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Truro, United Kingdom
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Monologue from Richard II (Shakespeare)

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Physical Attributes

185 cm / 6ft 1in
106 kg / 233 lbs
White / Caucasian
116 cm / 46 in
Skin color:
103 cm / 41 in
Eye color:
Hair color:
Hair length:
Hair type:

Credits & experience

  • Private tuition : Acting


Acting experience

Previous paid speaking roles

  • English

  • UK English

Union memberships
  • Equity

2015, Voiceover, Charlotte Walters

2014, Feature film, Simon in "webcast" - Pauk McGhie

2013, Film, Horatio Crichton, Randall and Hopkirk (decd) - When Ghost and Prince Meet, Zomball Films Ltd, Neil Jones

2013, Film, Unnamed, See Unnamed, London, Naseer Ghos

2013 - Presenter at Toos Foundation 8th Programme "The Silk Road" -Logan Hall London - Jamil Kharrozi

2012 - Professor (under interrogation) - Interrogation - CFS London - Lian Rose

2012 - Dr Stanis (Chief scientist) - Universal Dada - London- Gergely Cziraki

2012 - Emperor - Story Time (short film) - London - Jake Warren

2012 - Presenter - Little Miss Working Men's Club - Drew Cox

2012 The General - Vendetta for a Dead Friend (Shuttlewowrth) - Neil Jones/Zomball Films

2010 Dionysius - Garden of Earthly Delights (The Shunt Rooms) - Pablo Goikoetxea / Rania Bellou

2010 Sir James Montgomery - Love and Money - Bedroom Genius

2010 Patron - Burke and Hare (Ealing Studios) - John Landis

2010 Daniel Roberts (lead) - The Happy Wanderer - Cristiana Bucek

2009 Legalistic interview - Naked Britain (Sky 1) - Carbon Media

2009 Geoffrey Gordon MP - I am a Great Man - Alex Crowley

2009 Antiquarian Expert - Will's Diary - Quercus Films Ltd.

2009 Performing Jacobean actor - History of Bethlem Hospital - Seneca Productions

2009 Magot - Magot, The Dry Harvest - Cristuana Bucek

2009 Ernest - Sympathy for Ernest - Mathieu Brelière

2009 Diner - Come Dine with Us - Helene Butler

2009 Doctor Sloan - The Seance (FGS Productions, Jim Groom)

2009 Doctor Tony (film) "A Pack of Pain" Dynamind Productions.

2009 Psychiatrist (Ralph) - Gaira (Bryony Tinn)

2009 Gangland Boss (Recarno) - The Henchman (Starfish & Coffee Studios)

2009 Mr Wood - Last Days of Jack Sheppard (Year-Zero)

2009 Hotel guest Film Hotel
(Oyster Films)

2008 Resurrected vagrant: Being and Nothingness (Michael Woods FRSA)

2008 Neighbour: The Streets pop video - Everything is Borrowed (Partizan)

2008 Successful auction bidder: By the Grace of God (NFTS)

2008 Caesar Augustus: Secrets of Egypt - Channel 5

2008 Businessman: Inheritance Marriage (Russian soap) (Jackal Productions)

2008 Street Trader: You Are Most Welcomed (Ela Tutajewicz)

2008 Archaeologist in T-Mobile commercial (Partizan/Saatchi & Saatchi)

2008 The Master: Oh! Master (Subvi)

2008 Bingo winner: Fonsjacker (Hat Trick Productions)

2008 Man on Balcony
BBC1 "Capes" ident
Red Bee Media

2008 actor (physical theatre)
Reluctant Raconteurs

2008 Father/husband
Brown Bread
Verbatim Productions

2008 Commentator on film "Cries for Peace" Spiraluniverse

2008 Lead actor (presenter)
Film (Student) Revival
Nick Hynes
London College of Communication

2008 'Huddle' (Penguin in snow viral)
Irresistible Films Ltd

Model on Flypaper photoshoot
Malarone commercial
Matt Wyatt 2008

News Reporter voiceover
A Sad Case
Private 2007

Principal Speaker coporate video
Borough Law Limited 2007

Bearded nymph
Hercules and Lover "Blind" pop video (35mm)
Partizan/EMI Records 2007


Extras experience

Previous speaking roles


Modeling experience

Part-time model - paid commercial work

2013 - Ouroboros performance - JocJonJosch - Sion, Switzerland

2013 'Screensaver' at art installation - Abri de Schwardt - Regent Studios, London

2013 Performer, Mudhead Dance - Adam James - Bermondsey Square

2013, Model, Random Acts (Bang! Said the Gun) Mob Film Company, Lauren Muchan

2013 Pig Man - UAL (Doyeon Noro Kim) Central St Martins MA13 Exhibition London

2013 Life Model - Secret Eaters (Endemol) London

2013 Model - Gobble Gobble Gulp (Adam James) LUPA 15 London

2012 Model - Mudhhead Circles (Adam James) Old Biscuit Factory Bermondsey London

2011 Model - Quiet Revolution (Pablo Robertson de Unamuno) Heygate Estate, Elephant & Castle London

2011 Model - Existere (JocJonJosch) Testbed 1 Battersea London

2010 Model - Certosa (Nicola Ruben Montini) Islington Metal Works London

2010 Dionysius - Garden of Earthly Delights (Pablo Robertson de Unamuno) The Shunt, Southwark

2010 Sea Captain - National Trust for Scotland (Spiral Productions) Hampshire Studios

2010 Model - MouleTec commercial shoot (Davd A. Davies)

Life Model - Mary Ward Institute

Life Model - Tresham Institute

Life Model - Moving Picture Company

2009 Artistic nude (Lalique Martinez)

2008 Honda Hybrid commerial shoot (Nexus)

2008 Wrestling shoot (Paul Riddell)

Life model (The Art Workers Guild)

2008 Model in crowded car/s (Daily Mail)

Life model (Salon Gallery)

2008 Fritzl in fashion shoot (Critico)

Life model - Voila Gallery

Life model - Mall Galleries

2008 Participant in the Great British Body - Trinny and Susannah for ITV

2008 Modelled as hanging chilli for Nathaniel Renouf.

2008 Model in Prostap 3 pharmaceutical commercial.

2008 Life modelling (sculpture) Twickenham Community College

Artistic Nude (stills) Barnaby Jones 2008

'Huddle' (dothegreenthing)
Irresistible Films Ltd 2008

Artistic nude Camberwell School of Art
London University 2008

Model on Flypaper Malarone
Matt Wyatt 2008

News Reporter A Sad Case (VO)
Private 2007

Principal Speaker Citizenship film
Borough Law Limited 2007

Bearded nymph hercules pop video (film)
Partizan 2007

model Naked Britain
Anastasia Trahanas 2007

Mannequin Natalia Showcase
Upper 11 records 2007

St Peter on the cross (photo)
South Bank University 2007


Dancing ability


Dance styles
  • Contemporary
  • Disco

Some, through physical theatre and pop videos.

2013 Tate Dancers (short film) Tate Bristain - Becky Sharpe


  • English

  • UK English

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