Looking for actors/actresses to interprete very detailed emotions - London

London, United Kingdom

Royal College of Art student project, looking for person who can interprete 53 different emotions

Looking for actors/actresses to interprete very detailed emotions - London

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I'm trying to building a detail map of human emotions based on

The map is consists of words describing emotions in many different
languages. English is the core language, while untranslatable words in
other languages fills up the gap between the "English emotions".
Currently I have a database of videos people explaining the
non-english emotion words.
And I am thinking of
doing the same for each emotions in English as well.

What I need the actress to do is to explain to the camera the
following emotions (53 emotions in total) from the emotion list.

The "Love" Category:
Adoration, Affection, Love, Fondness, Liking, Attraction, Caring,
Tenderness, Compassion, Sentimentality, Arousal, Desire, Lust,
Passion, Infatuation, Longing

The "Sadness" Category:
Agony, Suffering, Hurt, Anguish, Depression, Despair, Hopelessness,
Gloom, Glumness, Sadness, Unhappiness, Grief, Sorrow, Woe, Misery,
Melancholy, Dismay, Disappointment, Displeasure, Guilt, Shame, Regret,
Remorse, Alienation, Isolation, Neglect, Loneliness, Rejection,
Homesickness, Defeat, Dejection, Insecurity, Embarrassment,
Humiliation, Insult, Pity, Sympathy

You will need to come up with the lines of how to explain the words as well, such as
"Passion is feeling excited about something. It is a really warm feeling.... " blah blah blah, with body movements that you think will be able to make someone who doesn't understand English to understand what you are trying to communicate.

Ultimately I hope to record all the emotions in the list, which is 136 of them.
I think it would be quite a challenging job. Because I'm a poor student so the money I can offer is not much, it will definitely be a paid job, but please discuss the cost with me. You can use the video for your show reel. I can also cover your travel
expenses within Greater London, as well as lunch and dinner.

The date I am looking for is to do the filming very likely April 25 or 27 & 28.

Payment: Low pay.

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The CORE of the project

Preferable the actor/actress to have very good sense of words and emotions... who can help with improvise the lines. More natural way of acting instead of the theatrical/dramatic style of acting. Passion to work closely with a student project.

Any gender, aged 18 to 40 from London, United Kingdom

  • Minimum Acting experience: No previous acting experience

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