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Victoria, Australia

Actor, Model, Musician, Photographer

A trained actor, opera singer, film artist, and script editor, I am a long term commercially successful performer with a burning desire to perform. With skills across many arts disciplines, I am energetic, creative + love collaborating. I have high-level expertise with scripts. I have been a successfully hired lead since 2010 on short films, incl. musicals, as well as catalogue modelling, TVCs, training videos, voiceovers+ narration, stills photography, TV + Net content series, script editing + project consulting. I am BA Visual Arts graduate, Monash Uni, (painting major) + fine art photographer/photojournalist and enrolled in a Master of Fine Art (RMIT). I have been hired in commercial acting projects/tv series for many years as well as in theatre, and stills/TVC modelling. I love working on artistic projects and am energetic, enthusiastic and professional. I am fit, active in running, gym, Bikram. Highly-sought, I am top grade talent who brings talent + expertise to your project.

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my choony

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Guy May Showreel 2014

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'Codefire' July 2014

Uploaded 7 months ago

'Scoundrels' Comedy 2013

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NZ 'Kiwi Terrorist' 2013 sample

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Suburban Footy Dad - August 2014

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'Yesterday' 2014 clip edit

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TVC Insurance Ad 2014

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'Dark LIght' 2014 Edit

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FOXTEL Football TVC 2013

Uploaded 10 months ago

FUNERAL BLUES- Black comedy 2011

Uploaded 4 years ago

'Substitute' film thriller - 2013

Uploaded 11 months ago

RSPCA TVC campaign Dec'13

Uploaded 1 year ago

'BUDDY & COP' Cop comedy 2012

Uploaded 3 years ago


Uploaded 1 year ago

Guy May Showreel 2012

Uploaded 1 year ago

US TV Pilot - Australian accent

Uploaded 2 years ago

'THE HOLE' Comedy 2013

Uploaded 1 year ago

'JOY' Domestic Comedy 2013

Uploaded 2 years ago

'SO NO THEN' romantic drama

Uploaded 3 years ago

'SHE'S LEAVING' Drama 2012

Uploaded 1 year ago

2014 Edway Training VO

Uploaded 2 years ago

Peadophile teacher, drama 2013

Uploaded 2 years ago


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Uploaded 3 years ago

PICNIC A Hobos Love Story 2012

Uploaded 3 years ago

'First Round' Medical drama 2012

Uploaded 3 years ago


Uploaded 4 years ago

Alsco mats Net ad 2014

Uploaded 7 months ago

Meta data trading US VO

Uploaded 12 months ago

Tropfest Entry ' Barefoot' 2011

Uploaded 3 years ago

Hath No Man

Uploaded 3 years ago

'SCATTERED' Spouse Drama 2012

Uploaded 2 years ago

'Adventures of the Chemist' 2011

Uploaded 4 years ago

Training Info Video 2013

Uploaded 10 months ago


Uploaded 2 years ago

On a Scale of 1 to 10

Uploaded 4 years ago

By Thy Father's Hand

Uploaded 4 years ago

Physical Details

182 cm / 6ft 0in
81 cm / 32in
76 kg / 167 lbs
Shoe size:
9.0 UK / 10.0 US / 43.0 Euro
White / Caucasian
Hair colour:
Skin colour:
Hair length:
Eye colour:
Hair type:
99 cm / 39 in


