Rosemarie Gibson

Actor, Model, Musician
Location Stoke-on-Trent, United Kingdom
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Rosemarie Gibson's filmreel

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I remember when….

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Long Edit Horror Incarnate

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Kinship - Short Film

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No Exit

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Fallen Floral- Heart Shaped Box

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Fallen Floral- Already Fell

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I can't do this anymore

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Physical Details

157 cm / 5ft 2in
Hair colour:
58 kg / 127 lbs
Hair length:
White / Caucasian
Hair type:
Skin colour:
Dress Size:
8 - 10
Eye colour:

Credits, Schools & Workplaces

  • Birthday Cake : Young Mort's girlfriend
  • Fork & Knife : Fran - Lead actress
  • The Adequately-Clothed Philanthropist : Nurse Emmerson
  • Hidden Hero : Beth - Lead actress
  • I Remember When : Lead actress
  • Basement Sonata : Lead actress
  • The Grapes : Fallen Floral live performance, vocalist
  • Stafford Radio : Fallen Floral live appearance, vocalist
  • Figment : Lead actress, Sam
  • Revolt : Lead actress, Katie
  • Tabitha Wright's 'Mask Film' : Main Character: Female Mell
  • Shelbie Wark's "The Path" (WT) : Female civilian: mother.
  • Sean Bastow's "Kinship" : Jess, Main character
  • Lee Voisey's "No Exit" : Main Character: Scared Woman (Sophie)
  • Vix Stewert's reenactment of a scene from 'Shallow Grave' : Supporting cast: Kerry fox's character
  • Joe Winchcombe's "Love & Marriage" : Flirtatious patient - Extra
  • Dan Delglyn's "Horror Incarnate" : Scared woman - Main Character
  • Reverie : Miss Proctor- teacher- Main character
  • Kurtis Grant's "Awoken" : Sarah- drug addict- Main character
  • Revolution Festival- charity fundraiser : Vocalist of Fallen Floral
  • Band of the Land, The Victoria : Vocalist of Fallen Floral
  • Rugfest festival : Headliner of acoustic section, Vocalist of Fallen Floral
  • The Sugarmill - Gig : Vocalist of Fallen Floral
  • The Next Teen Singer : Competed in The Next Teen singer competition, finished in seventh place.
  • City of Stoke on Trent Sixth Form : A Level in Religious Studies, English Literature, Psychology. AS Level in Media Studies
  • Second gig at The Norfolk Inn : Vocalist of Fallen Floral
  • Gig at The Norfolk Inn : Vocalist of Fallen Floral
  • Dracula, theatre production : Mrs Bilder, Part of the chorus
  • SoulBoy (Film released in 2010) : Dancer, club goer
  • Blurton High School : Passed with twelve GCSEs, in various subjects
  • The Hollybush community centre Drama club : Aspiring actor, club member, writer, director.

Acting experience:
  Previous paid speaking roles
  • English
  • UK English
I'm a vocalist, as well as an actress. I love it when I get the opportunity to incorporate the two.

I have taken part in various plays through my School life. I was also part of a low budget drama club from 2005 - 2007.
My love for acting was enhanced by me taking part as a dancer/club goer for the film Soulboy (filmed in 2008, released in 2010).

I have minor experience in theatre, a fair amount of experience in live vocal performances, as well experience behind the camera starring as main characters in a fair amount of shorts.

There's more of my acting experiences/roles listed on my profile. My show reel is also shown on my profile. If needed I could do a Skype audition, or a YouTube upload.

Please note, I feel I could portray a person aged between 14 and 29. (without make up, I get mistaken as a High School student a lot, With make up on I am capable of looking older.


Modeling experience:
  Beginner, starting out
I modelled for a Bench and Hooch fashion show which was held at my High School in 2006. (I've also modelled for friend's college work/Uni work). More recently, I've modelled for the various student films that I've been in, as well as having paid for my own photo shoot.


Evanescence - Hello

Vocal ability:
  Lead singer
Singing styles
  • Pop
  • Rock
Favourite genres
  • Pop
  • Rock
  • Indie
  • Metal
  • Electronic
  • Hip-hop
  • Country
Influences: Taylor SwiftParamoreDemi LovatoEllie GouldingVersaemergeValoraSumo Cyco

I had singing lessons from the age of 11-16.

I have been in various School Choirs, one or two School Musicals, entered School music competitions, etc.

Came 7th place in 'The Next Teen Singer' competition in 2010.

I am the vocalist, founder, and lyricist of acoustic band 'Fallen Floral'.

I have collaborated with many artists, including an American rapper, as well as various local artists.

I run all of my band's websites, and I'm the one that contacts venues for gigs, etc.

I have managed to get my band gigs at many events/venues, including The Sugarmill. A lot of my collaborations take place through the internet, as I own an 8 channel mixer/audio interface.

TV & Reality

I have no TV experience, however I have been on the radio, since I am a vocalist. So I was called upon to sing live and give an interview.


I was published in the local newsletter (poem), as well as on my university's blogger (poetry, and short stories).

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