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Physical Attributes

180 cm / 5ft 11in
96 cm / 38 in
80 kg / 176 lbs
Eye color:
White / Caucasian
Hair color:
106 cm / 42 in
Hair length:
Skin color:
Hair type:

Credits & experience

  • The Tragedy of King Lear (Feature Film) : 'Edmund'
  • Vampyre (Television) : 'Peter'
  • Slasher House 2 (Feature Film) : 'The Jock'
  • The Pursuit of Normality (Feature Film) : 'Jack Morris'
  • Up North (Television) : 'Rob the Knob'
  • Twelfth Night (Theatre) : 'Antonio'
  • The Merchant of Venice (Theatre) : 'Bassanio'
  • The Life and Love of William Shakespeare (Theatre) : 'William Shakespeare'
  • Seventeen (Theatre) : 'Callum'
  • Attempts for a Meta Life (Theatre) : 'Gregor/Annie'
  • Heart of Chaos (Feature Film) : 'DCI Richardson'
  • Macbeth (Theatre) : 'Macbeth'
  • Slaypril Fools Day (Short Film) : 'Kevin'
  • The Wonderful World of Dissocia (Theatre) : 'Victor'
  • The First Date (Short Film) : 'The Guy'
  • Concrete Jungle (Short Film) : 'Johnny'
  • Tears in the Dust (Feature Film) : 'Officer Kevin Hills'
  • Case Files (Feature Film) : 'Agent Alex Scott'
  • I Am Hamlet (Theatre) : Director
  • Castle Boulevard (Feature Film) : 'Kenneth'
  • Broken 2: The Separation (Short Film) : 'Eddie'
  • The Most Unsual Mr Wood (Feature Film) : 'Jacob Wood'
  • An Outsider (Short Film) : 'Joe'
  • Vamperior (Theatre) : 'Ant'
  • Spell of Cupid (Short Film) : 'Ethan'
  • Oh What a Lovely War (Musical) : Multiple Roles
  • After Mrs Rochester (Theatre) : 'Lancelot'
  • Inside Fear (Feature Film) : 'George'
  • Legacy of Thorn (Feature Film) : 'Officer McMillan'
  • Night of the Drones (Short Film) : 'Samuel Loneshadow'
  • Into The Woods (Musical) : 'The Baker'
  • West Nottinghamshire College : HND Performing Arts
  • Alien Stripper Vampires (Feature Film) : 'Darren Pierce'
  • The Anecdotal Drama Teen (Theatre) : 'Kevin'
  • Exorcism of Evil (Video) : 'Priest'
  • Someone Like Me (Theatre) : 'Adrian'
  • After Juliet (Theatre) : 'Pertruchio'
  • The Wonderful World of Dissocia (Theatre) : 'Vince'
  • Dead Walkers (Feature Film) : 'Nazi'
  • West Nottinghamshire College : BTEC National Diploma - Performing Arts
  • Pomegranate Youth Theatre : Youth Cast Member, Actor


Acting experience

Previous paid speaking roles

  • English

  • UK Cockney
  • UK English
  • UK Posh
  • UK Scottish
  • USA California
  • French
  • German
  • Russian

Union memberships
  • Equity

Spotlight Registered Actor

View Pin: 5093-0162-0856



Slasher House 2: Mycho Entertainment
(2016) Role: Jock
Director: MJ Dixon

Tears in the Dust: Steve Call Productions
(2016) Role: Officer Kevin Hills
Director: Steve Call

Case Files: Tricell Films
(2016) Role: Agent Alex Scott
Director: Damien Kage

Reinhelm: Anarchy Studios
(2016) Role: Ricky
Director: James Colagiovanni

Castle Boulevard: Coalescent Films
(2015) Role: Kenneth
Director: Nick Archer

The Most Unusaul Mr Wood: Who Productions
(2015) Role: Jacob Wood
Director: Charlie Wheeler

Inside Fear: Stinkdog Productions
(2014) Role: George
Director: John Fletcher

Legacy of Thorn: Mycho Entertainment
(2014) Role: Officer McMillan
Director: MJ Dixon

