Belinda Bowler

Texas, United States

Actor, Musician, Dancer, Film & Stage Crew, Photographer

Whenever I walk into a store, it seems like everyone wants to know who I am. Many would say that I attract attention. I'm not sure what it is, but I simply smile and keep on walking with my head held high. I'm currently doing the most possible to gain experience because I have dreams I know I can achieve. In the future, I see myself doing nothing more except what I love the most -- singing & acting. Without them, I feel incomplete. They make me who I am; they are a part of me, and if they're not included in my future, then I'd rather not let the present slip past me.

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Belinda Bowler | Texas, United States | Actor, Musician, Dancer

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Latino / Hispanic
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I have spoken with two Hollywood/California managers before. I have some training and theatre experience. I also have just finished acting in a movie called "From Mexico With Love," which should hit the big screen in 2007.


I've been in three-four choirs, so I've learned how to collaborate with others. I've been playing the guitar for four years now. I've been playing the drums for about two yrs. I can read and write music.


I've had plenty of dancing classes since I was around 7 years old (from ballet, cheerleading, tap, etc.). I have been on a dance team before, so I know how to work well with others (we danced pom, jazz, hip hop, etc.).

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