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Physical Details

182 cm / 6ft 0in
89 cm / 35 in
83 kg / 182 lbs
Eye color:
White / Caucasian
Hair color:
96 cm / 38 in
Hair length:
Skin color:
Hair type:

Credits & experience

  • The Actors Workshop : Advanced Diploma of Screen and Theatre Acting
  • University of Queensland : Bachelor of Arts Drama Major
  • Zen Zen Zo Physical Theatre


Acting experience

Previous paid speaking roles

Acting agent

Ego Management

  • English

  • Australian
  • UK English
  • UK Posh
  • USA California

Union memberships
  • Equity
  • MEAA

Advanced Diploma of Film, Theatre and Television Acting : Actor's Workshop 2015
Bachelor of Creative Arts: Drama Major at University of Queensland
Zen Zen Zo Theatre Training Brisbane

Feature Film: Myall Creek. Supporting Role. 2018.
Feature Film: In Place of Grace. Supporting Role. 2017.
Feature Film: Drive Hard 2014. Extra Role. Credited.
Feature Film: San Andreas 2014. Extra Role.

Television: Safe Harbour 2018. Featured.
Television: Harrow 2018. Featured.

Theatre: UQ Play Hamletmachine. Played Hamlet. 2013.
Theatre: UQ Play The Resistable Rise of Aturo Ui. Played Roma. 2014.
Theatre: UQ Play The Golden Age. Played Dr William Archer. 2014.
Theatre: Thunder's Mouth Production. All's Well That Ends Well. Played Bertram. 2014.
Theatre: TAW presents - The Baachae. Played Pentheus/Chorus 2015.
Theatre: TAW presents - Kids Stakes. Played Barney. 2015.
Theatre: TAW presents - Long Day's Journey Into the Night. Played Edmund. 2015.
Theatre: TAW presents - Sexual Perversity in Chicago. Played Bernie. 2015.
Theatre: TAW presents - The Cherry Orchard. Played Lophakin. 2015.
Theatre: TAW presents - MacBeth. Played Banquo. 2016.
Theatre: TAW presents - Hamlet. Played Horatio. 2016.
Theatre: TAW presents - The Life of Galileo. Played Galileo. 2016.
Theatre: TAW presents - The Country Wife. Played Quack. 2016.
Theatre: TAW presents - Hunting Phia. Played Jonah. 2016.
Theatre: Ipswich Little Theatre - Sleuth. Played Milo. 2018.

Short Film: 'Goons' 2013. Lead Actor.
Short Film: "Mate" 2013. Lead Actor.
Short Film: "Salt in the Wounds" 2013. Lead Actor.
Short Film: "Undeniable" 2013. Lead Actor.
Short Film Assessment: "Out of Sight" 2014. Lead Actor.
Short Film: "The Curious Case of the Purple Hair Pin" 2014. Lead Actor.
Short Film: "Pitch Glitch" 2014. Lead Actor.
Short Film: "Offline" 2014. Lead Actor.
Short Film: "The Chinese Dentist" 2014. Lead Actor
Short Film: "Redwood" 2014. Lead Actor
Short Film: "The Ninth Toll" 2014. Lead Actor
Short Film: "Torment" 2014. Lead Actor
Short Film: "The Deal" 2014. Lead Actor
Short Film Assessment: "The Social Network" 2014. Lead Actor
Short Film: "Obsession" 2014. Lead Actor
Short Film: "Found Footage" 2014. Lead Actor
Short Film: "I vs Me" 2014. Lead Actor
Short Film: "Australian Psycho" 2014. Lead Actor
Short Film: "Alex" 2015. Lead Actor
Short Film: "The Memest Friends" 2016. Lead Actor
Short Film: "Off the Record" 2016. Lead Actor.
Short Film: "Wasteland" 2017. Lead Actor.
Short Film: "Clash of Clans: Hero Battles" 2018. Lead Actor.

Music Video: Dirty Earth "Coming Home". 2017

Television Advertisement: Bunnings Warehouse 2011-2012
Television Advertisement: Ultimate Sports Expo 2015
Television Advertisement: Ubet 2017
Television Advertisement: Spicers Hotels 2017
Television Advertisement: Set for Life! 2018

Radio Advertisement: Bunnings Warehouse 2011

Queensland Police Department Fraud Squad: Training Videos for New Recruits 2016
Queensland Police Department Detective Training: Training Videos 2017
Culture Training: Workplace Health Training Video 2018

Children's Entertainer for Drawn2Life 2012 - 2014

Park Entertainer at Dreamworld Australia for Star Wars Weekends (2010 - 2014)

Trained and Experienced In: Stage Combat (Fencing/Swordfighting), Horse Riding.

Has a valid Australian and British Passport.


Modeling experience

Part-time model - paid commercial work

Modeling website

Modeling agent

Ego Management

Bridal Photo Shoot: Spicers Clovelly Estate
1001 Cosplay Ideas! by Yaya Han
Charter Hall Development Project

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