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London, United Kingdom

Actor, Model, Dancer, Film & Stage Crew, Photographer

IRELAND BORN, Spain educated, London based. Currently WITHOUT a beard/moustache. Thanks to European girlfriends, over the years, he speaks several languages and several nationalities can understand his spoken English. In an Oxford Street school he once taught/learnt from a well-known entertainer! But that was only because both, being English language teachers, had been dragged before the Principal for retraining. On occasions he could still be found in a Belfast / Chelmsford / London / Worcester classroom, as he was a supply teacher and, therefore, had a LOT OF AVAILABILITY... except for that day, October 24 2011 at Shepperton Studios, where he thought he might body-double a 19TH CENTURY RUSSIAN BUTLER but spent much of the day hanging around a green double decker bus acting as a, "resting," SET BUILDER on Joe Wright's Anna Karenina. That was enough to give him the bug to write what is written here, and - more importantly - NOW gives him the motivation to turn up for YOUR NEXT CASTING.

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Phelim Kelly's Showreel

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The Cheating Dead

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Apocolypse Dirt

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LPV Public Announcement

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Javeon - Intoxicated (Part 3/5)

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Jester Jacobs - My Struggle

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The Bench

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Holiday In Mind

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'Barbie' Short Film

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Once Upon A Time...

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Villains - The Fall

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Daleri - Hysteria

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Two Door Cinema Club - Handshake

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Trail of Tears - Noisy Toyz

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Stickman Cartel - Accolade

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Planet Radio (Official Video)

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ABRAKADABRA international teaser

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Diana Vickers - Cinderella

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Amplify Dot - Get Down

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THE SACRIFICE (feature length)

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ToyBox Short Films - 2013

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Trailer - A Right Pair

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What I Am (short film)

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ICAN Promo Video

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Physical Details

180 cm / 5ft 11in
over 91 cm / 36 in
90 kg / 198 lbs
Shoe size:
11.0 UK / 12.0 US / 45.5 Euro
White / Caucasian
Hair color:
Skin color:
Hair length:
Eye color:
Hair type:
116 cm / 46 in


