Aiden Mckenzie

Aiden Mckenzie Pro

New South Wales, Australia


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I work worked with Aiden on numerous occasions now both in a role as a director and a fellow cast member. Aiden is very passionate about acting, He will give 110% effort to any role he plays and takes constructive feedback very well. Very driven and focussed.

Recommended for Acting Oct 20, 2021

Aiden was great. Took on a larger role than we first envisaged, and rose to the challenge.

Recommended for Extras Feb 8, 2021

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Aiden was great to work with, he took direction well and we would highly recommend him.

Recommended for Acting Jan 19, 2021

Aiden is cool, calm, and collected. He brought a really genuine, approachable energy to my dance content.

Recommended for Extras Jan 14, 2021

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I have worked with Aiden several times now, and have no trouble recommending him to anyone. He is hard working, reliable, and a dam good actor.

Recommended for Acting Jan 13, 2021

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Aiden was awesome to work with. He travelled very far and got to set early, that level of dedication, committment and reliability is rare. His performance wqs first class, he showed a range of emotions and was extremely expressive with his eyes and voice. His eyes showed such a highly level of skill and variety. His voice went from happy to intruiged to angry all in one take. He nailed every take and was incredibly professional and efficient. His acting skills are far beyond his age.

Recommended for Acting Nov 28, 2020

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Great to work with

Recommended for Acting Nov 21, 2020

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Amazing to work with

Recommended for Acting Nov 1, 2020

Very professional and easy to work with! Great personality as well :)

Recommended for Extras Sep 28, 2020

Aiden is very reliable and puntional and a great asset 2 anyone's set. He has the lead roll on #Runway# As Jason. Was willing to go far and beyond with his acting. So look no further

Recommended for Acting Jul 30, 2020

I recently worked with Aiden - a true professional. He brought talent, positive energy & easy to work with for a great result. Highly recommend him

Recommended for Acting Jul 28, 2020

Team Player ! Very Professional.

Recommended for Extras Feb 3, 2020

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Great guy, keen to do what was requested and good team player.

Recommended for Acting Jan 27, 2020

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