Adam James Wakeling

Cambridge, United Kingdom

Actor, Musician

I am a professional composer and musician with experience in a number of different musical styles. I have composed and produced a number of relaxation CDs which are widely available online and have produced a soundtrack to an amateur dramatic production (king Arthur) with an emphasis on symphonic epic scores. I also have a number of tunes in several music libraries around the world. I am currently scoring and writing the songs to a theatre production of The Three Musketeers. I am looking for my next project as I would like to gain valuable experience in composing for theatre and film & TV. I am also looking at getting into acting, so have been doing work as an extra.

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  • Obsession: Dark Desires (Episode: Kathleen) : Actor, Norwich, UK
  • Housefull III : Actor, Marlow, UK
  • Stadium Music for Speedway Team : Composer, kings Lynn, UK
  • Obsession: Dark Desires : Actor, Norwich, UK
  • Ecdysiast : Composer, Cambridge, UK
  • Ecdysiast : Actor, Cambridge, UK
  • My Name is Stacy Algavara : Actor, Cambridge, UK
  • Red Rock music Video : Actor, Cambridge, UK
  • The Great War - A Hero's Tale : Composer, Producer, Cambridge, UK
  • Dark Jewel Audio Drama : Composer, NA, Sweden
  • Obsession - Song : Composer/Song writer, Cambridge, UK
  • Boxtree Productions - Rock Musical - The Three Musketeers : Composer/Song writer- Travelling theatre company touring in 2014, Cambridge, UK
  • Cheese and Pineapple Productions - Music for Trailer : Composer, Cambridge, UK
  • Rock Musical : Composer/Song writer - I am writing and composing a rock musical based on a famous piece of English Literature., Cambridge, UK
  • The Mystical Desert Island - Guided Meditation CD : Composer - Released online as digital download., Cambridge, UK
  • Wrath of the Titans - Orchestral Rock Album : Composer - Now out in online stores. The album was reviewed in 'Classic Rock Society' magazine., Cambridge, UK
  • Created record label 'Destrier Music', Romford, UK
  • The Enchanted Wood - Guided Meditation CD : Composer - Released online as digital download., Romford, UK
  • The Sacred Garden - Guided Meditation CD : Composer - Meditation CD’s currently being sold in selected holistics centres and online., Romford, UK
  • King Arthur : Composer - Commission from Buntingford Dramatic Society, to compose a soundtrack to their theatre production of ‘King Arthur’., Romford, UK
  • Ballo Mascherato and The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse : Composer - Composed classical pieces ‘Ballo Mascherato’ and ‘Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse’ – Entered Classic FM Smooth Classics competition., Romford, UK
  • Handel's Sarabande - Heavy rock version : Composer - A rock/classical version of Handel’s Sarabande (from harpsichord suite no.11). This has sold many units as it was released as a single., Romford, UK
  • Times of Tranquillity - Meditation CD : Composer, Romford, UK
  • Dark Times - Instrumental Rock CD : Composer, Romford, UK
  • Times of Glory - Instrumental Album : Composer - (medieval inspired classical/rock)., Romford, UK
  • Rock/Metal Bands - Various : Lead Guitarist - I was in a number of small rock/metal bands as lead guitarist – including such bands as Trauma, Moon-head and Butt-Monkey (I had no input into naming this band!)., Romford, UK

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