Lauren Tate

Sheffield, United Kingdom


I'm a 16 year old singer/song writer from the UK. Music is my life. I am currently co-writing original songs with the aim of sending to music industry professionals within the next 12 months. There has already been some exciting creations, that I can't wait to share!! My passion is rock/ blues music.I am passionate about real music, with emotion, great lyrics and real tunes! At the moment I am trying to raise my profile through my You Tube Channel now over 130k views and keeping people engaged via my FB music page that features videos, stories of what I'm up to and some creative photos. I am very much my own person I suppose when it comes to fashion, music and my crazy personality. I never want to fit in. I love life & God for giving me a special talent to share with people. People tell me not to waste my time being a singer, but it is my purpose and no-one will stop me trying. Waiting for a chance to shine!

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