MOR / Easy Listening / Country / Pop lyricist needed - UK

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PRS member wants lyricists to try and do something with his tunes collaborating over the internet

MOR / Easy Listening / Country / Pop lyricist needed - UK

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First of all, forget all the stuff about this having to be based in Hull. We can work over the internet

I have some tunes I really like but am not happy with the lyrics I've found for them so far and figured, rather than let them go to waste, I should do something with them. I work as a performer so I can record these tracks myself.

Maybe hearing the tracks will "suggest" something to you that won't occur to me. We'll see. the alternative is to send me lyrics and see if I hear them in any of my stuff.

This is definitely very mainstream, middle of the road material. Even my heavier stuff sounds like Nirvana left in fabric conditioner for 6 weeks!

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You can try and put words to my music or just send me bits of your lyrics that can fit in with what I've already done. I just want to get some songs that are 70% ready finished.

Royalty split will be 50% to me for the music 50% to you if you write all the words, 25% if you collaborate on the words with me. I think that's pretty normal. I AM registered with the PRS so we have a way of making money out of this if we come up with anything useful. If you're a performer too, that's good!

Any gender, aged 18 to 99 from United Kingdom

  • Minimum Composer ability: Beginner

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