  • National social media photojournalism campaign : InterGenerational Report - street interviews and photography, Melbourne,Bendigo, Castlemaine, Victoria, Sole VIC photographer APR_MAY, Australia
  • Dad in 'Burning Paradise' : Music video drama, Jesse Gohier-Fleet, Melbourne,MAY, Australia
  • Aus Feature THE DRESSMAKER : VO, Multiple roles, incl. leads Dir Jocelyn Moorhouse, Melbourne MAY, Australia
  • 'Exit from Eden: Lilith' Neo-pagan fantasy independent film : character of Pan,the satyr, Cockatoo, Melbourne, MAY, Australia
  • Corporate Training Video : ABC TV news anchor, ITV Productions Australia, St Kilda, MARCH, Australia
  • National Campaign photoshoot : 'Hugs' campaign, AAMI insurance, Melbourne, February, 2nd shoot May2015, Australia
  • Black Magic' -Video Camera Stills campaign : National Stills advertising campaign, Melbourne, March, Australia
  • TVC : TARGET women wear advertisement, Melbourne, March, Australia
  • 'Codefire' Office comedy : role of Office Manager, bully Frank, Richmond, Australia
  • 'Phenomena' Drama : Support role, Ernie the gardener, Seaford, Australia
  • 'Yesterday' Tropfest entry : Magical fantasy, Melbourne, Australia
  • 'Redemption' Prison drama : Minor role, Guard, Williamstown, Australia
  • 'Bruiteur' B&W short silent film : charc. Piano player, shot Castlemaine's historic Theatre Royal, Castlemaine, Australia
  • 'Mirrors' short film : Dad role, Paul, footy coach, Melbourne, Australia
  • 'EUREKA' TVC Superannuation product : Male lead- self-funded company director, Melbourne, Australia
  • VO Total Flooring system ad : Voiceover promoting wooden flooring system, Melbourne, Australia
  • 'Jack Valentine' Police romance : Lead role, Crime thriller, romance, Pascoe Vale, Melbourne, Australia
  • Online Ad - 'Brightday' Superannuation product : Main male character, CBD cafe shoot, Melbourne CBD, Australia
  • 'You'd Better Take Cover' - Documentary : Lancaster QC, prosecution lawyer on Kookaburra music legal case, Australian, Brighton Council Chamber buildings, Melbourne, Australia
  • Lifeworks modelling assignment : Male for relationship counselling and educational services organisation, Melbourne, Australia
  • HONDA Motorcycles Stills Advertising : National Print Campaign, central male, Melbourne, Australia
  • 'The Substitute' Psychological thriller short : Male lead, husband, psychopath, Prahran, Australia
  • 'Soft Targets' 4 homosexual male monologues : monologues delivered to camera, Tim Congigrave Play filmed for Intl release, St Martins Theatre, Sth Yarra, Australia
  • 'Before Midnight' sc from US feature film : romantic couple scene, Ethan Hawke role, Frankston, Australia
  • 'The Hole' Short independent film : Lead character, fall guy, Gary. romance gone wrong., Melbourne, March, Australia
  • 'Cold feet' Short film : Lead character of Best man, wedding farce, Elwood Melbourne, Australia
  • Dec_TVC : RSPCA Summer fundraising campaign - The Husband, Melbourne, national distribution, Australia
  • NOV_'Domenica' Gothic Horror : Male lead, Victorian era costume drama, Melbourne, Australia
  • OCT_'Norton 850' Film Shoot - autistic father : Australian coming of age male narrative set in Otways, Melbourne regional, Australia
  • OCT_Open Learning Australia courses : intranet instructional presentations & external promotions, Victoria, Australia
  • OCT_US pilot, undisclosed title, Male lead : Black- comedy, with cinematographer Ellery Ryan, ASC ('The Turning'[Fog] 2013), Victoria, Australia
  • SEPT_Host MC, Cabaret night : Comedy, singing, dancing, promotions, raffle/silent auction, Canberra, Australia
  • SEPT_'The Rusted Heart' Futuristic Romance : male lead, The Writer. Set 1960s Australia, Victoria, Australia
  • AUG_'Glory Road' song- advert for Lighthorse Brigade : Australian Centennial Celebrations. All characters voiceovers, male lead singer, Victoria, Australia
  • AUG_'Red, White & Bluey' Sci Fi : Lead role, feature film, Action Man, US cast, Victoria, Australia
  • MAY_'The Unexpected Lesson' RMIT short film : Mr Thompson (main role), Victoria, Australia
  • Music App voiceover : cirulated to Victorian schools, Victoria, Australia
  • Speech pathology voiceover : For older people, Victoria, Australia
  • MAR_'Pick Your Poison' : Mad Scientist, JMC production, Victoria, Australia
  • JUNE_'Scattered' VCA Graduate film : grieving widower, Victoria, Australia
  • Media500 voiceover : finance group advert, Victoria, Australia
  • AUG_'The Stain' Dir Peter Firth, VCA : Autralian convict narrative, Victoria, Australia
  • JULY_'Joy' : UOM drama, death of a sister, Victoria, Australia
  • JULY_'She's Leaving' Independent film : Gen Y romance, inner urban. Male lead, Victoria, Australia
  • 'Baking Boys' : selected Adelaide Film Festival, male lead, feuding husband, Victoria, Australia
  • Ashko dishwashers : voice over (mid_west US), Victoria, Australia
  • Reece Plumbing : 100% commercial, Victoria, Australia
  • 'Starstruck'. Coming of Age comedy : Male lead, Pierre - French meteorologist, Victoria, Australia
  • 'Lucy's Bedtime' - children's musical film : Male Lead, The Father., Victoria, Australia
  • 'The Firebird' : VCA short film- Head Choreographer filmed The Astor Theatre, Windsor, Victoria, Australia
  • 'The Decomposers' : Musical film (singing and acting major role), Victoria, Australia
  • 'Em and Jack' (So Now Then).Romance : lead male (adult), single Father., Victoria, Australia
  • 'Buddy and Cop'. Australian Police Spoof : main role (Detective Gates)., Victoria, Australia
  • 'Cold In The Desert'. Aus Western : main role, Lawson, Sheriff (US accent) on location country Victoria, Victoria, Australia
  • Bloom Unit Architectural software product advert : Male lead, Architect ( internet commercial), Victoria, Australia
  • 'Snapshot' - RMIT film : Main role, Police Detective, Victoria, Australia
  • 'Barefoot' TropFest entrant : male lead, Frederick, magic realist film, Victoria, Australia
  • AusStar/Foxtel TVCommercial including cinema & net : 100% Cowboy, bar scene, Victoria, Australia
  • 'Run Chemist Run' Tropfest entrant & 48 hr film festival Finalist : lead role, Chemist, Victoria, Australia
  • 'On A Scale of 1-10' RMIT Graduate film : Lead role 'Shaun', Victoria, Australia
  • 'Melvin' Fish out of water (main role) RMIT : Single Dad drama, Victoria, Australia
  • 'Hath No Man'. Epic WWII war film : supporting lead, commanding officer, 40+ cast/crew, Victoria, Australia
  • 'Funeral Blues' short film : Funeral Director, Victoria, Australia
  • 'By The Fathers' Hand'. Domestic crime : Thief, lead role. Recently homeless suburban man., Victoria, Australia
  • 'Hands In The Air' film : priest, Victoria, Australia
  • 'Nadia' Rmit Masters short film : Stephen, Victoria, Australia
  • 'Restless'(Rmit graduate short film) : 'John', Victoria, Australia
  • 'Waterbird' VCA Masters film : Firefighter, Victoria, Australia
  • 'Art On Trial'- Melb Fringe Festival & touring play : Male lead(Dwyer), Wilm. Dobell's controversial Archibald prize win, Victoria, Australia
  • "The Real Thing" Tom Stoppard play : Henry, Toorak Players,Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
  • -2009 Guy May Bonsai & Gallery, North Fitzroy : Owner, Proprietor of local art retail outlet, Victoria, Australia
  • Blue Heelers/Apprehended Violence : Darren, Melbourne, Australia
  • "Equinox" VCA Graduate film : gay drama, lead role(Casper), sexual abuse narrative, Victoria, Australia
  • Victorian College of the Arts : Acting training, Melbourne, Australia
  • Flying Doctors/Realms Of Gold : Johnny Anderson, Melbourne, Australia
  • Neighbours 1987 /1523 : David Turner, Melbourne, Australia
  • Neighbours 1987 /1401 : David Turner, Melbourne, Australia
  • Neighbours 1986 /1375 : David Turner, Melbourne, Australia
  • Neighbours 86/1361 : David Turner, Melbourne, Australia
  • 'Pop Movie' TV film Ray Argill & Christina Posan : Teen narrative about formation of band, road trip, Victoria, Australia


