Extra-curricular Drama Teacher - Auckland

Extra-curricular Drama Teacher - Auckland

Auckland, New Zealand

Casting complete. Applications are now closed.

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Company Background...
Marrzipan Drama provides fun, extra curricular Drama lessons in numerous schools around Auckland and the North Shore. Our aim is to make Drama as creative and imaginative as possible!

We DO NOT require a registered teacher! We require someone who has a passion for Drama, a love of children and the ambition to succeed.

About the position...
- A minimum of 2 lunch-time or after-school classes, two days per week (likely to be much more than this)

- $30+ per 45 minute lesson

- Great bonuses at the end of term...$100+ if goals are reached!

- Wages likely to increase to $35 per lesson in Term 3

About the teaching...

- Teach various classes with children aged 3 - 17

- No more than 12 students in a class

- Guidance with lesson planning and content, but freedom to 'do your own thing'

- Every term you will be working towards a short production (e.g. Little Red Riding Hood, Cinderella etc)

- Each 45 minute lesson starts with a fun warm-up (e.g. Simon Says, Chinese Whispers etc), the rest of the lesson is spent rehearsing

- Liaising with parents and schools in a professional manner is also required

Please note:
If you are an Education Student and have practical placements coming up which require you to be at a school 9am-3pm, this position is NOT suitable for you!

This is a fantastic, ongoing position which will only see your wages and responsibilities increase every term. Depending on how hard you work, this position could very quickly lead to nearly full-time hours at $45+ per hour and managerial positions. A job for people who are 'going places' and want a company they can move forward with.

Future career advancement opportunities include "Team Leader" positions (where you would manage a team of teachers), as well as "Sales/Marketing" roles (where you would promote the company to new schools and venues).

Interviews will take place until the right applicant is found. Only successful applicants will be contacted.

Payment: $30+ per 45 minute lesson

Drama Teacher

- First Aid essential
- minimum of 2 afternoons / week for all of Term 3 as well as several afternoons in June for training
- Own car and licence
- Able to work in New Zealand
- Someone who loves acting and is not afraid to make a fool of themselves in front of children!
- Able to switch between being professional around parents and childish with children!
- Confident, outgoing, lots of charisma
- Has that 'special something'

Any gender, aged 18 to 99 from Auckland, New Zealand

About the advertiser
  • Located in Auckland, NZ
  • Joined May, 2012
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