuette, Dublin, Ireland
  • Filmbase Digital : Light of Day playing Cardinal Quadan, Dublin, Ireland
  • DCC's National Play Day : Mr Podzo Entertains, Dublin, Ireland
  • Leixlip Arts Festival : Street Theatre Double Trouble Comedy Revue, Kildare, Ireland
  • Actor : Monaghan Tourism Model Tom Lawlor Stock Pics Productions, Dublin, Ireland
  • Musical Actor : The king and I playing The King of Siam directed by Brian Merriman for Portmarnack Players Theatre, Dublin, Ireland
  • Actor/ Entertainer/ Director : Blackthorn Arts, Dublin, Ireland
  • Entertainer : Mr. Podzo Entertains at National Play Day, Dublin, Ireland
  • Entertainer : Double Trouble Interactive Comedy Entertainment for Leixlip Festival, Nationwide, Ireland
  • Actor : A Dublin Saunter (Literary one man show) for the DMC market, Nationwide, Ireland
  • Producer/ Director/ Actor : Strumpet City: Boys & Girls Come out to play for One City One Book, Dublin, Ireland
  • Entertainer : Meet The Claus’s for Yahoo, Dublin, Ireland
  • Entertainer : The Hollywood Horrors for EBay, Dublin, Ireland
  • Presenter : Think & Blink Events, Dublin, Ireland
  • Producer : Halloween for Fun for DCC Events, Dublin, Ireland
  • Musical Entertainer : The Flying Elvis: Musical Comedy show for The Peadar Clancy Festival, Nationwide, Ireland
  • Actor/ Entertainer : Senior Joyvillian: Conference event for Cadburys Joyville campaign, Nationwide, Ireland
  • V/O Artist : APMC Awards Ceremony for Pulse promotions & One productions, Dublin, Ireland
  • Actor/ Novel Adaptation : Ghost Light for the Joseph O'Connor novel Ghost Light for One City One Book, Dublin, Ireland
  • Presenter : The Dixon Annual Awards Ceremony hosted by Hotel Solutions, Dublin, Ireland
  • Musical Entertainer : The Lounge Lizards: The Karaoke Kings of Swing for IBM, Dublin, Ireland
  • Entertainer : Re-enactment entertainment for Ovation/MCI at The GSH, Dublin, Ireland
  • Entertainer : Dumbledore for Dublin City University, Dublin, Ireland
  • Musical Entertainer : The Lounge Lizards - the Karaoke Kings of Swing for IBM, Dublin, Ireland
  • Entertainer : DOC from "Back to The Future" for Dublin City University, Dublin, Ireland
  • Actor/ Entertainer : Dracula for One City One Book, Dublin, Ireland
  • Actor/ Entertainer : The Lore of Ireland for Ovation Group, Dublin, Ireland
  • Actor : The Escapist (F) playing Mike, directed by Gilles Mac Kinnon for Houdini Films, London, UK
  • Actor/ Entertainer : Burma for NPCC, Dublin, Ireland
  • Actor : Rebel Heart (TV) playing IRA volunteer directed by John Strickland for Picture Palace/ BBC, London, UK
  • Actor : Trojan Eddie (F) playing V/O artist directed by Gilles Mac Kinnon for Trojan Pictures, London, UK
  • Co-producer/ Director : The Midnight Court for Saint John's Arts Centre, Nationwide Tour, Dublin, Ireland
  • Producer/ Designer/ Facilitator : The Alcohol Awareness Project for Health Promotion Unit, Dublin, Ireland
  • Actor : Moving target (F) playing John CIA agent directed by Paul Ziller for New Concorde Films, Dublin, Ireland
  • Actor : The Suicide Club (F) playing Oswald directed Rachael Samuel's for New Concorde Films, Dublin, Ireland
  • Producer/ Designer : The World Premiere of Picasso's Women for National Concert Hall, Nationwide tour, Dublin, Ireland
  • Producer/ Actor : A Dublin Saunter for Dublin's Dame tavern theatre & N/wide tour, Dublin, Ireland
  • Producer/ Actor/ Writer : Perceptions for ICS, Dublin, Ireland
  • Actor : Anadin Husband Steve Lowe Stockyard Pictures, Dublin, Ireland
  • Actor : Mystic Knights of Tir Na Nog (TV) playing Royal Guard C/U for Sharpmist Productions, Dublin, Ireland
  • Actor : Marie Curie: More Than Meets the Eye, Dublin, Ireland
  • Director/ Actor/ Writter : The De Mount Family Saga Murder Mystery playing Giles, the Butler written/directed by SJ.H for Who Done It productions, Dublin, Ireland
  • Actor : Theroms & Constructions Voice Over Artist Jack Talbot Fairview Productions, Dublin, Ireland
  • Actor : Father & Son Kerry Gold Father Jamie Dela Penne German Production House, Dublin, Ireland
  • Actor : Irish Health Screening Patient Dick Conroy Edit One Video, Dublin, Ireland
  • Actor : An Awfully Big Adventure, Dublin, Ireland
  • Actor : Bank of Ireland Husband C/U Hudson films Ltd, Dublin, Ireland
  • Actor : The Crazy Wall playing Tony directed by Barry Cassin for the Siamsa Tire Theatre, Dublin, Ireland
  • Actor : She Stoops to Conquer playing Marlowe directed by Roz Hickson for the Barnstorm Theatre co., Dublin, Ireland
  • Actor : Jake's Progress (TV) playing Dobbo directed by Robin Le Ferve for Channel 4 television (UK), London, UK
  • Actor : An Awfully Big Adventure (F) playing Rep Actor- Stage Mgn. directed Mike Newell for Heathyard Films, Dublin, Ireland
