Now casting – Fans of body modification - USA

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REAL LIFE people with Body Modifications

Now casting – Fans of body modification - USA

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Do you / Have you taken tattoos and piercings to extremes, in order to drastically change your appearance - or are you considering your first major modification? Are you interested in (or have you taken part in) scarification, branding, implants, hook suspensions, or even limb amputation?

If you have – or are planning to get – any extreme body modifications, we want to hear from YOU!

Does your enthusiasm / obsession with body art and physical modifications affect your professional life? Your family life? Relationships?

Major NYC Television Production Company is looking to cast people involved and experienced in the world of body modification -- as well as those just starting to scratch the surface. Whether you’ve been modifying your body for years - or are just now preparing for your first procedure - we want to hear about your decision(s) to make your body a unique canvas.

Please send us a description of your body modifications, your experiences, and any information pertaining to how/why you modify - and how it has affected your life.

Please also include photos! We want to see your incredible body art. Please also incude your contact info – name, email address and phone number – so we can be in touch with you for further interviews, etc.

All minors must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Payment: TBD

Applications to this casting call require:
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REAL LIFE people with Body Modifications

Anyone from United States

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