  • "1000 Dreams" Bollywood film / Power Tools Media / Nantha Thurai : Assassin and Police, Essex, UK
  • Abrakadabra / Benedykt Zasadzki : Father Peter, London, UK
  • Amar, Akbar and Tony / Sash Media Films / Victoria Wood / Atul Malhotra : Nightclubber and Wedding Guest, London, UK
  • Art Ache / SeaUrchin Films / Berty Cadilhac : Guest at Private View, London, UK
  • Ates ve Su (Turkish) / Avsar Film / Fire and Water Productions / Özcan Deniz : Air Passenger, Cranleigh, Surrey, UK
  • Babes With Blades: Flower Of Sarnia / Fearful Symmetry Productions / Brendan Carr : Steampunk Gladiator Supporter, London, UK
  • Barbie / University of the Arts London / Alexandre Murtinheira / Omar Madar : Eric, Escort Agency Client, London, UK
  • Better Than Tomorrow / London Film School / Gia LaSalvia / Eui Jeong Hong : Cryogenic Patient, London, UK
  • Blissless Ignorance / University of Westminster / Marko Leosk : Park Visitor, London, UK
  • "Born to be King," Bollywood film / Puneet Issar / Ask4Entertainment : Journalist, London, UK
  • Brand New-U / Finite Films / Simon Pummell : Shopper, London, UK
  • Canvas Kiss / Pride Corp Media / Charles Akuruka : Bookie, London, UK
  • Champagne, Intimacy, Alan / Mini Productions / David Martin : Dinner Guest and Swinger, Tonbridge, Kent, UK
  • City Academy : Screen Acting, London, UK
  • Cuban Fury / Big Talk Productions / James Griffiths : Office Worker, Farnborough, Hampshire, UK
  • Desire / Robert Goodale and Leon Ockenden / Giddy Kipper Productions / Leon Ockenden : Patron at Cafe, London, UK
  • Diana Vickers' "Cinderella" / So Productions : Guest at Masked Ball, London, UK
  • Does This Mean We're Gonna Have Sex? / Don't shoot the Mermaid / Simon : Waiter, London, UK
  • Don't Let The Darkness Ruin Your Photos / Nokia / Gerardity : Dad, London, UK
  • Doppelganger / Goldsmiths College / Roman Gensky / Barbara Alencar : Office Worker, London, UK
  • Eileen / Pushing Buttons / Tim Porter : Eileen's Demon, London, UK
  • Ellipse / Louis Savy and Phoenix Film Productions / Ilana Rein : Astronomer, London, UK
  • Emergency Public Announcement for "Warehouse Werewolves," Immersive Adventure / : Dr Hilary Cuff, London, UK
  • Enemy Of England / Rubber Duck Films and Think Boy Think Productions / David Hawkins : Vox Pop Commentator, London, UK
  • Felix da Housecat's "Sinner Winner" / Soup Kitchen : Cured Arthritic Worshipper, London, UK
  • Grapes / University for the Creative Arts (UCA) / Sam Milletti : Sea Pirate Actor, London, UK
  • Grinder / Production International / Giles Novell-Wilson : Office Worker, London, UK
  • Headlock Security / Shay Kuehlmann and Kate Roxburgh / DogSky Films : Seminar Attendee, London, UK
  • Holiday In Mind / Abby Jones Productions / Chris Knight and Benjayx Murphy : Frank, London, UK
  • I Hate Santa Claus / Ravensbourne College of Design and Communication / Kadeem Henry : Psychoanalyst, London, UK
  • I'm Still Here / Independent Production / Kris Smith : Ward Visitor, London, UK
  • Jester Jacobs' "My Struggle" / Fresh Cut : Psychoanalyst, London, UK
  • Jurassic : Barman, London, UK
  • Keywords / Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts London / Faun Nash : Improv Actor, London, UK
  • Lauren Aquilina's "Sinners" / Daniel Broadley / Kode Media : Sea Disaster Survivor, Eastbourne, East Sussex, UK
  • Love / Ngozi Enumah : Restaurant Diner, London, UK
  • Love is Tough / Barclays Bank / Bartle Bogle Hegarty : Football Supporter, London, UK
  • Meet the Guvnors / Fulwell 73 / Gabe Turner : Man in Pub, London, UK
  • Mussar / Dominer Internet / Lahcen Razzougui : Man in Pub, London, UK
  • My Accomplice / John Said Productions / Charlie Weaver Rolfe : Beach Butler, Hove, East Sussex, UK
  • Nice 2 Meet U / Medan Productions / Naveen Medaram : Man in Pub, London, UK
  • Nicoventures Promo / Gutsy.TV / Paul O'Brien : Pedestrian, London, UK
  • Nighthawks / Alcove Entertainment / Anthony Lee : Tube Passenger, London, UK
  • Nina Forever / Charlie Productions / Blaine Brothers : Shopper, London, UK
  • Nocturne / Roehampton University / Cristiana Turcu : Dave Walton, First Security Guard, London, UK
  • Noisy Toyz's "Trail of Tears" / Dreamscape Film Productions / Philip Marshall : Doorman and Masked Guest, Croydon, UK
  • Obsession / University of Greenwich / Sophi Marten / Ula Rydiger : Dr Campbell, Psychoanalyst, London, UK
  • Once upon a time... / Nish Udhian Productions / Nish Udhian : Outcast and "Prince Charming", London, UK
  • One Small Step for a Man / Met Film School / Samuel Hayes : Bar Mitzvah Guest, London, UK
  • Pandamonium / University of Westminster / Julia McGill / Kasia Kaszmarek : Polar Bear Delegate, London, UK
  • Patch / Central Film School London / Adam Smith / Jennifer Borcea : Guinea Pig Owner, London, UK
  • Professor Green's "Are You Getting Enough?" / Henry Scholfield : Bullying Businessman on Bike, London, UK
  • Promo Video for International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN) / Lost pictures Ltd : Office Worker, London, UK
  • "Ramanujan" Bollywood film / Camphor Cinema / Gnana Rajasekaran : Professor, Cambridge, UK
  • Stickman Cartel's "Accolade" / A Beard and A No Show / Robert S Smith : Restroom Attendant, London, UK
  • Still Waters / Carnaby International / Ray Burdis : Mourner, London, UK
  • Suicide is Easy / National Film and Television School / Weronika Tofliska : Patient, Croydon, UK
  • The Bench / Abby Jones Productions : Peter, London, UK
  • The Cookie / Middlesex University / Yousif Mohamad / Akaash Darji : Bob, Cookie Salesman, London, UK
  • The Expedition / Hollywood Vision / Adam Spinks : Associate Press member, Epsom, Surrey, UK
  • The Hitch / University of Westminster / Samantha Fogarty / Theo Zenou : Wedding Guest, London, UK
  • The Perfect Match / Untitled Films / Sabrina Lynch : Main Extra, London, UK
  • The Protector / The Film Umbrella / Vitor Vilela : Man in Pub, London, UK
  • The Search For Simon / Gothic Manor Productions / Martin Gooch : Forbidden Planet Man, London, UK
  • The Show / Phoenix Film Productions / James Alexandrou : Theatre Audience Member, London, UK
  • Three Stops Down from Plaistow / Pick & Mix Films / Nelson Adeosun : Paddy, London, UK
  • Time Piece / Ravensbourne College of Design and Communication / Green Films / Mark E. Lenette : Allistair Hounslow, Time Traveller, London, UK
  • Two Door Cinema Club's "Changing of the Seasons" / Brewer : Journalist, London, UK
  • Two Door Cinema Club's "Handshake" / Sam Pilling : Bowling Alley Punter, London, UK
  • What Has Aid Ever Done For Anyone? / Save The Children / Paul Weiland : Anti-Aid Protester, London, UK
  • Awake ("Death of a Son's Father") / London Film School / Aslak Danbolt / Stephen Kenny : Mourner, London, UK
  • City Academy : Screen Acting, London, UK
  • Fright of the Dead / Andrew Bury : Zombie, Woking, UK
  • Good Grief / Met Film School / Michael Berendt / Barbara van Schaik : Mourner, London, UK
  • Harvey Nichols' "same dress" / Adam & Eve DDB / Ne-O : Blind Bob, London, UK
  • Narcopolis / T Squared Films / Justin Trefgarne : Ambro Man, London, UK
  • Still / Blunt Pictures and 011 Productions / Simon Blake : Fireworks Crowd Member, London, UK
  • The Politician's Husband / Daybreak Pictures / Simon Cellan Jones : MP, London, UK
  • The Sacrifice / Puffin Books + Hyperion / Charlie Higson : Zombie, London, UK
  • The White Room / New Black Films / James Erskine : Actor, London, UK