Acting experience:
  Previous paid speaking roles
  • English
  • French
  • Hebrew
  • Australian
  • Canadian
  • Irish
  • New Zealand
  • South African
  • UK Cockney
  • UK English
  • UK Posh
  • UK Scottish
  • UK Welsh
  • USA Boston
  • USA California
  • USA New York
  • USA Southern
  • African
  • American Indian
  • Chinese
  • Dutch
  • French
  • German
  • Greek
  • Indian
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Latin American
  • Maori
  • Mexican
  • Middle Eastern
  • Pacific Islander
  • Russian
  • Spanish
Union memberships
  • Equity
Base Location: Melbourne, active licence, active passport
Associations/Memberships: Bikram Yoga Fitzroy (2011-ongoing), 2011 Melbourne Marathon participant, running groups, Cold Readings Play readings group 2012-, script consultant + editor
voiceovers, accents, internet ads (audio + on screen performance)
television series, stage plays, short films, feature films
Professional photographer, painting graduate
dance, movement, singing (tenor), collaboration
VO, multiple roles incl. main cast. THE DRESSMAKER, Dir. Jocelyn Moorhouse, Aus feature film
"Exit form Eden: Lilith" playing 'Pan' in short film, Neo pagan fantasy
Music video, Father character, 'Burning Paradise'
TARGET TVC Womens wear
BLACK MAGIC CAMERA stills campaign for international release of new product
AAMI TVC 'Hugs' campaign
ABC News24 - parody, News Anchor role

