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Georgia, United States
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Physical Attributes

172 cm / 5ft 8in
89 kg / 195 lbs
Black / African descent
103 cm / 41 in
Skin color:
89 cm / 35 in
Eye color:
Hair color:
Hair length:
Hair type:


Acting experience

Previous unpaid speaking roles


My name is Pierre not Pierre Bourne the Producer but Pierre Cheelton and I am known by my business name which is Pisiwann, Ey yo Pisiwann you wanna come out here ? I have been out chill.(Laughing). What is Pisiwann generally? It’s a young business, marketing and promotion company dreamed to become one day a Big Label or entertainment company that is a legal entity connected with a very talented musical band in Haiti called Shakespeare’s Unit, and the main favorite Singer is T-Pin.The name Pisiwann is a combination of my last name and my first name that encompasses everything.When I said everything we understand now Pisiwann is not only a platform that can promote young artist from different backgrounds through Shakespeare’s Unit but it is an entity that can promote small and big companies that’s the second target goal.This concept came into our minds because there have a lack of social help to help talents and bright people, is not a problem of Human Resources , it a problem of charity , or booster that can help and protect our intellectual heritage work.


Guitar ability


Vocal ability

Lead singer

Vocal range


Composer ability


Producer ability


Singing styles
  • Pop
  • Rock
  • Classical

Favourite genres
  • Pop
  • Rock
  • Electronic
  • Hip-hop
  • Classical

Influences: Restons Amis, La Voix D'un Ange, Grégory Lemarchal

Our musical experiences combine between me and T-Pin.We both did our solfege class in a different time frame: Solfege is a method for teaching sight-singing in which each note of the music is performed with a special syllable called a solfege syllable.Pisiwann was a flutist musician unfortunately he did not continue to pursue this career. I choose to use my skills in the industry music to promote young talent around the world, distribute their musics, and market them. Like young people like T-Pin, let's talk about T-Pin. T-Pin Billy is a native of Jacmel, Haiti. He has had a passion for music since he was a child. Singing and beat-making are his wheelhouse. His goal is to spread positivity, hope, and fun through moving beats and meaningful lyrics. T-Pin Billy is a passionate musician with lots of love to give — love for God, love for his wife-to-be, love for his friends, love for music, and of course, love for his fans. On this page, you can learn more about his many loves.T-Pin has a true entrepreneurial spirit. Shortly after finishing high school, he established his own English teaching business in Jacmel. After he conducted a free class, word spread about his excellent teaching, a few years later, he was able to build his own school. Shakespeare English Technology School is one of the most well-reputed English schools in Jacmel. Anyone who wants to expand their opportunities in life by learning English is welcome as a student there.

English teacher by day… musician by night. T-Pin Billy’s other professional passion is music, and sometimes, his two professions blend together. For example, he sometimes collaborates with his English students to create new songs. Not only is music an excellent method for teaching English, but it’s also awesomely fun! When T-Pin works with his students to spin new tunes, he and his co-artists go by the name of Shakespeare’s Unit. T-Pin Billy’s music has touched thousands of lives across the globe. His success may not have been possible without the help of Pisiwann, T-Pin’s trustworthy friend and sidekick in the music business. Pisiwann uses his influence across social media to make sure as many people as possible to hear the sweet sounds of T-Pin’s music.


Link: http://linkedin.com/in/pierre-cheelton-s-23b996a1 Pisiwann and T-Pin have a lot talents in different areas.Pisiwann and T-Pin have studied education sciences field, T-Pin is an experienced teacher, he teaches English in all levels, he speaks several languages ??just like Pisiwann.T-Pin speaks English his livelihood every day , the language he sings everyday,he speaks French, Spanish, Haitian Creole, and the American sign language, he plans to learn Mandarin very soon, he also likes the Portuguese language. So T-Pin his everyday profession is teaching. Pisiwann had not chosen a career as a T-Pin in teaching. Pisiwann started interpreting, translating, he is a certified specialist in the supply chain, he has experiences in distribution warehouses, packaging, he is a professional driver certified and licensed in different forklifts, he also has experiences in supermarket retail sales, he is a specialist in the customer service, customer support ,he also has experience in marketing, he is a professional commercial driver, Pisiwann is a real fighter, he tries to do everything.
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