Joseph Bennett

Coventry, United Kingdom

Actor, Musician

I'm Joseph, I'm 15(depending on when/if you look at this) and im a singer/songwriter, and aspiring actor from Coventry. I've been interested in all this since a very young age, say 4, and I've been acting and singing all my life. As i can remember. I've been in performances such as Bugsy Malone, Alice In Wonderland, West Side Story, I've sang with the British National Choir and other singing companies, and i am also a member of YOG, a youth operatic company ran at The Belgrade Theater in Coventry. I've audition for things such as Oliver, but alas never gotten any further than the 3rd of 4th round. Although i have some experience in musical theater, I'd really like to go into more, Television based, more commercial acting, rather than, the singing, dancing, etc, etc. I'd list my inspirations as David Tennent, Sir Tom Jones, Chester Bennington, Micheal Caine, and Josh Hutcherson. i can speak some French, as i am currently studying it, and i have a sketch show with my friends on YouTube.

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Acting experience:
  No previous acting experience
  • English
  • French
  • UK English
I have been part of many different types of smaller scale productions, like main roles in school productions, like WestSideStory, etc. I have been in The National Youth Theatre in the UK and at a well know Theatre 'The Belgrade' in 42nd Street, where I played the principal role of 'Burt' which gained me a honorary scholarship from local acting companies/schools. I have also been in Oliver as part of a trip in London, and have had roles in my school drama plays as part of our course (Gcse).


Vocal ability:
  Lead singer
Vocal range:
Singing styles
  • Pop
  • Rock
  • Opera
Favorite genres
  • Rock
  • Indie
  • Classical
Influences: Jamie CullumMicheal BallJared LetoChester BenningtonSir Tom Jones

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