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Birmingham, United Kingdom
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Shakespeare audioreel

Excerpts from various Shakespeare plays and performances pieces, and in various performance spaces

01Shakespeare audioreel
03Pepys Diary, 18th November 1667
04The Giaour (Lord Byron)
05The Burbs Narrator
06The Robin who was an Indian -bookchapter
07Excerpts from Item C web version
08Prospero (The Tempest Act 4 Scene 1)
09Kubla Khan reading 15/08/2009
010Hushabye Mountain
11Shylock (The Merchant of Venice Act 1 Sc
13Prospero (The Tempest Act 5 Scene 1)
14Danny Boy
15Caliban (The Tempest Act 3 Scene 2)
16Close Every Door
17Great Expectations reading 15/08/2009

Physical Attributes

167 cm / 5ft 6in
70 kg / 154 lbs
White / Caucasian
96 cm / 38 in
Skin color:
83 cm / 33 in
Eye color:
Hair color:
Hair length:
Hair type:


Acting experience

Previous paid speaking roles

  • English

  • UK English

Spotlight: 701112750490
IMDb: 4478540

ECSPC Firearms In Action Level 1
MMi Intro. to Film Combat certificate
Teacher & Practitioner Training certificate: Mask & Physical Theatre (Trestle Theatre)
Motion-Capture & Green-Screen
360 Degree Video
Singing Solo Vocals Live Recording for Film Set
Audio Narration and Characterisation
RSC vocal workshop attendance

Site-specific and Touring Theatre
Corporate roles: English Heritage Tintagel Castle; Public Health England; The Big Issue Foundation; Rolls Royce / oXyFire / C&G Kineo; West Midlands Fire Service; Polypipe; Barrister Nicholas Wright; Can Communicate Ltd. / Cisco Systems Inc.; Poundland.

Credits 2012-2018
Poldark - Miner (Continuity extra), Congregation & Fisherman.
The King- Noble
How To Build A Girl- Red Carpet Guest
Shakespeare and Hathaway - Apothecary (featured), Afghan Hound Man
Queen Elizabeth's Secret Agents- Sir Walsingham
Slaughterhouse Rulez - Protester
Doctors- Hospital Patient, Funeral Attender,Craft Cafe Attender, Surgery Patient, Hostel Dweller, Alternative Speed-Dater, Shop Customer, Biker at Gig, Homeless Guy.
Love, Lies and Records - Wedding Attender
Emmerdale- Drug Rehab attendee, Camper, Comic Convention Attendee
The White Princess- Sailor, Prisoner & Villager
Moorside- Resident
Little Boy Blue- Prisoner
Tennison- Prisoner
Jamie Johnson- Football Spectator, School Canteen Staff
Gunpowder- Prisoner
Funny Cow- Audience Member
Jeremy Kyle's Emergency Ward- Hospital Porter
No Offence- Bail Hostel Attendee, Busker and Car Driver
Last Tango in Halifax (Xmas Special)- Audience member
Snatch- Gypsy Wedding Guest
DCI Banks- Snooker Club Punter
The Coroner- Prisoner
Jericho- Navvy
The Royals - Paparazzi
Banished- Convict
The Detectorists- Fruit Packer
Les Miserables- Beggar
This Is England '90- Festival-goer
Henry IV, Part II- Laughing Beggar

Feature Film
Pete,RUNNING NAKED,Now Films.V.Buhler.2018
Homeless Man (singing role),NATIVITY ROCKS! THIS AIN'T NO SILENT NIGHT,Mirrorball Films,D.Islitt.2018
James I,REMEMBER, REMEMBER: GRACE AND MERCY,5115/Ravenwolf Cinematic Combat t,Mark Hindman-Smith.2017
Merlin,MORDRED,SDPTC,Laura Jay.2016
The Key Collector,THE KEY COLLECTOR,Mythic Film Prod.,C.Craddock [locations:Czech Rep.&UK].2016
Banquo,MACBETH,Jorvik Films,D.Brooks.2016
Oliver,ZOMBIES OF WOLF TOWN,S.Shirley.2016
King Penda,WHITEBLADE,RCC,M.Hindman-Smith.2015
Jimmy,ENTER THE CAGE,Rotunda Films,K.J.McDonagh.2015
Dr Rodin,BURNING FLAMES,N.Preston.2015
The Revenant,THE APOSTATE,Mangotree Films,A.Dodd.2014
Don,RUDY,Rudy Film Ltd.,S.Auerbach.2014
Ted,CASTLE BOULEVARD,Coalescent Films,N.Archer.2014
Combat Actor,THE FAIRY FLAG,Zoghogg Ent. Ltd,D.Izatt.2014
David Tyso,OUT OF GAS,Pat the Bull Films,P.Huzzey.2014
Ormond,CELESTIAL SISTERS,Rotunda Films,K.J.McDonagh.2014
First Intruder,FOUR WALLS,Amoris Films.2014
Aldan,BOGO AND FLIT,Flying Ark Prod.,M..2013

