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Queensland, Australia
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Physical Attributes

185 cm / 6ft 1in
88 cm / 35 in
90 kg / 198 lbs
Eye color:
White / Caucasian
Hair color:
106 cm / 42 in
Hair length:
Skin color:
Hair type:

Credits & experience

  • Bloodline (student film) : 2nd AD, Safety officer, villager(Extra)
  • Harrow : Plain Clothes Police officer (Extra)
  • An Unconventional Love : Ben Earl (Lead Male Actor), Director, 1st AD, Location Scout, Production Manager, Writer, Producer.
  • Nightingale (wed series) : 1st AD, Rubicante the red faced devil
  • Reef Break : Unit Transport, Unit Assistant
  • Bloody Hell : Coroner Featured extra
  • Harrow : Unit Transport, Unit Assistant
  • The Interplay : Police officer A Miller(speaking Role), 1ST AD
  • AIYAI : Police Office John HOLT (speaking Role)
  • Dora the Explorer : Unit Transport
  • The End : Unit Transport
  • Times like these : 1st AD
  • Harrow : Paramedic officer Featured Extra
  • B and E : Director, producer, 1st AD, Writer, casting director, location scout.
  • SuperFund (YouTube web series) : Chef of police
  • Harrow TV series for 2018 : Paramedic officer Extra
  • Blinkers T.V. web series ( INTACT) : Handsome workman, 1st AD, co-director.
  • BLINKERS t.v. web series ( Amputation) : Handsome workman, 1st AD, co-director.
  • LURED Short Film : Lead Actor, Writer,Co-director, 1st AD, Producer
  • QSuper TVC : Surveyor
  • TransLink QLD : Father modelling photography advertising
  • Australia Day (Feature Film) : Police Office G BOLT
  • BootLegged ( Video Piracy comp) : Fisherman, Writer, 1st AD, Location Scout, Co-Director, Actor, Casting, Crew.
  • Nicked. ( video piracy comp) : Evidence police officer. Writer, Director, producer, set crew.
  • Thor ( Ragnarok) : Core 30 group ( Asgardian Guard, grand master guard, Scrapper.
  • Spinal Care Short FILM Documentary. : Farmer/ Father
  • Drink Driving TVC for Griffith UNI students : Bruce (DAD)
  • Only the Night (Award winning, Best Film and best Actress awards) : Director, Writer, Producer, 1ST AD, Lead Actor (Tony)
  • Craziness 2 the Asylum Short ONE SHOT film : Co-Director, 1ST AD, Crew
  • Blinkers 5 more Episodes : Co-Director, 1ST AD, Actor ( Handsome workman) Crew
  • PATCHED : Director, Producer, project manager, Stunt driver,
  • Pirates of the Carribean dead man tell no tales : Barbosa pirate
  • William Hills Sports Bet TVC : NRL Referee, and Football Player
  • SQI Photography : SUPERMAN Concept Art Posters
  • SQI Photography : Gambler Concept Art POSTERS
  • Blinkers ( 5 episodes) : Director, 1st AD, Marksman, Handsome workman
  • SQI Photography : S.W.A.T member Poster Advertisement
  • SQI Photography : Spiderman and a police officer poster work advertisement
  • Blinkers : 1st AD, Construction worker Guy
  • Jesus Walks : Director, 1st AD, Project Manager, S.W.A.T officer, location scout, Clapper, Producer,
  • Garrison 7 : Half Human half Alien Piano player
  • FRENZY ( feature film ) : Twitch ( Main role ) ( 1st AD )
  • TVC QLD Police union : Main speaking role Police detective
  • Blinker T.V. Webisode : Builder/worker and 1st AD
  • Dennis Mayhews Magic Mirror : Trey Delivery guy..Short film
  • Legacy Short film : D.A. Councillor / 1st AD aswell
  • Home D (student TV WEB series) : Police officer GUY ( Speaking Role)
  • Dralien Shorft film : John Barton Detective Lead role (speaking)
  • Aash Arron course : Basic voice and clear speach
  • Carters Capture : Police officer
  • service with a smile : police officer ( speaking role)
  • corperate promotional commercial : Farmer
  • Aash Arrons course : Emotions
  • Aash Arron course : Beats and Keylines
  • Super Fund : Captain Mega LEAD Role speaking Role
  • WeetBix commercial : commercial ( Miner)
  • The Little Things ( student short film) : Police officer ( Speaking Role)
  • The Saltan and the King : Arresting Police officer (speaking role)
  • RISE : Prison Guard ( Guard Rowan) Speaking role
  • Aash Arron screen/ show reel course : show reel and screen working with camera and voice
  • Killer Smile : Super OLD Rollerskating Dude ( Speaking Role)
  • Rise Of The Under Dog ( Trailer film ) : Prision Guard
  • Railway man : British liasion (Major Miller)
  • Mental : Police Officer (cop1)
  • MABO : Union man (Extra)
  • Little bell student short film : Police officer
  • Griffith uni (SP) Paid work : simulated Patient role playing for student doctors
  • Ben parkinson workshop : Casting agents for TVC
  • screen time workshop : JPS casting talent casting agents
  • Set secrets : Bud Hopes casting director QLD
  • Terra Nova : Pilgram
  • Griffith uni (SP) Paid work : Role Play as a simulated patient for student doctors
  • Griffith uni (SP) Paid work : Role Play for student doctors as a Simulated patient
  • schadenfreude (webisode) : Okka Aussie Farmer (speaking role)
  • Griffith uni (SP) Paid work : Role Play as a simulated patient
  • SEA PATROL (Extra) : Man in bar scene (featured Extra)
  • Self service ( student film) : Angry customer
  • You mite want to sit down for this ( student film) : Mr samsonite
  • Modern Tramp short film (you tube antz modern tramp) : Black N white silent film Roleof JIM Short film
  • Chiropratic care Australia (TVC) : Man running along beach.. man playing Vollyball on beach
  • tafe : acting cert 2,3
  • Paradise Beach (T.V. Series) : Extra ( Man on the Beach)
  • Pacific Drive (T.V. series) : Extra ( man on street talking on mobile phone walking past main actors)
  • TVC Soccer its Hot (Bunderberg) : Goal keeper diving across goals saving ball