  • Actor : Korea (TV) playing Luke directed by Cathal Black for Cathal Black Productions, Dublin, Ireland
  • Musical Actor : Eight repertory plays directed by Noel Cummins for the Irish Actors Touring Theatre, Dublin, Ireland
  • Actor : Dirty old town (F) playing The Brother directed by Kieron Donnelly for DCAD film dept, Dublin, Ireland
  • Actor : Coffee spoons (F) playing Robert directed by Neil Mc Quillan for DIT film Dept, Dublin, Ireland
  • Actor : Blue Green (F) playing Simon directed by Rowan O'Neill for DIT film Dept, Dublin, Ireland
  • Actor : Guinness Actor C/U Oniva Productions, Dublin, Ireland
  • Actor : Esat Digiphone Dad C/U Power of Seven Productions, Dublin, Ireland
  • Actor : EU Video Business Man C/U Corporate Video, Dublin, Ireland
  • Actor : Lady Chatterley's Lover playing Clifford Chatterley directed by Rebecca Roper for The Stage Theatre co, Dublin, Ireland
  • Actor : The Indiana Jones Chronicles (TV) playing Michael Dara directed by Gilles Mac Kinnon for George Lucas, Dublin, Ireland
  • Actor : AA Commercial AA rescuer C/U Jonny Speers productions, Dublin, Ireland
  • Actor : Bord Failte Lover Colum Maguire Russ Russell Productions Ad Agency: DDFH&B, Dublin, Ireland
  • Actor : Sing a Wild Song playing Michael directed by Caroline Fitzgerald for the Irish Writers Centre, Dublin, Ireland
  • Musical Actor : Aisling The Musical playing Donal directed by Shaun Purcell for the Dublin Theatre festival, Dublin, Ireland
  • Actor : The Playboys (F) playing Ritchie directed by Gilles Mac Kinnon for Samuel Goldwyn Films, Dublin, Ireland
  • Actor : Inspector Morse, Dublin, Ireland
  • Actor : Weave the Red Thread playing Joss directed by Andy Hinds for the Open House Theatre, Dublin, Ireland
  • Actor : Deirdre of the Sorrows playing the Grim reaper directed by James Flannery for the National Abbey Theatre, Dublin, Ireland
  • Musical Actor : Full Moon in March First playing Second Attendant directed by James Flannery for the National Abbey Theatre, Dublin, Ireland
  • Musical Actor : Shadowy Waters playing Ensemble/ Puppeteer directed by Roman Paska for the National Abbey Theatre, Dublin, Ireland
  • Actor : The Paradise Club (TV) playing Michael directed by Bill Hammond for Zenith Productions, London, UK
  • Actor : Inspector Morse (TV) playing Bereaved husband directed by Adrian Shergold for Zenith Productions, London, UK
  • Actor : The Bill (TV) playing Kevin Huntley directed by Gordon Fleming for Thames television, London, UK
  • Actor : Music Video Love interest Fergal Sharkey Fergal Sharkey Productions, London, UK
  • Actor : Shadow of the Glen playing Michael Dara directed by Jon Quinn for Blackthorn Arts, London, UK
  • Producer/ Actor : Killers Buff playing Z. Patient directed by Howard Lee for Blackthorn Arts, London, UK
  • Actor : Comes the time (TV) playing Danny directed by Morag Fullerton for BBC TV, London, UK
  • Training : Audition technique (Nina Finburgh) at The Actors Centre, London, UK, London, UK
  • Actor : Drink Driving Campaign Friend Paul Wailand Productions, London, UK
  • Actor : Confessional, Dublin, Ireland
  • Actor : Second the Emotion TDK Lover Rodger Lunn Rodger Lunn Productions, London, UK
  • Actor : IL Amorato playing Casanova directed by Antonio Fava for the International Stage di Commedia dell Arte, Reggio Emilia, Italy
  • Actor : The Confessional (TV) playing Davey directed by Gordon Fleming for Granada TV, London, UK
  • Training : Commedia del Arte (Antonio Fava) at International Stage Di Commedia del Arte, Reggio Emilia, Italy, Reggio Emilia, Italy
  • Actor : Discovery Shackelton C/U Picture Palace, Dublin, Ireland
  • Actor : In Our Own Words playing ensemble for the Irish Theatre company., London, UK
  • Actor : City Mission playing Brian directed by Michael McCaffrey for the Dublin theatre Festival Ireland, Dublin, Ireland
  • Actor : Side Wind playing James Mc Dade directed by Nick de Pravo for Portrait Theatre company, Dublin, Ireland
  • Actor : Echoes (TV) playing Gerry Doyle directed by Barbara Renée for Working title films, London, UK
  • Actor : Maurie (F) playing Danny directed by Colin Games for NFTS, London, UK
  • Actor : Lily playing Danny for the Irish Theatre company London, London, UK
  • Training : Musicianship and tenor voice training under the direction of Brendan Kavanaugh at The College of Music, Dublin, Ireland
  • Centre for the performing arts : The Stanislavski Technique, Dublin, Ireland
  • Training : Actor under the direction Mary Elizabeth Burke Kennedy at Centre for the performing Arts, Dublin, Ireland

Acting experience:
  Previous paid speaking roles
  • English
  • Irish
  • UK English

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