Charlie Bury

Leeds, United Kingdom

Film & Stage Crew, Photographer

I love creating visual content - from graphics to spine-tingling films. Blogger and filmmaker with big dreams. Drop me an email at

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Dysphoria - A Short Film

Uploaded 12 months ago

Physical Details

187 cm / 6ft 2in
Eye color
73 kg / 160 lbs
Hair length
White / Caucasian
Hair type
Skin color


  • Leeds Tidal Campaign Video : Videographer, Leeds, UK
  • St. Johns Community Choir Performance : Videographer, Leeds, UK
  • Opera North Schools Performance : Videographer, Leeds, UK
  • Tom Bury - Ardor (music video) : Director, Editor, Devon, UK
  • Luke Jermary's Psychic Cabaret : Videographer, Leeds, UK
  • Psychology Society Leeds Promo : Videographer, Leeds, UK
  • The Lodger (short film) : Director, Editor, Writer, Producer, Devon, UK
  • Anemnesis (short film) : Director, Editor, Producer, Devon, UK
  • Playtime (short film) : Director, Editor, Producer, Brittany, France
  • The Multi-Dimensional Train : Videographer, North Yorkshire, UK
  • The Beginnings of Summer : Videographer, North Yorkshire, UK
  • eHarmony Commercial Contest : Writer, Director, Editor, Leeds, UK
  • The Two Busketeers (music video) : Videographer, Cambridge, UK
  • Devizes to Westminster Reel : Videographer, Devizes to Westminster, UK
  • Quiver Bumper : Motion Graphic Artist, Leeds, UK
  • Dysphoria (short film) : Director, Editor and Producer, Leeds, UK
  • Trip to Devon : Video Journalist, Devon, UK
  • The Red Room : Videographer, Sussex, UK
  • Bad Dream? (short film) : Writer, Director, Editor, Leeds, UK
  • Trip to London : Video Journalist, London, UK
  • H3 Films Logo Animation : Motion Graphic Artist, Leeds, UK
  • Lament (short film) : Writer, Director, Editor, Leeds, UK
  • Involver Luxury Group : Motion Graphic Artist, Leeds, UK
  • Vyero Music Video : Motion Graphic Artist, Leeds, UK
  • Boxing Photography Shoot (Xercise4Less) : Photographer, Leeds, UK
  • Recrement (short film) : Writer, Director, Editor, Leeds, UK
  • Wedding Promo : Videographer, Venice, Italy
  • Indie Studios : Motion Graphic Artist, UK, UK
  • Epic Sea Productions : Motion Graphic Artist, UK, UK
  • PURE Combat Championships : Event Photographer, Leeds, UK
  • Greenspace Designs Ltd. : Videographer, Devon, UK
  • RAB Enterprises : Videographer, Devon, UK
  • Redstaar TV : Editor, UK, UK
  • Playaz Recordings Music Video : Writer, Director, Editor, Devon, UK
  • Shame or fame TV : Editor, UK, UK
  • Psychadelia (short film) : Writer, Director, Editor, Devon, UK

Film & Stage Crew

CRC Films - my co-owned film production label - directing and producing.

CRB Films - my corporate video production company - complete workflow.

Runner / PA



Photography experience: Part-time professional (paid work)Has a studio space: No
Type of camera equipment: 35mm SLR/DSLR
Photography for MMA and boxing events (PURE Combat MMA championships).

Lanscape and wedding photographer.

Photojournalist / travel photographer.

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