Josephine Ellul

Band Member, Singer, Musician, Makeup Artist

Leicester, United Kingdom
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Eyes on Fire Cover

From an acoustic covers duo

01Eyes on Fire Cover


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Lead singer

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I am an experienced singer with a powerful voice, huge range and great stage presence...

I have recently spent 5 years in an international covers band called The Noise and have now set up a duo called Sunday Name.

The Noise is a male/female fronted 4 piece band from the Uk with a huge sound and harmonies and also do acoustic sets too.

We have enjoyed a successful contract in Bahrain best venue JJ's Irish Bar and restaurant for 2.5 years.
(we originally came out for 3 months and they just keep extending.)

We have a huge repertoire and add to it weekly and are now one of the best known bands in Bahrain.

We are very good with our social media keeping customers interested and we have developed superb customer relations.

I am obsessed with singing and harmonising and never happier than when I'm on stage working an audience or studio recording .

I spent 4 years touring with signed band Terrorvision which was amazing and I performed on TV and at big festivals and learnt a huge amount.

I also, previously enjoyed teaching rock schools and performing on P&O Cruise Ships.

Thank you for your time

Josephine xx

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