Alien Stripper Vampires: Stinkdog Productions
(2014) Role: Darren Pierce
Director: Eirian Cohen

Dead Walkers: Rise of the 4th Reich: Reality Films
(2013) Role: Nazi & Stunt Fighter
Director: Phil Gardiner


Up North: Steve Call Productions
(2015) Role: Rob the Knob
Director: Steve Call

Grindsploitation: Slaypril Fools Day Part V: Body Bag Films
(2015) Role: Kevin
Director: MJ Dixon

The First Date: Chesterfield College
(2015) Role: The Guy
Director: Danielle Hoggard

Concrete Jungle: Anarchy Studios
(2015) Role: Johnny
Director: James Colagiovanni

Broken 2: The Separation: Lynch Films
(2015) Role: Eddie
Director: Darren Lynch

Spell of Cupid: Crystal Key Films
(2014) Role: Ethan Bay
Director: Anna Lai

An Outsider : Confetti Studios
(2014) Role: Joe Edwardson
Director: Matt Mahjouri

Jade: Derby University
(2013) Role: Jake Robinson
Director: Jonathan Hemell

Night of the Drones: ITV Fixers
(2013) Role: Samuel Loneshadow
Director: Sammie Johnson


Twelfth Night:
Mansfield Palace Theatre
(2016) Role: Antonio
Director: Chris Neil

The Merchant of Venice:
Younity Theatre Company
(2016) Role: Bassanio
Director: Andrew Proctor

The Life and Love of William Shakespeare
Younity Theatre Company
(2016) Role: William Shakespeare
Director: William Marshall

Younity Theatre Company
(2015) Role: Callum
Director: Stacey Moon

Attempts for a Meta Life:
Younity Theatre Company
(2015) Roles: Gregor/Annie
Director: Andrew Proctor

The Wonderful World of Dissocia: Something Theatre Company
(2015) Role: Victor/ Ticket/ Vince
Director: Sam Bernard

Macbeth: Younity Theatre Company
(2015) Role: Macbeth
Director: Andrew Proctor

Vamperior: A Prop Me Up Theatre Company
(2014) Role: Anthony Hall
Director: Kay Vardy

Oh What A Lovely War: Mansfield Palace Theatre
(2014) Multiple Roles
Director: Chris Neil

After Mrs Rochester: Younity Theatre Company
(2014) Roles: Lancelot/Father/John/Husband/Voice Teacher
Director: Stacey Moon

CVD 1: Live!: Younity Theatre Company
(2013) Multiple Roles
Director: Stacey Moon

Into The Woods: Vision West Notts
(2013) Role: The Baker
Director: Catherine Orton

The Anecdotal Drama Teen: A Prop Me Up Theatre Company
(2013) Role: Kevin Melon
Director: Kay Vardy

Someone Like Me: Vision West Notts
(2013) Role: Aidrian Mower
Director: Andrew Dobb

Popcorn: Vision West Notts
(2013) Role: Wayne Hudson
Director: Julie Collie

The Dumb Show: Vision West Notts
(2013) Role: Greg
Director: Marchin Zywot

Spurt of Blood: Vision West Notts
(2013) Role: The Knight
Director: Catherine Orton

Cloud Nine: Vision West Notts
(2013) Role: Clive
Director: Julie Collie

The Wonderful World of Dissocia: Vision West Notts
(2012) Role: Vince/ Guard 2/ Biffer
Director: Rob Walker

After Juliet: Vision West Notts
(2012) Role: Pertruchio
Director: Amy Kirkby


Jobseekers: Lee Dilley & Christopher Bevan
(2013) Role: Jobseeker
Director: Christopher Bevan

TV & Reality

Interviewed on Vision Create TV (West Nottinghamshire College) (2013)

Kerrang TV Fan Shout Out- Download Festival (2012)

Exorcism Of Evil (American Horror Documentary) (2013)

Lead Role in short film featured on ITV Central News (2013)

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