OCT 'CODEFIRE' comedy office bully lead
SEPT 'PHENOMENA' Drama 'Ernie' support role
'YESTERDAY' TROPFEST entry lead magical fantasy
'MIRRORS' drama 'Paul' footy coach Dad
'EUREKA' superannuation TVC self funded company director ( lead)
'JACK VALENTINE' Crime Thriller, Australian setting, mini feature (lead), ex- Cop, Crime- Drama
KOOKABURRA Lancaster QC, Prosecution, (lead) verbatim transcripts from case on matter of Men At Work's song 'Down Under'
HONDA MOTORCYCLES national print campaign, lead, modelling

Aug- Pirates of Penzance, The Major General
Aug- 'SCOUNDRELS', Comedy, Minoski male lead, short film
July-TVC, Organ Transplants Games, Exit Films
July- ALSCO Safety Mats training video, Factory manager
June - 'The Substitute', Thriller, Psychopathic Killer, lead role,
June - 'Soft Targets' 4 male monologues from a Tim Conigrave play, filmed for International cinema release. Waterbyrd Filmz. Cinematographer Ellery Ryan Snr
May- 'KIWI TERRORIST', comedy skit
May- 'THE HOLE' comedy, central male character, 'Gary'. Beach and restaurant scenes.
May - 'COLD FEET' Best Man, wedding comedy, co-lead role
Voiceover -voiceover radio advert for 'SwiftDeck', outdoor decking
Course training modules, Decking systems, Swiftdeck.
2014 THE RUSTED HEART winner of The Golden Remi in Housten
November 'DOMENICA', Gothic Horror, male lead, romance/thriller.Independent production NOMINATED FOR BEST SHORT HORROR AND BEST DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY.
October US pilot, undisclosed title, Male lead, Father (Steven), Australian rules setting
September 'The Rusted Heart', Futuristic Romance, the Writer.
August 'Red, White & Bluey' Domestic Sci- Fi Feature. US cast, Lead role 'Bluey'.
August 'The Stain', Dir Peter Firth, VCA. Convict thriller, runaway convict.
July 'Joy', family drama, death of a sister, The brother. UniMelb Graduate film.
July 'She's Leaving', Independent Gen Y romance, male lead, the musician.
June 'Scattered', VCA Graduate film, main role, grieving spouse.
May 'The Unexpected Lesson', RMIT short film. Teen romance. Male lead Mr Thompson, schoolteacher.
March 'Pick Your Poison', JMC Production. Male lead, Mad scientist.

