Looking for a group of people interested in film-making - London

London, United Kingdom

To start off a film production Company - Based in Berkshire

Looking for a group of people interested in film-making - London

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I'm an aspiring film maker who has a couple of short films under my belt and is currently working on a feature project.

I am looking for people generally interested in film/movie making to collaborate with and produce quality films. Anyone is welcome as long as you're really into every aspect of film-making or films in general..

NO EXPERIENCE, Is needed. Like I said Everyone is welcome to apply, all you need is a love for film and a "DRIVE" to succeed. My Production Company is in its infant stage at the moment, so anyone who joins who doesn't have experience, don't be disheartened! We Will Grow Together!

I'm looking anyone who's interested in being Screenwriters, Directors, Producers, DOPs, Editors, Art Directors, Camera(wo)man and even actors and actresses!

More details will be given upon application, as well as information(including past/present projects) about me :)

Thanks for reading!

All minors must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.



May I ask people who's about to apply to specify which role they are applying for, most of the time I'm checking the listing on an Ipad as I'm always on the go and it doesn't let me choose which roles I want to review.


Edited 23 June 2012

currently on holiday, will respond to applicants and messages when I get back

Edited 12 July 2012

For anyone who's applied to the listing or about to apply, I'm still away on business, so please expect a minor delay for a response to your application.


Edited 27 July 2012

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Directors are responsible for overseeing creative aspects of a film under the overall control of the Senior/Executive Producer.

Anyone from London, United Kingdom


A film producer oversees and delivers a film project to the film studio or other financing entity

Anyone from London, United Kingdom


A film editor is a person who practices film editing by assembling the footage. However, the job of an editor isn’t simply to mechanically put pieces of a film together, cut off film slates, or edit dialogue scenes. A film editor must creatively work with the layers of images, story, dialogue, music, pacing, as well as the actors' performances to effectively "re-imagine" and even rewrite the film to craft a cohesive whole. Editors usually play a dynamic role in the making of a film.

Anyone from London, United Kingdom

Camera Man/Cinematographer

A camera operator or cameraman is a professional operator of a film or video camera

Anyone from London, United Kingdom

Art Director

An art director, in the hierarchical structure of a film art department, works directly below the production designer, in collaboration with the set decorator, and above the set designers. A large part of their duties include the administrative aspects of the art department.

Anyone from London, United Kingdom

Production Designer

,Production designers have one of the key creative roles in the creation of motion pictures and television

Anyone from London, United Kingdom


Any gender, aged 18 to 99 from London, United Kingdom

  • Minimum Acting experience: No previous acting experience


No education is required to become a professional screenwriter but good storytelling abilities are required.

Anyone from London, United Kingdom

Director of Photography

The title is generally equivalent to director of photography (DP), used to designate a chief over the camera and lighting crews working on a film, responsible for achieving artistic and technical decisions related to the image

Anyone from London, United Kingdom



Anyone from London, United Kingdom

Special Effects Supervisor

The Special Effects Supervisor instructs the Special effects crew on how to design moving set elements and props that will safely break, explode, burn, collapse and implode without destroying the film set. S/he is also responsible for reproducing weather conditions and other on-camera magic.

Anyone from London, United Kingdom

Production Sound Mixer/Boom Operator

The Production Sound Mixer is head of the sound department on set, responsible for recording all sound during filming. This involves the choice and deployment of microphones, operation of a sound recording device, and sometimes the mixing of audio signals in real time.

Anyone from London, United Kingdom

Visual Effects Creative Director/Producer

The Visual Effects Producer works with the Visual Effects Supervisor to break down the script into storyboards, and advises the Director as to how s/he should approach the scenes. Together they determine which sequences are to be shot as live action elements, which would work well in miniature, and which (if any) should be computer generated.

Anyone from London, United Kingdom

Sound Designer

The Sound Designer, or Supervising Sound Editor, is in charge of the post-production sound of a movie. Sometimes this may involve great creative license, and other times it may simply mean working with the Director and Editor to balance the sound to their liking.

Anyone from London, United Kingdom

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