Lord Scroop / Duke of Bourbon,HENRY V (Ludlow Castle),Here To There Prod,C. Walker.2019
Constable of Bolsover Castle,ONLY FOOLS AND CORPSES (Frightfest),Bolsover Castle/Midlands Asylum Productions,M.Kennedy.2017
Macbeth,MACBETH,Oxford Shakespeare Festival.2017
Sir Mordred,MEDIEVAL BANQUET-immersive,improvised.2016
The Mad Hatter,ALICE IN WONDERLAND-immersive,improvised wedding reception.2016
Scrooge,A CHRISTMAS CAROL,Equapoise Theatre/Charles Dickens Museum,E.Jones/L.Donnelly.2015
Scrooge,A CHRISTMAS CAROL,Jorvik Theatre,B.Harman.2015
Faustus & Face,DR FAUSTUS/THE ALCHEMIST(scenes):RENDEZVOUS AT MIDNIGHT,The Rose Playhouse(Bankside),P.Schermann.2015
Marcus,TITUS ANDRONICUS,Siege Theatre-Oxford Shakespeare Festival,M.Speight.2015
Fred (look-out),SURVIVORS OF THE TITANIC,SDPT,E.Jay.2015
Barrymore,THE HOUND OF THE BASKERVILLES,Fired-up Theatre,S.Quinn.2015
Duke Felmet,WYRD SISTERS,J.Tudor.2014
Angela's Dad & Monkey,LIKE A VIRGIN,Source Prod.,H.Peake.2014
Antonio,THE TEMPEST (outdoor),Shakespeare in the Park–Lichfield,D.Titley.2013
Actor (physical),MITTWOCH AUS LICHT-World Premiere London Festival Commission,B.O.C,G.Vick.2012
Ensemble,ROMEO AND JULIET (outdoor),Stafford Festival Shakespeare,P.Rowe.2012
The Duke of Albany,KING LEAR (outdoor tour),MDCC,G.Durrant.2012

Short Film
Happy Bill,RACHEL LOOKS FOR LOVE,Attic Media,S.Singh.2018
Vermeer,GETTING DRESSED IN 1665 - DELFT,Crow's Eye Productions,N.Loven.2018
John,PENNY FOR THE GUY,Big Frog Films,K.Patel&N.Buckley.2016
David,PARAFFIN,Rubber Stamp Films,G.Powell.2015
Simon Summers,THE CHOSEN ONE,Mad Cheese Productions,M.Wallace.2015
No To Straw Men,WITHDRAWING IN DISGUST,Coalescent Films,H.Wilding.2015
First Client,UNDERNEATH THE BRIDGE,Lustrous Films,Z.Khattak.2015
Bert Marsh,TALES FROM THE COACH HOUSE-Shugborough Hall A/V,Fired Up Theatre,S.Quinn.2014
Ireton,NEWARK & SHERWOOD CIVIL WAR, Spool Films,C.Giammetta.2014
Brad,FACENDON AVENUE,Gwynplaine Films,D.Toms.2014
Prospero,V&A Museum Shakespeare Festival,London School of Fashion,M.Montorfani.2014
David Crombie,PETER CROMBIE,TEENAGE ZOMBIE,Pixel Perfection Media,G.Rogers.2013
A Tramp,KING LEAR (A Filming Shakespeare competition),Pat the Bull films,K.Patel.2013
Buttons,A NIGHT OF FAMILY FUN, in assoc. with Staffordshire University,M.Campbell.2012
Tasna (Satan/Tramp/Hit-man),BIG MAN,R.Gautam.2012
The Man,EXHAUST,S.Dyer/R.Begley-Renner.2012
Colin,HERE TODAY,M.Woods.2012

Music Video
Sound Engineer,RUNNING ON EMPTY,Isaac Gracie/Kode Media/Virgin Music.S.Agnew.2018
Victorian Gentleman,JUST RUN AWAY,Tiffany Lunn Music/Pat The Bull Films/Studio Vega Myst,M.Wood.2013
Psychiatric Doctor,TAKE YOUR PILLS,CineRobota Films/Blue Origin,S.Gammon.2013
Boxing Referee,HIT IT HARD,Luti Media,B.Peters.2012
Jesus Christ (Last Supper),GODLESS,CineRobota Films/Blue Origin,S.Gammon.2011 / 12


Extras experience

Previous speaking roles


Modeling experience

Beginner, starting out


Guitar ability


Vocal ability

Lead singer

Vocal range


Singing styles
  • Rock
  • Classical

A strong singer of tenor range. I have supported choral companies on regional stages and taken solo / duet roles in musical plays.


Dancing ability


Film & Stage Crew

Art & Costume Design ability


Directing & Writing ability


Runner or Assistant ability



Photography experience

Amateur photographer


TV presenter experience

No previous TV presenter experience

  • English

  • UK English

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