Lead and supporting roles required for 'Drown' feature film - NSW

Lead and supporting roles required for 'Drown' feature film - NSW

New South Wales, Australia

Casting complete. Applications are now closed.

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DROWN is an exciting new feature film from Dean Francis (ROAD TRAIN), based on an acclaimed QTC play by Stephen Davis. It tells the story of Len, a heroic but homophobic lifesaver who’s life is thrown into turmoil when he finds himself attracted to a younger openly gay lifesaver.

Dean Francis’ last feature, ROAD TRAIN, was released in forty countries. He has credits as a writer, director, producer and cinematograoger spanning over a dozen award-winning shorts screened in more than a hundred film festivals.

As a completely independent low-budget film, cast will be engaged on deferred payment. The director is interested in discovering new talent and this is a great opportunity to engage in an actor-driven process, which will incorporate improvisation and be highly collaborative.

Shoot dates are from December 10th – March 2nd in Sydney.

All minors must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Payment: Deferred payment

Meat (Lead)

Meat lives up to his name; All protein. Despite his physically imposing presence, he's a loveable guy who projects naivety even though he knows more than he lets on. He is friendly, charming, lovable, good humored and optimistic.

Meat is fiercely loyal to Len, his best mate. The joker of the group but underneath his facade of blokey bravado Meat has real sensitivity.
Meat is comfortable in his skin, sure of his identity and open minded enough to embrace people different to himself.

Males, aged 22 to 26 from New South Wales, Australia

Phil (Lead)

Phil is a country boy, now living in inner Sydney. By night Phil is a bookshop clerk by day he is a surf lifesaver and swimming champion. Phil is gay, though not altogether comfortable with identifying as such.
Phil presents to strangers as polite, thoughtful, internal, reserved even. But when he gets drunk a devious side emerges as he uses his good looks and free sexuality to provoke and unsettle.

Males, aged 19 to 23 from New South Wales, Australia

Tom (Lead)

Charming, sassy and not afraid to speak his mind, anger seething under the surface.
Flamboyant, dedicated to the gay scene, and Mr. Popular, Tom's a social butterfly. He feels that he’s continually discriminated against and that it's his responsibility to fight this oppression. When he encounters narrow-minded people his frustration boils over to anger and even violence.
Tom is besotted with Phil, he values the ideals of family, aspiring to have children, possibly with Phil.

Males, aged 25 to 30 from New South Wales, Australia

Joanne (Supporting role)

Party girl from the suburbs, devoted to the club scene. If Joanne is not out at a club she’s on facebook or twitter, catching up on the latest details. She’s sassy, articulate, smart, not exceptionally intellectual but has a keen emotional intelligence and great people skills. Joanne is interested in footballers and sportsmen and baits them. The lucky ones become a proud notch on her bedpost.

Females, aged 20 to 27 from New South Wales, Australia

Miranda (Supporting role)

By day a senior professional in the health field, by night a loving lesbian mother of two and partner to Allison, her artist girlfriend of 12 years. Miranda is outgoing, compassionate, nurturing, quick-witted and highly intelligent. Top of the class in school and in university fiercely political, Miranda has settled down into a suburban life of nappies, meals and toys – and she loves it.

Females, aged 29 to 36 from New South Wales, Australia

Loraine (Supporting role)

Loraine, dispassionate finance executive, focuses on her nights on the dating scene. Over the years she has become an expert. She knows when to talk, when to laugh and when to get away, and she has mastered the art of unpacking the psychology of strangers. Values time spent with her girlfriends to whom finding Loraine a date is a regular and fun, Friday night sport.

Females, aged 37 to 45 from New South Wales, Australia

Helen (Supporting role)

Motherly empty-nester who runs her own bed and breakfast with her husband. Enjoys the peacefulness of her country abode but secretly resents having to share it with hotel guests. Very religious and a strong sense of right and wrong, Helen will stand up for injustice. She has strong opinions about the way in which morals are disappearing from society and loves a chat, never afraid to share her views with strangers. She is nurturing, good-natured and passionate about her B&B.

Females, aged 48 to 57 from New South Wales, Australia

Charlton (Supporting role)

Top dog amongst his peers, cultivates aggression to maintain his position of power. Witty, dry humor, a kid who’s always in trouble for some form of prank and thrives off diminishing the weaker kids at school. Desperate to impress is single father, Charlton is the “big man on campus”, or so he thinks.

Males, aged 16 to 18 from New South Wales, Australia

Michael Patterson (Supporting role)

Michael has been bullied since day one. He’s of slight stature and doesn’t like sport. But he’s smarter than everyone else and has a great problem solving brain. He has the ability to see inside a person and work out what’s driving them. He’s able to make genuine human connections, though this sometimes gets him into trouble when he gets too close to revealing the painful truth about his tormenters. From a single parent family, no siblings, Michael's engaged in a struggle for belonging.

Males, aged 18 to 20 from New South Wales, Australia

Dan (Supporting role)

Party boy, gay, fun, gregarious, the life of the party. Can get a conversation started with anyone and has a natural curiosity about strangers. When drunk Dan’s mischievous side comes out and he subtly manipulates those he meets into doing or saying extreme things. A great dancer and a great host, Dan’s life is full of fun. Dan is opportunistic, a pleasure seeking hedonist. Life is about finding pleasure in the moment, damned be the consequences.

Males, aged 22 to 28 from New South Wales, Australia

Garry (Supporting role)

Surf lifesaving bloke since he was a nipper. Boundless enthusiasm for the surf and never wanted to do anything else with his life. Good looking, charismatic, but knows his place on the team. A hard worker with a strong moral core. More physical than intellectual with little interest in news or politics. When Garry lets off steam he is prone to excess and is easily lead by those in charge, even if deep down he knows that the joke has gone too far.

Males, aged 20 to 30 from New South Wales, Australia

Robbie (Supporting role)

Bouncer, man about town, small business man, womanizer, occasional thug. Robbie is loyal and optimistic, a positive force to be around. But he doesn’t suffer fools gladly and will use his towering physical strength to lay down the law when necessary. Not a great verbal communicator, Robbie has a sense of entitlement and an arrogance that women find off-putting. He thrives off the nightlife and the status that being a bouncer gives him with local street celebrities.

Males, aged 30 to 39 from New South Wales, Australia


Stalwart of the surf lifesaving club, it’s his blood. He rose through the ranks and now he’s chief, in charge of a rowdy bunch of testosterone fuelled competitive young men. While he’s down to earth and approachable he knows how to wield authority when necessary. He never had kids, so the blokes at the club become stand-in sons. Mal is known as the salty-sea-dog and knows all there is to know about the ocean, and the habits of those who visit it. Mal is the heart and soul of the club.

Males, aged 50 to 60 from New South Wales, Australia

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