Kyri Saphiris

Actor, Extra

London, United Kingdom
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Kyri Saphiris | Actor Showreel

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Talk about Stanley Greenball

Talk about Stanley Greenball

Physical Details

167 cm / 5ft 6in
91 cm / 36in
73 kg / 160 lbs
Eye color:
White / Caucasian
Hair color:
101 cm / 40 in
Hair length:
Skin color:
Hair type:


  • Promo, Knightfall, TBC, Rampage Studio, Dir. Ben Campbell
  • Still Photography, Red Velvet, Learned Friend, Rita Images, Pedro Freitas
  • Film (Short), Choices, Ring Leader, London Film School, Dir. Johan Eskew
  • Music Video, Solomon Grey/ Twilight, Laundry Man, Nuuksio Films, Dir. Ben Marshall
  • Film (Short), Straight Line, Detective, Jam Flicks, Dir. Mitch Kalisa
  • Film (Feature), The Beheading of Barry Lynch, Harry, Sonder Pictures, Dir. Jack Millard
  • Film (Feature), Peninsula, Ben (Supporting), Rapid Eye Movies, Dir. Tim Rolt
  • Film (Short), Guerilla Bus Fare, Ricky Flanagan, Dir. Dan Clarke
  • Voice Over, Mission: Too Bloody Right, Narrator, Dir. Geoff Moseley
  • Television, Dim Squad, Comedy Pilot Episode : Mr. Masson
  • Film (Short), Candy, Paloma Lommel : Carl
  • Promo, Adult Content, Dan Hedley : Pimp
  • Television, David Hasselhoff Mockumentary, Comedy Pilot Episode : Actor
  • Music Video, Two Door Cinema Club / Changing of the Seasons, Ben Brewer & Alex Brewer : Journalist
  • Film (Feature), Monstrum, James J. Powdrill & Jonathan Kemp : Tony Shank
  • Film (Short), The Bench, Ernesto Tapia : Malcolm Bailey
  • Film (Feature), I'm Still Here, Kris Smith : Peter Dean
  • Film (Feature), Night Bus, Simon Baker : John
  • Film (Feature), Dead Wood, Paul Knight : Dr. Novel
  • Corporate, Google Privacy Eyes, Ross Olivey & Ed Roberts-Graver : Mal-Aware
  • Film (Feature), Prose and Cons, Steve McAleavy : Peter
  • Television, Let's Dance for Sport Relief, BBC1, Tom McKay : Billy Bongle
  • Music Video, Tina Barrett/ Fire, Linzy Attenborough : Slimy Sam/ Jack-Knife Jim
  • Still Photography, Emotions in an Urban District, Xiawei Zhang : Disparate Characters
  • Film (Feature), The Sweeney, Nick Love : Vasilije
  • Film (Feature), Meeting Place, Stephen Southouse : Benny/ Sebastian
  • Film (Feature), Le Fear II: Le Sequel, Jay Croot : Carlos Revalos (Lead)
  • Film (Feature), Eva's Diamond, Ice Neal : Diegob
  • Film (Short), The Plan, Jason Moola : Ephrayim
  • Film (Short), Carlos and the Werewolf, Jay Croot : Carlos (Lead)
  • Film (Short), London to Brighton, YRB Films : Jaques
  • Film (Short), Who Ate JR's Last Pork Pie?, Catherine Vase : JR
  • Film (Short), Wheel of Fortune, YRB Films : Onions
  • Film (Feature), Demons and Doors, Stephen Southouse : Lenny
  • Film (Short), Brain Steroids, Elliot Manches : Igor
  • Film (Short), Closure, Airson Monimambo : John (Lead)
  • Film (Short), Geanes, Maria-Cristina Trepcea : Paulo
  • Film (Short), Castle Made of Sand, Tristan Casey : Eddie
  • Film (Short), Dvision, Richard Murphy : Muffin Man
  • Film (Short), The Way Home, Junvie Liu : Aldarmon
  • Film (Short), Between Us, Neeraj Das : Thomas Hardy (Lead)
  • Film (Short), Just Like Them, Dani Masterson : Evil Clown
  • Film (Short), Guy, Early 20s, Chavonne Farley : John
  • Commercial, Nike/ Midnight Runners, Keen City Productions, Dominic O'Riordan : Businessman
  • Film (Feature), Le Fear, Jay Croot : Carlos Revalos (Lead)
  • Theatre, Sushi Shorts, Tomato People : Ensemble
  • Theatre, Raw & Tasty, Etcetera Theatre, Chris Head : Ensemble
  • Theatre, Just Add Lib, Just Add Lib : Ensemble
  • Theatre, Three Lives, Theatre Nomad, Glenn Tillin, Amanda Morgan, Luke Dixon : Passenger
  • Theatre, May Contain Juice, Hen & Chickens : Ensemble
  • Film (Short), Trainspotting, Oscar Forshaw-Swift : Interviewer
  • Film (Short), At Last, Green Grass, Aaron Garcia de Alba : Malik (Lead)
  • Training, City Lit (Drama, Dance and Speech) : 3 yr. Acting : 2006 - 2009
  • Viral, Condomania, Manpreet Gosh : Pharmacist
  • Theatre, Stuckley Street Stories, Theatre Nomad, Glenn Tillin, Amanda Morgan, Kitty Myers : Office Worker
  • Theatre, Chain Murder, Mark Phoenix : Ensemble
  • Film (Short), Can I Help You, Madam?, John Gibson : Salesman
  • Training, City University : Digital Filmmaking Certificate
  • Television, The Culture Show, BBC2, Jack Cocker, Alison Grist : Man at Bar
  • Film (Short), The Water Cooler, David Connell : Office Manager
  • Film (Short), The Chime, Kim Aston : Father
  • Training, London College of Communication : Film Production Diploma
  • Corporate, Job Interviews, Andrew Wicklow : Interviewer


