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New South Wales, Australia
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Family of 4, Dad: 67, Mum: 50, Son: 19, Son: 17

Agoes W Soedjarwo
Agoes W Soedjarwo
Agoes W Soedjarwo
Samuel ( Son 17 ), Juliet ( Mother 50 ), Agoes W Soedjarwo ( Dad 67 )
Agoes W Soedjarwo
Agoes W Soedjarwo
Samuel ( Son 17 ), Juliet ( Mother 50 ), Aiden ( Son 19 )

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Acting voice recorder 2014

01Acting voice recorder 2014

Physical Attributes

178 cm / 5ft 10in
80 kg / 176 lbs
96 cm / 38 in
Skin color:
75 cm / 30 in
Eye color:
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Credits & experience

  • Film TV Academy/Screen Actors Workshop : Diploma Film/TV Academy Acting Drama School


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Top Models & Events Australia

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  • Equity
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Name: Agoes W Soedjarwo
Address: 116 Waratah Street, Katoomba NSW 2780
Phone: 0247825441 - 0427954787
ABN: 91217621756

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Link to my provile:

FEATURE FILM (FF) - Short Film (SF)
2012 The Jungle Productions & Mysterious Light as Budi Dir Andrew Traucki
2011 Boss Sinichi Seijun in Sleeping In Blood City Dir Shaun Katz
1998 Interpol Officer The Shadow Cobra Dir: Mark Joffe
1998 Man Babe 2 in Metropolis Crawford Film Dir: George Miller
1996 Bar Man Paradise Road Village Roadshow Dir: Bruce Beresford
1996 Pirate 1 The Phantom Paramount Pictures Dir: Simon Wincer
1995 Captain of Ship The Island of Dr. Moreau Roadshow Film/Newline Cinema Dir:John Frankenheimer.
1982 Roadblock Soldier The Year of Living Dangerously MGM Dir: Peter Weir

2015 GoodOil Production Wotif Hero’s Mum and Rickshaw Driver TVC Dir Matt Kamen
2011 Southern Star Entertainment P/L Productions Wild Boys as Chow Fat for TV series Episode 13 Channel 7 Dir Ian Watson
2010 Blue Stocking Production P/L for SBS TV Julia Zemiro Buddhist Monk Sex: An Unnatural History Director Luke Eve
2010 Ben Elton Promo Jill Munt Production Channel 9 TV Dalai Lama Director Dale Sidney
2010 Sea Patrol Episode 11 Hal & Di McElroy Productions Hotel Receptionist Dir. Steve Mann
2009 Chat Room Chicks Southern Star Productions No.8 Pty Ltd Mr.Chang Dir: Ralph Strasser
2008 ABC TV Production as Detective Review with Myles Barlow “Risk” - S01 e01 Dir. Trent O'Donnell
Director: Trent O’Donnell
Producer: Dean Bates
2007 Antichocko Productions Pty Ltd Indonesian Captain Pizza
2006 DVD Store Owner DANGEROUS Southern Star Entertainment Productions P/L Dir: David Caesar and Shawn Seet
2005 Indonesia TNI Answered By Fire BSLM Dir: Jessica Hobbs
2000 Filipino soldier Above the Law Global TV
1999 Ali Sijit for Love or Money Water Rats Hal McElroy Channel 9 Dir: Mark Piper
1997 Local Man The Hostages
1996 Ships Master Trackers ATN Channel 7 Dir: Sean Nash
1993 Globecop The Girl from Tomorrow Part Two: Tomorrow’s End Global TV Dir: Noel Price

2017 Product Brand Racing NSW The Everest Dalai Lama Producer Frontier Australia Director Neil Hoar
2017 Production SilverSun Pictures Administrative Appeals Tribunal Online Education Director Rohan Taylor
2016 Hologram of historical figure Ly Ah Hong Look -a-Like Prod Co/Director: Haycom / Barney Withers
2015 Wotif & Goodoil Films Production Company as Rickshaw with Hero Mum Directed by Matt Kamen
2010 Photoshoot The Collective Force Our Production Team Producer Megan Wilkinson IDP Education Australia Ltd IDP Sydney Photographer Alistair Guthrie
2009 Voiceover Aeroplane Voice Over ad For Eardrum and 3 Drunk Monkeys
2008 Vietnamese Father for Hubba Bubba Jungle Boys Casting DDB Sydney
2007 Store Owner McGregor Casting DDB Sydney
2005 Security Man Doll Collective REXONA Stunt City Dir: Ivan Zacharias
2004 Man with Toy Car Wanda Production & Prodigy Films PEUGEOT 407
2003 Master Blender Indonesia Cigarette Djisamsoe Velocity Film P/L Dir: Mark Lawrie
2003 Bank Customer/Live Stage Westpac Bank
2001 Mongolian Person Korean Mobile Phone Communication
1994 Bus Operator for Sydney Buses We’re Moving Sydney
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And I will reply as soon as possible thank you.

About Me:
I am an Actor of Indonesian background and I can play a different role as any Asian Nationalty character.
And I am Paid Actor since 1982 and based in Sydney NSW 2780 Australia. With an Acting Degree and Diploma graduate in 1989, Diploma from TV/Film Academy and Screen Actors Workshop Brookvale NSW 2100. I have done one short film, and many feature films and TV ads commercials and I enjoy meeting with people from all over the world. I love working in the Film Industry and have been professionally trained. You can contact me via my Agent Top Models and Event Australia or directly on my mobile phone at 0407 434 694 or my email address:


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Top Models and Events Australia


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Full-time model - paid commercial work

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