Actors wanted for "Dr. Fright's Halloween Horror Nights"- Northampton

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We need actors of all shapes and sizes to scare people to death inside our horror mazes!

Actors wanted for "Dr. Fright's Halloween Horror Nights"- Northampton

Casting complete. Applications are now closed.

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This October a unique Halloween entertainment event will be held in the Northamptonshire area.

Dr.Frights Halloween Horror Nights.

The event will be very similar to the seasonal projects major theme parks launch for the Halloween season. Fright Nights at Thorpe Park, Alton Towers Scarefest Etc.
Much like a theme park guests will pay a fee to enter the event. This fee also permits them to enter each of our interactive horror mazes, "Dr. Frights Farmhouse Of Horror" "The Asylum Code Red" and "The Darkness".

These walk through mazes will contain special lighting, animatronics, total darkness, winding corridors, smoke effects, and many other horror techniques to get the guests running for the exit. Most importantly though these mazes will contain live actors in full costume and horrific make up set out to SCARE.

All applicants will be voluntary. However we are offering cash prizes that are given out at the end of the each night "Scare of the night" "Best performance" etc. We will also be giving out bigger cash prizes at the end of the event. We will also provide a full review and reccomendation of your performance to place on your resume.

We have many roles to be filled from a chainsaw wielding maniac to a ghostly figure lurking in the shadows.

This is a great chance to gain experience with a constant fresh audience and present your acting ability close up and personal. No other acting experience can provide such a instant and in your face reaction to your performance. And we're sure once you have chased away your first group of victims you will be hooked! Most of all as you will find out scaring people is a LOT of fun!

There a couple things we would like you to take into consideration before applying.

The horror mazes are constructed inside marquee's and container truck's which are not heated.

The event will run from 23rd - 31st of October all applicants must be available for at least 5 of the 9 opening nights. plus be able to attend 2 daytime training sessions held before opening time on the 23rd and 24th of October. Opening times are 6PM to 10:30PM approx. Due to the nature of the event all applicants must be over the age of 18.

For more info on the event please visit the official website.

Location: Northampton, United Kingdom

Payment details: Cash Prizes
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Horror Maze Actor

Acting inside a horror maze is quite hectic and draining. We usher guests through in groups of 6 - 8 people with approximately 2 minute intervals between each group. Once you have scared and seen off one group the next will be just around the corner. So you will need to be energetic and on your toes at all times.

Apart from that all we ask is that you think you have the ability to get our guests screaming and running for the exits!

Any gender, aged 18 to 99 from United Kingdom

Scare Arena Actor

If you dont think acting inside the horror mazes would suit you. We have a few vacancys for horror characters that will be roaming the the scare arena outside the mazes. This role requires you to mingle and interact with guests as they que and wait to enter the attractions.

Any gender, aged 18 to 99 from United Kingdom

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