Models wanted for dunk tank video work

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We are currently seeking new faces for a client who is looking for models

Models wanted for dunk tank video work

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We are currently seeking new faces for a client who is looking for models interested in being a part of a Dunk Tank Babes website. The work is fun and interesting but does involve being dunked in water clothed on our dunk tank. The work will be fairly regular so we are looking for people committed to seeing this project through. We are particularly keen to hear from girls looking to make a start in modeling and also for some older ladies for a variation to the theme with some "Milf" type scenes.

The short films are around 8 to 10 minutess long and involve you being dunked in various outfits with the emphasis being on looking glamorous and sexy in wet clothes and lingerie. There will also be the occasional topless / naked scene for those interested in this and this will of course pay more. We ideally need you to be confident in front of the camera and able to ad lib and go with the flow of the the filming. Each scene will usually involve some sort of quiz with you being dunked for getting a question wrong or some type of humorous interview with you being dunked at various points.

We are more interested in personality and you must be up for a laugh and be bubbly. You do not have to be Miss World, just full of life and bubbly and be happy acting the fool in front of the camera. The whole emphasis is more about seeing you have fun on camera than being the next Miss World.

We are looking for regular girls for this. We would also say that we are not taking anyone for this who has to travel too far as it is impractical for all concerned. We feel that if you have to travel for an hour or more it will not be worth the travelling for the job.

We will be filming this inside so no worries with the cold. The films are anything from 8 to 15 minutes in length. This would be ideal for new faces trying to get into modeling. The work will be near to Heathrow Airport. We can arrange Transport from local stations if required.

Before showing your interest in this post please consider how far you have to travel, whether you are happy to have the films on the Internet, that you are happy with the content of the films and the possibility of topless / lingerie work and lastly and most importantly that you are happy being dunked in water (that is heated to jacuzzi temperatures) and yes, you do sometimes go under the water.

Payment details: £100


Dunk Tank

Females, aged 18 to 40 from United Kingdom

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