Anna Scesny

New York, United States


I've played the drums on and off for about 12 years now whether it be playing to the songs from my ipod on my stereo, or joining random garage bands in my spare time. I auditioned for an all girl band for Sony when I was 17 (1999) in NYC. My mom told me I didn't pass the audition. 2 years ago she actually told me I had passed the audition but she wanted me to get my education first so I would have something to fall back on if drumming didn't work out for me. Good thing she told me just recently because I would have dissowned her at the age of 17. Luckily I am now old enough to see what a good decision she had made for me. I have my BS in wildlife biology and my MS in biology working with the eastern red bat. Now that I have my degree I would like to start my drumming career. I love performing in fron of crowds and I just love to play drums. I was born with this talent and I feel it would be a waste not to put it to use.

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