Tony Spencer

Western Australia, Australia

Model, Actor, Musician

I look at the world in the same way I look at half a glass of beer, it's half full. The half part is the clincher. I never get the full bottle if you know what I mean. But I am, for the most part a positive person, Life sucks a bit on different days, Oh you know the days that suck, They are Monday to Friday (Fridays aren't so bad I suppose) Then the greatest day of the Week SATURDAY!!!! Sunday is a write off, as one usually sleeps in so long the day is over by the time you get up.... And that's my life :) Not LOL in reality I would jump at the chance to participate in movies. I have the movie bug and its a bugger to get rid of :))

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Deadtime Trailer 2

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You Gotta Be A Bloke, Mate!

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2013 Showreel

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Tony Spencer

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The Searcher (teaser)

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Physical Details

172 cm / 5ft 8in
Shoe size
8.0 UK / 9.0 US / 42.0 Euro
80 kg / 176 lbs
Hair color
White / Caucasian
Hair length
Skin color
Hair type
Eye color


  • Zombie Ninjas VS TRG : Pivotal role, Perth, Australia
  • The Scarlette Saphire : I play the part of a Thug, Perth, Australia
  • Kill Me Three times : Extra: Party Scene's, Western Australia, Australia
  • Community Announcement Z : Zombie (part of the Zombie Horde), Western Australia, Australia
  • Son Of a Gun (Staring Ewan McGregor) : I was an extra, Western Australia, Australia
  • Silent City : featured extra: Role of a Bookie, Western Australia, Australia
  • The Exscursion : Extra: Patron in the Library Shooting, Western Australia, Australia
  • The Searcher : I played a featured extra, Western Australia, Australia
  • "Not Today" : I played the role of Corporate manager. The film is a tropfest entrant, Western Australia, Australia
  • Twisted Minds : Extra, Played the part of a cop, Western Australia, Australia
  • Music Video "You Gotta be a bloke Mate" : Extra, patron in a Pub, getting rowdy as the song progresses, Western Australia, Australia
  • Deadtime : Speaking Role, playing the part of a Roving motor Journalist., Western Australia, Australia


Modeling experience: Beginner, starting out
Beginner I don't have any just the acting side


The woods are lovely, dark, and deep

A Short poem
Acting experience: Previous paid speaking roles
Languages spoken
  • English
Accents spoken
  • Irish
  • UK English
  • UK Posh
  • UK Scottish
  • French
  • Russian
Union memberships
  • Equity
2013: Zombie Ninjas VS TRG, playing a pivotal role Produced and Directed by Rody and Kylie Claude Fastbreak Films

2013: Feature Film The Scarlett Sapphire, Play the part of a Thug Directed by Luke Griffiths

2013: Short Film Community Announcement Z I play the part of a Zombie Director Melinda Tupling

2013: Feature Film "The Game" Extra in various roles The films stars John Waters

2013: Feature Film. "Kill Me Three Times" Extra in party scene's the films Stars Simon Pegg

2013: Feature Film. "Son of a Gun" I was an extra in the party scene the film stars Ewan McGregor

2013: Feature Film. "Silent City" I was a featured extra playing the role of a Bookie at a boxing match. Produced by Matthew Soutar

2013: Short Film: "University Killers" Extra in the Library Shooting scene. Produced by Stuart B

2013: Feature Film: "The Searcher" Featured Extra Produced and Directed by Melinda Tupling

2013: “Not Today” Featured role, playing the part of a corporate manager. Produced and Directed by Blue City Music

2012: Feature Film: I was an Extra in the film "Twisted Minds" I play the part of a cop. Director: James Pentecost Producer: Anthony Wootton

2012: I participated in the Music video "You Gotta Be a Bloke Mate" with Andrew Horabin The Production by Natalie Lewis ,Ethan Marrell

2011: Feature Film: I played a part in the feature film "Deadtime", Play the of a roving motor journalist . Produced By Rody and Kylie Claude (Wingold Corp Pty Ltd)

Prior to that I was in commercial for Skateworld in the early 80's and that was because I was a Rollerskating instructor. But it was fun, I do learn fast.

TV & Reality

I Wrote a reality TV show, but was unable to get it off the ground. The website is still running, it I am more than happy to talk with anyone that wants to give it a go.

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