Please recommend any talent you have worked with, so they can get positive feedback and other casting professionals can see their value.

Click on My listings in the sidebar, click on the listing, then click manage applicants. Then go to the 'got the part' tab, and hit recommend! Your recommendation will appear on their profile, and it could really boost their career.

You can also add a comment to your recommendation, with more details about why you enjoyed working with them.

When should I recommend someone?

You can recommend someone as soon as they’ve applied to your casting, but when your listing has closed we will send you an email asking you to recommend whoever you worked with.

How will they know I’ve recommended them?

When you’ve recommended someone, we’ll send them an email with the good news.

I want a recommendation too!

Of course! We’ll also ask them to recommend you, so other members know how great you were to work with. You can view your recommendations on your profile page by clicking ‘Recommendations’.

Can other people recommend me?

Yes, casting professionals and talent can contact you through your Messages page and write a recommendation.

You can also recommend other members the same way.

What if I want to give someone negative feedback?

If you’ve worked with someone who let you down, perhaps because they were unreliable or behaved unprofessionally, you can click the ‘Report’ link next to their profile in the area where you manage applicants (under ‘My listings’ in My StarNow).

The ‘Report’ link will take you to a page where you can leave negative feedback or report that member.

Negative feedback will appear in your notes if the member applies to your future castings. Reporting the member will alert our Community team and we will review your report.

Has this answered your question? If not, please contact us