10 - 12 year old child actor who looks like 9 or 10 year old - Sydney

New South Wales, Australia

Looking for 10 - 12 old child actor for the role of 9 year old girl (Lead actor)

10 - 12 year old child actor who looks like 9 or 10 year old - Sydney

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We held an audition on March 13 but we are still looking for a child actor who can play the role of 'Martina'(9 year old girl) perfectly.
The director wants to find 11 or 12 year child actor who looks like 9 or 10 year old girl because it is hard to find 9 or 10 year old child actor who can play the lead role perfectly.

Since our director currently has health problem, we decided to postpone shooting to early November.
The shooting will last 5 - 6 weeks.

The applicants should reside in Sydney, Australia because the film will be shot in Sydney, Australia.

The audition will be held in Sydney in April.

Since this is a low-budget film, the payment will be low combines with deferred payment.

However, I believe a good movie can be produced because the script is good and Director/D.O.P. and music director are experienced and skillful people.

This film has several very emotional scenes for 'Martina'.
So, excellent acting skill is required for the child actress.

Martina - 9 year old girl. Main character

9 going on 10, Martina is an old soul in a mischievous little girl’s body. Since losing both her parents when she was five, she has been living with her cantankerous but loveable grandfather who she affectionately calls Gumpy.
Martina has had to grow up fast. She has a fierce personality and a stubborn mind; once she has something in her head it is near impossible to talk her out of it. The death of her parents has caused her to have an intense need for the friendship of ‘parental’ like figures, but for all her natural wisdom she makes bad choices in her friendships. When she decides you are her friend her bond is immediate and unbreakable. Although Gumpy loves her dearly he is a sick old man struggling to cope with a smart and sassy little girl. They adore each other but their relationship is complicated; they often fight as Gumpy tries to instil some control and discipline. But Martina has a wild adventurous side, and much of her days are spent skipping school and hanging out with a street gang where she has become close to Jessica a junky-prostitute. Martina has learnt to steal, as a means to help her and Gumpy survive but also for the thrill of it. She has yet to grasp the consequences of her actions but that is all about to change.
When Martina meets Hyun she is immediately fascinated by his unusual personality. When she loses Gumpy, the only family she had left her world is shattered. Hyun becomes a life line that she desperately clings to, desperate not to become a child of the state – something Jessica has ingrained in her to fear.
And it is fear that now drives Martina as she struggles to understand her world without her precious Gumpy.

Location: New South Wales, Australia

Payment details: Low payment combines with deferred payment

All minors must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

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Females, aged 10 to 12 from New South Wales, Australia

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