'Baking Boys' -Aus men's group comedy, feuding husband -
'Starstruck' - coming of age Aus comedy about kid and cryptonite. Male Lead, Pierre French biochemist. Fr accent.
'Lucy's Bedtime' - children's musical about death of family member. Singing/dancing lead, the Father.
'The Firebird' - haughty lead choreographer, VCA student film.
'The Decomposers' - musical film, Male lead, Isaac, the Entrepreneur. Swinburne student film.
'Jack and Em' - romance. Male lead., single father.
'Buddy and Cop'. Australian Police spoof, Deakin University student film. Lead, Detective Gates.
'Cold in the Desert' - Australian Western, male lead, Sheriff Lawson ( US accent). Deakin Uni Student film.

'barefoot' TropFest entrant. Magical realism, Male lead: Frederick.
others - info available on request


Modeling experience:
  Part-time model - paid commercial work
2015 TARGET TVC Womens wear
BLACK MAGIC CAMERA Stills campaign, new product
AAMI TVC 'Hugs' campaign

2014 'LIFEWORKS' modeling assignment for relationship counselling and education services organization
2014 HONDA MOTORCYCLES national print campaign, lead, modelling
Melbourne Spring Fashion Festival 2002, 2005


Beersheba roughcut

100 year Centenary Australian Lighthorseman Brigade

Guitar ability:
Vocal range:
Vocal ability:
  Classically trained
Singing styles
  • Pop
  • Rock
  • Classical
  • Opera
Favourite genres
  • Pop
  • Rock
  • Indie
  • Metal
  • Electronic
  • Hip-hop
  • Jazz
  • Classical
  • Country
Influences: The KillersArctic MonkeysJohnny CashMusicalsPopPlacido DomingoGotyeRockPunkFolkRufus WainwrightBertie BlackmanAcousticBoy & Bear

Richard Gill (Opera Australia, ABC Tv Operatunity Oz 2005) says I have the best untrained tenor voice in Australia.
I have been private coached.
I was founding member of 'Botswana Gas' in 1990s, St Kilda and performed weekly.
I sing in every style and have been hired for film musicals and stage performing roles.

TV & Reality

Guy May
Agent: Profile Creative, Daniel Scharf
IMDB profile page:
StarNow profile page:
Education/Training: Bachelor of Fine Arts, Monash University, 1994-1997
Victorian College of the Arts School of Drama, 1990
TAFTA Screen, Film and TV Courses, various, 2011, 2013
Master of Arts, RMIT University, 2013-

Gender: Male
Ethnicity: Caucasian, European, Middle-Eastern
Age range- 27- 60 years
Height: 182 cms
Weight: 76 kgs
Build: tall, trim, very fit (running, gym, Pump, Bikram yoga)
Hair: brown
Eye colour: hazel, green

# 'Blue Heelers'/Apprehended Violence : Darren, Melbourne, Aus

1992 'Equinox' (Casper),male lead, son, sexual abuse narrative. VCA Graduate film

# 'Flying Doctors'/Realms Of Gold : Johnny Anderson, Melbourne, Aus
# Neighbours 1987 /1523 : David Turner, Melbourne, Aus
# Neighbours 1987 /1401 : David Turner, Melbourne, Aus

# Neighbours 1986 /1375 : David Turner, Melbourne, Aus
# Neighbours 1986/1361 : David Turner, Melbourne, Aus

1983 'Pop Movie' (as myself) - by Ray Argill & Christina Posan. Coming of a


I have been a successful journal writer since my undergraduate student days at Monash University (1990-1994), where I was published in the student newspaper.I have submitted articles and reviews, utilizing my strong analytical and discourse skills to both engage readers and sell product to markets.

Partnership editing business 'The Script Doctors' with S Wallace 2011- current.
Co-editor film scripts - 2013 'Domenica', 'Rusted Heart' and various other short films 2012-2014.


Photography experience:
  Part-time professional (paid work)
Has a studio space:
Type of camera equipment:
  Large format
I am an actor with a sophisticated technical and aesthetic knowledge, and extensive experience as a stills and video camera operator. I shoot stills on a Hasselblad and a Leica M240.

I often work on day long, on site shoots and do street + wedding photography as well as business promotion, advertising and portraiture. My practice taking street photos ( human/animal subjects) is continuous and ongoing.

Agency info

Profile Creative
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