Acting experience

Previous paid speaking roles

Acting agent

Creme Management

  • English

  • Australian
  • New Zealand
  • UK Cockney
  • UK English
  • USA California

2017 LURED (Short Film) NICK (Lead Actor, Director, Writer, Producer, 1st AD)
2017 Harrow TV Series in Post Production Now ( Paramedic) Extra
2017 TVC QSuper ( surveyor)
2016 Bootleg a short Comedy Skit (Lead Actor, Writer, Co-Director, 1st AD, Producer)
2016 Nicked a short film about Video Piracy ( Writer, Director,Actor,Producer)
2016 Thor Core 30 group ( 3 characters) Grand Master Guard, Esgurdian Guard, Scrapper.
2016 Australia Day: Feature film Police officer G Bolt. Speaking role.
2016. Is it because I'm black ( short film) construction supervisor
2016. The Mower Man. (Short film) shop owner
2016. Only The Night: Short Film: Director, 1st AD, Producer, Crew, Lead Actor (Tony), Story Writer.
2015 Craziness 2 the Asylum (One shot Short film) Co-Director, 1ST AD, Crew..
2015 Concept Art photography posters for SQI Studios (Spiderman, Superman, Police officer, SWAT)
2015 Blinkers 5 new Episodes Director / 1st AD / Clapper / Handsome workman
2015 William Hill sports bets, TVC, referee
2015 Pirates of the Caribbean currently in production ( Barbosa Pirate) Acting Extra
2015 Jack Thomas Web series Director, 1st AD, Location Scout, Production Assistant.
2015 Jesus Walks: S.W.A.T officer, Director, 1st AD, Project Manager, location scout, Clapper, Producer,
2014 Garrison 7 ( Feature film ) Prologue Role human/Alien Piano player
2014 LEGACY (short film) Role DA psychologist and 1st AD , co-producer
2014 Dennis Mayhews Magic mirror (short film) Main role TREY and 1st AD
2014 BLINKERS T.V. Web Series Co-Director, 1st AD ( Assistant Director) Role: construction worker
2014 FRENZY Feature Film (Action Thriller) TWITCH Main Role Speaking and 1st AD and Co-Producer
2014 TVC QLD POLICE UNION, Lead role Detective Speaking Role
2014 Dralien short film LEAD ROLE John Barton Detective (for Cannes film festival) hopefully to be feature film
2014 Home D Police officer GUY ( student film Bond Uni) speaking role
2014 corporate promotional commercial. Farmer
2014 Carters capture. Police officer. ( student film)
2014 Service with a smile. Police Officer ( Student short film) Speaking role
2014 SUPER FUND. Lead role as CAPTAIN MEGA super hero ( student Short film) (Speaking role)
2013 the Little Things. ( student short film ) ( Police Officer speaking role)
2013 WeetBix Commercial. ( Miner )
2013 RISE. Prison Guard ( Guard Rowan ) Speaking Role
2013 Killer Smile. Super OLD Roller Skating Dude ( Speaking Role)
2013 The Sultan and the King. A feature Film. Police Officer & Centurion ( speaking roles)
2013 Acting Classes with Aash Arron
2012-2013 Recently Prison Guard in film trailer Rise Of The Under Dog, ( and start shooting the feature in Nov)
2011 A featured Extra in Railway man (Major Miller British liaison )
2011 A featured Extra as a COP in the movie MENTAL directed by PJ Hogan on the Gold Coast,
2011Extra in feature film called Mabo for ABC,
2011 Extra in Terra Nova.extra in t.v. shows (paradise beach, Pacific drive, sea patrol)commercials,( 1998chiropractic care Australia, soccer its hot)
1996-current Short films,student films,amateur theater, theater restaurant,one act plays,musicals,dramas,straight plays,stand up comedy for fund raiser,
2006- 2008 various role plays for defense force,
2006- current Role plays for medical students at Griffith uni ( as a SP) ( simulated Patient)
1996-current Actor for promotional gigs.webisodes, TV pilots etc ..crowd entertainer,street theater, acting certificates 1,2,3.
2010 A Short film Black and white silent Modern Tramp is on you tube (ANTZ Modern tramp)


Extras experience

Previous speaking roles


Modeling experience

Beginner, starting out

Just clothing shops getting there clothing out there, i have been in the man hunt Australia comp in which i came 2nd in Bundaberg and i have done a brief course in catwalk until elite management folded in Brisbane and gold coast in 97 so yes its been a while since i have done anything it this way but still keen.

TV & Reality

Extra in t.v. shows most resent
Terra Nova (Pilgrim)
Sea patrol. ( Bar scene)
paradise beach ( Walking along street on mobile amongst Main Actors)
pacific drive ( laying on beach and walking on beach)
commercials, ( chiropractic care Australia, soccer its hot)
other film and stage work available on request


  • English

  • Australian
  • New Zealand
  • UK Cockney
  • UK English
  • USA California

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