Talented make-up artist required for a dramatic short film

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A mentally Ill person talks to his wife who is in a coma.

Talented make-up artist required for a dramatic short film

Casting complete. Applications are now closed.

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Project: Tea and Biscuits (short film, 6 minutes)
Director: Parv Dandona
Producer: International Film School Sydney
Rehearsal Dates: 1-2 days before the shoot.
Production Dates: 1st - 2nd June
Audition Dates - (TBC)
Remuneration: This job is on a volunteer basis.

Synopsis: Lenn and Josie are going through a tough time as a couple because Lenn doesn’t treat her with respect. Lenn and Josie are getting late for a gathering so Lenn decides to drive fast and crashes the car. Now Josie is in coma and Lenn is mentally retarded. Lenn takes care of Josie and still believes that she can hear him and she would come back one day. He offers her tea and biscuits everyday. After Josie has a seizure, Lenn injects her with a syringe. Lenn then applies make up on her and takes a picture with her. In that picture he sees that Josie has a little smile on her face. Lenn discovers hope.


Female – 28

Josie is not happy with her marriage with Lenn but she puts effort to fix it. They just had a car crash due to Lenn’s fast driving and due to that car crash Josie is in coma. She is on her bed all day and is attached to a heartbeat monitor machine. Lenn now takes care of her even though he is mentally retarded. She hears what Lenn says but she remains still.

Male - 30

Lenn is Josie’s husband, they have been married for 3 years now. Lenn doesn’t treat her with respect. But after they have a car crash due to Lenn fast driving, everything changed. Lenn is now a mentally ill person. His love for his wife now increases. His guilt changes him to take care of her even more.


Parv Dandona was born in India and raised in Australia. He is an uprising independent filmmaker. He had passion for films since high school and finally started his career in 2009. He has worked on various different projects from being a clapper loader to a TV cameraman and an editor for a feature film. He now attends International Film School Sydney in order to learn more about the cinema world.

Actors wishing to audition in either role are asked to email a headshot and a CV/ Show reel to Parv Dandona

Payment: $100 (TBC)

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Make Up Artist

This is very interesting job. You will be paid. You will be required to make the actor look weak and pale . You will also be required to make the same person look like a clown.

This is a very good opportunity for your showreel.

Any gender, aged 18 to 99 from Australia

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