Models (of all ages), promotional campaign for film production co. - USA

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Looking for Male/Female MODELS (all ages). Online grassroots campaign for film production co. in LA

Models (of all ages), promotional campaign for film production co. - USA

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We are an independent film production company called Dream Seekers productions. We've produced 14 films under our banner and we're now putting together a grass roots style marketing campaign to further connect with our fans and how they see the world, and hopefully spark them to connect further with us. We specialize in horror, fantasy, sci-fi, thriller and drama.

What we need are models who can take our name and playfully integrate the words into a photograph of themselves. "Dream Seeker" "Dream Seekers" "I Am A Dream Seeker" and words to these effect can be written on your forehead, on your forearm, on your clothes, in shadow, digitally inserted as a tattoo, written on an object you're holding, etc (you get the idea). Express yourself. Pending how much room we have, we plan on posting these photographs on our company's Facebook page. We'll be happy, if you like, to post your name beneath the image. If all goes well, it will inspire fans from around the world to submit their own photographs.

There will be no official "photo shoot". This will be something you do all on your own. All you need is a camera and your imagination.

There is no pay for this, but it doesn't have to take much time and it's solid exposure. Our website has rec'd nearly half a million views and our social pages (ie Facebook, etc) receive thousands of hits a week.


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I Am A Dream Seeker

Any gender, aged 18 to 75 from United States

  • Minimum Modeling experience: Beginner, starting out

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