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New South Wales, Australia
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2 months ago

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Physical Details

170 cm / 5ft 7in
63 cm / 25 in
70 kg / 154 lbs
Eye color:
Latino / Hispanic
Hair color:
96 cm / 38 in
Hair length:
Skin color:
Hair type:

Credits & experience

  • A Trouble Town (web series) directed and produced by Billy El Kaddour, Sydney, Australia : Drug dealer


Acting experience

Previous paid speaking roles

  • English
  • Spanish

  • UK English
  • USA California
  • Latin American
  • Spanish

Recent training
2018 Screen Acting Intermedia, SCREENWISE, Sydney, Australia.
2017 Screen Acting Advance, SCREENWISE, Sydney, Australia.
2017 Filmmaking Intensive, AFTRS, Sydney , Australia.
2016 Premiere Pro CC, City desktop training, Sydney, Australia
2016 NIDA, Screen Acting Technique 3, Sydney, Australia
2016 NIDA Screen Acting Techniques 2, Sydney, Australia
2015 DARLO DRAMA, Scene, Sydney, Australia
2015 NIDA, Acting Techniques, Sydney, Australia

2019 Kill it Film, Directed and produced by Satish, Sydney Australia.
2019 Byproduct Short film, Directed by Nicolangelo Leone and produced by Jade Fuda, Sydney Australia.
2018 See for yourself Short Film, Directed by Kyle Mcdonnell and Produced by Oliver Ellis, Sydney Australia.
2018 Seeing Colour Short Film, produced and directed by Otto Khoo, Sydney Australia.
2018 Fireball Music Video, Produced by Jeremiah Nickols and directed by Sarah Glover, Sydney Australia.
2018 Broke House Music Video "Extra Indigo" Directed by Jordan Watton, Sydney Australia.
2018 El tren de los buenos tiempos (documentary Season 2) directed by Javier Diazlara, Santa Marta Colombia.
2017 El tren de los buenos tiempos (documentary) directed by Javier Diazlara, Santa Marta Colombia.
2017 A Trouble Town (web series drama) directed an produced by Billy El Kaddour, Sydney, Australia.
2017 Joiy Sparkling Wine ad produced by Ciara Hehir and directed by Angus Stevens, sydney Australia.
2017 January, pilot, The Virgin Intervention, directed by Erin White and produced by Heather Ogilvie and Holly Fraser, sydney Australia.
2016 October, Advertisement (ESPN FA Cup Promo), directed by Ed Copestick and produced by Emma Robertson, Sydney Australia.
2016 October, Advertisement (Samsung B2B), directed by Pablo Jeffress and produced by Jo Yates, Sydney Australia.
2016 October, Pantomime, Morris the Mellon, Tumbalong Prak Darling Harbour, Sydney Australia.
2016 July, Advertisement (Destination Queenstown), produced by Engine and Dragon Image, Sydney Australia
2016 February, Music Video (Bad News by Angela Easson), Produced by Filmery, Sydney Australia
2016 January, Advertisement (Lawn Solutions Australia TVC), Produced by Louderthanwords, Sydney Australia
2015 November, advertisement, (Shuang Xi), produced by The visual Asylum, Sydney Australia
2015 October, Music Video ( Jonathan Lee Jones - Harder Than Before), Directed and Produced by Christiaan Blok, Sydney Australia.
2015 October, Australian Marriage Equality Organisation Advertisement, Directed and produced by Davidandrew Green, Sydney Australia.
2015 October, RAKE 4th season ABC, Directed and produced by Peter Duncan, Sydney Australia.
2015 October, The Half Film, Produced by Asha Clark, and Directed by Cloe Jouin, Sydney Australia.
2015 September, Real Estate Technology Advertisement (Enriching the Real Estate Experience), Directed by Jessica Morgan - Sydney Australia.
2015 September, Stundent Short film, Directed and produced by Cathrine, Sydney university, Sydney Australia.
2015 September, Theatre, Italian American Reconciliation, Directed by Deborah Jones, at The Eternity Playhouse Theatre, Sydney Australia.
2015 August, Music Video (Amber Lawrence – Honeysuckle) Produced by Viking Lounge Mastering, at Bundeena, Australia
2015 August, "SFv1" sci-fi/action feature film, produced by Storm Vision Entertainment, Sydney Australia.
2013 ING Direct Australia advertisement – extra
2011 Chepe Fortuna – soap opera – extra – RCN TV Colombia
2005 Pedro el Escamoso – soap opera – extra – Caracol TV Colombia
2004 Francisco el Matematico – soap opera – extra - RCN TV Colombia
2003 La Costena y El Cachaco – soap opera – extra - RCN Colombia

15 years’ experience in choreography and performance with local dance club including annual carnival (Colombia).

2013 Hair modelling for Pierre Haddad, Sydney Australia

Theater production at my high school, university and local dramatic society.
(All in Spanish language)

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