Acting experience

Previous paid speaking roles

  • English
  • Greek

  • Irish
  • UK Cockney
  • UK English
  • UK Posh
  • UK Scottish
  • USA Southern
  • French
  • Greek
  • Italian


Production Title Role Production Company/ Director

Film (Feature)
THE BEHEADING OF BARRY LYNCH Harry (Supporting) Sonder Pictures (Dir. Jack Millard)
PENINSULA Ben (Supporting) Rapid Eye Movies (Dir. Tim Rolt)
MONSTRUM Tony Shank (Principal) Warm Dish Films (Dir. James Powdrill & Jon Kemp)
NIGHT BUS John (Principal) El Capitan (Dir. Simon Baker)
I’M STILL HERE Peter Dean (Supporting) Kill The Sunset Pictures (Dir. Kris Smith)
DEAD WOOD Dr. Novel (Principal) London Knights Productions (Dir. Paul Knight)
PROSE AND CONS Peter (Supporting) Run Pictures (Dir. Steve McAleavy)
THE SWEENEY Vasilije (Minor) Vertigo Films (Dir. Nick Love)
EVA’S DIAMOND Diegob (Supporting) Soob Productions (Dir. Ice Neal)
DEMONS AND DOORS Lenny (Supporting) Zelica Films (Dir. Stephen Southouse)
LE FEAR II: LE SEQUEL (w/ Andrew Tiernan) Carlos Revalos (Lead) JC Productions (Dir. Jay Croot)

DIM SQUAD Mr. Masson Enuff Talk Productions (Dir. Teoman Sayin)
BAYWATCH MOCKUMENTARY “Actor” (Supporting) Pilot Episode (w/ David Hasselhoff)
LET’S DANCE FOR SPORT RELIEF Billy Bongle (Supporting) BBC1/ Whizz Kid Entertainment (Dir. Tom McKay)

Film (Short)
GUERILLA BUS FARE Ricky Flanagan Mother's Best Child (Dir. Dan Clarke)
CANDY Carl Little Hurricane Productions (Dir. Paloma Lommel)
THE BENCH Malcolm Bailey Abby Jones Productions (Dir. Ernesto Tapia)
THE PLAN Ephrayim (Supporting) Crouching Mole Films (Dir. Jason Moola)
CHESS TALK: BRAIN STEROIDS Igor (Principal) Jon Levene Productions (Dir. Elliot Manches)
D-VISION Muffin Man (Supporting) Crazy Horse Entertainment (Dir. Richard Murphy)
AT LAST, GREEN GRASS Malik (Lead) Magda Wrzeszcz Films (Dir. Aaron Garcia de Alba)
CASTLE MADE OF SAND Eddie (Principal) Jacinto Films (Dir. Tristan Casey)
CLOSURE John (Lead) Trepcea Productions (Dir. Airson Monimambo)
THE WAY HOME Aldarmon (Principal) London Film School (Dir. Junvie Liu)
BETWEEN US Thomas Hardy (Lead) London Film Academy (Dir. Neeraj Das)

Theatre & Live Performance
MAY CONTAIN JUICE (Comedy Sketches) Ensemble (Comedic Characters) Hen & Chickens Theatre/ Tomato People
RAW & TASTY (Comedy Sketches) Ensemble (Comedic Characters) Etcetera Theatre (Dir. Chris Head)
LAUGHTER OPTIONAL (Comedy Impro) Ensemble (Improvised) Wheatsheaf /Just Add Lib
STUCKLEY STREET STORIES Ensemble (Dramatic Characters) Dragon Hall/ Theatre Nomad (Dir. Glenn Tillin)
CHAIN MURDER (Comedy Impro) Ensemble (Improvised) Room 216 (Dir. Mark Phoenix)

Other Productions
MISSION: TOO BLOODY RIGHT (Voice Over) Narrator Hoi Polloi (Dir. Geoff Moseley)
ADULT CONTENT (Promo) Pimp Stripey Horse Productions (Dir. Dan Hedley)
TWO DOOR CINEMA CLUB (Music Video) Journalist (w/ Ewen MacIntosh) Prettybird UK (Dir. Brewer)
NIKE/ MIDNIGHT RUNNERS (Viral) Businessman Keen City Productions (Dir. Dominic O'Riordan)
TINA BARRETT/ FIRE (Music Video) Slimy Sam/ Jack-Knife Jim Thought Juice Films (Dir. Linzy Attenborough)
GOOGLE/ PRIVACY EYES (Corporate) Mal-Aware Across The Pond (Dir. Ross Olivey & Ed Roberts-Graver)
EMOTIONS IN AN URBAN DISTRICT (Still Photography) Disparate Characters Xiawei Zhang


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