Acting experience:
  Previous paid speaking roles
Languages spoken
  • English
  • French
  • Italian
  • Spanish
  • Turkish
Accents spoken
  • Irish
  • UK English
  • Spanish
Union memberships

Slave Leader in Aida, Theatre Royal Windsor / Chisinau National Opera in Ellen Kent Production
Hair Model in "The Michael McIntyre Show" Pilot / Open Mike Productions
Slave in Nabucco, Theatre Royal Windsor / Chisinau National Opera in Ellen Kent Production



Speaking Roles (5)

a. Hilary Cuff (Doctor) in Emergency Public Announcement for "Warehouse Werewolves," Immersive Adventure.

b. Psychoanalyst in Jester Jacobs', "My Struggle" / Fresh Cut

c. Psychoanalyst in, "I Hate Santa Claus" / Ravensbourne College of Design and Communication / Kadeem Henry

d. Peter (Old Man) in, "The Bench." Abby Jones Productions

e. Frank (Hypnotised) in, "Holiday In Mind." Abby Jones Productions

Non-Speaking Roles (4)

a. Peter (Art Gallery visitor) in, "Tate Art Lovers" / Emma Mayson Heald

b. Outcast and, "Prince Charming," in, "Once upon a time..." / Nish Udhian Productions / Nish Udhian.

c. Eric (Escort Agency Client) in, "Barbie" / University of the Arts London / Omar Madar / Alexandre Murtinheira.

d. Proud Dad in Nokia Lumia 920 Viral, "Don't Let The Darkness Ruin Your Photos" / Gerardity.



Modeling experience:
  Part-time model - paid commercial work
SAVE CLAPHAM LIBRARY BUILDING placard-holder, whose photo hit the front page of local newspaper, South London Press. The building was eventually saved, thanks to the hard work by all volunteers involved.

TV & Reality


Lineup in Pilot for the "Michael McIntyre Chat Show" / BBC /


a. Criminal for, "Britain's Crappest Criminals" / Dragonfly Film and Television Productions
b. Homeless for, "Top Boy Series 2" / Top Boy Productions
c. Man in Pub and Bus Passenger for "Coming Up" Talent Scheme / Series 8, Episode 1, "Henry"

a. Book Club Member for BBC 3 Sitcom Pilot, "The Godfather" / Running Bare Pictures / Chris Stott
b. Man in Pub for TV Pilot, "The Protector" / The Film Umbrella / Vitor Vilela
c. Truth Seeker for TV Pilot, "The Truth" / Pinate Media / Tim Hancock
d. Mourner in, "The Royals"

Supporting Artiste in Episode 7, Series 4, of a popular series.


Dancing ability:
Dance styles
  • Bollywood
  • Breakdancing
  • Country
  • Disco
  • Folk
  • Rock & Roll

Ballroom Dance in Noisy Toyz's "Trail of Tears" / Dreamscape Film Productions

Background Dancer in Davido's "Skelewu"

Background Dancer in Stevie Rose's "You Echo" / Tim Porter / Pushing Buttons


Hip Hop Dancer in Felix da Housecat's "Sinner Winner" / Soup Kitchen
WATCH: At 3m3s in

Background Dancer in Virgin Media's "Do The Mobot" VIRAL / Tigermonkey / Academy Films (Christopher Barrett and Luke Taylor)

Background Dancer in Virgin Media's "Do The Mobot" OFFICIAL VIDEO / Tigermonkey / Academy Films (Christopher Barrett and Luke Taylor)

Crowd Scene for Window Farm's "Who Are You?" / Stuart Room, Trinity College of Music

Film & Stage Crew


2014, Producer of "Live Life Dearest"

2014, Producer of "Keepsake," Short Film

2013, Producer of, "Portobello Road," Feature Film (in post-production)


2014, Executive Producer of, "Own Worst Enemy," Feature Film (in post production)

2014, Executive Producer of, "Invasion of the Not Quite Dead," Feature Film (currently filming)

2013, Executive Producer of, "Crime Lord," Video Short


2014, Associate Producer of, "Vanished," Feature Film (currently filming)


2013, Using StarNow I cast five actors (from 67 applicants) for one of the scenes in, "My Accomplice," Feature Film

(Film & Stage Crew data correct as of May 2014)


"Phrasal verb books" Article
English Teaching professional / ETp, Issue 2, Pavilion Publishing and Media Ltd
January 1997


Photography experience:
  Amateur photographer
Has a studio space:
Type of camera equipment:
  Large format

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T-ypo Talent Agency
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T-ypo Talent Agency
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