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Actor, Film producer / Manager, Writer / Director

New South Wales, Australia
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Aileen Beale Voice Sample 15 4 11

Story telling Tinderbox

01Aileen Beale Voice Sample 15 4 11
02Aileen JFM V O Clip
03Seven Wishes
04MDNSW 1 Session 4 Main
05D & J Jolon

Physical Attributes

172 cm / 5ft 8in
Dress size:
UK 14 / AUS 14 / US 10
74 kg / 162 lbs
Eye color:
White / Caucasian
Hair color:
86 cm / 34 in
Hair length:
Skin color:
Hair type:

Credits & experience

  • Easybeats : Scottish Accent -Glaswegian
  • Anna Mc Crossin-Owen : General American
  • Gabrielle Rogers : Gen Am, Hungarian
  • Gabrielle Rogers : Gen Am, UK, Canadian Accent
  • Mal Kennard with Cinzia Coassin : Workshop
  • LULU - Singing Private lessons
  • The Actors Hub : Cinzia Coassin Bootcamp
  • Katherine Beck - Private : Accent- Gen Am
  • Katherine Beck Bootcamp US Accent : Accent - Gen Am
  • The Actors Hub : Voice - Accents
  • Canary Studios : Anne Maree Higgins - Singing
  • TAFTA : Colin Budds
  • TAFTA : Andrew Thompson
  • Katherine Beck - Private : US Gen Am accent
  • The Actors Hub = Gabrielle Rogers : Voice - Accents
  • Singing - Private : Steve Clisby
  • Big Music - Singing : Steve Clisby
  • TAFTA - Screen : Jet Wilkinson Workshop
  • The Actors Hub - Gabrielle Rogers : Voice - Accents
  • TAFTA - USA : Screen
  • TAFTA : Full time screen course
  • TAFTA Andy Mc Phee : Screen Workshop
  • Big Music - Steve Clisby : Singing
  • Joy Sweeney : Singing
  • Heart of Drama : Faith Martin
  • TAFTA- John Orcsik & Ors. : Screen Intensive Workshop
  • Screen Actors Workshop : Advanced Screen & Green Screen
  • Screen Actors Workshop : Intermediate Screen
  • Screen Actors Workshop : Beginners Screen


Acting experience

Previous paid speaking roles

Acting agent

Ignite Elite Artists

  • English

  • Australian

Union memberships
  • MEAA

SF - HERE - Aunt - Roy Sherfan
C VELOCITY/AMEX Older Rich Woman
TV EASYBEAST 'Friday on my Mind-Margaret Young - Matthew SavilleABC/PLAYMAKER
TV PULSE /Woman with Drip /Peter Andrikidis/Pulse Productions
TV LOVE CHILD S4 / Woman(aka young) /David Caesar/Playmaker
C Tip Top TVC / Baker
C Kit Kat TVC/Customer / /Ariel/ Martin/Filmgraphics
SF MB Fashion Week/Three Women Arrive/Marie Schuller
TV DOCTOR DOCTOR/Dr.Koutofides/Peter Salmon
FF Osiris Child-SFv1/Lt. Crestal/Shane AbbessTV HIT LIST/Diane/John Maverty
TV YOUR NUMBERS UP/Ibi Roncaioli/John Maverty
SF TORN/Sally/Kate Ryerson(Writ/Prod by me)
SF A Side of Sydney/Christine
SF The Waiting Room/Sharon & Trish/Joseph Timbs
SF Distance to Now/Sandy/Dan Balcaban
FF Teenage Kicks/Helen/Craig Boreham
FF Atomic Kingdom/BR
FF Infini/Technician D/Shane Abbess
SF Billy/Mum/Adrian Tripodina
SF Trunks/Aunt Sal/Jack Cox
SF When You Fall/Jill Foster/Ashley Mellross
SF The Last Exchange/Ruby/Bella Schulenburg
SF Spotless/Miriam/Will Mitchell
SF Iris/Iris/Stephanie Stuart
SF Wait Time/Nancy/Aarhon Silver
FF Past The Hour/Deborah/Seewoo Kim/Showkhan
SF The Dress/Cleaner/Tim Groundwater/IFSS
SF-The Beautiful Carcionogens - Mother Jones - Den Bou Lay IFSS
FF AustrAliens/Betty Wacker/Perese Film Prod.
FF Fountains/Customer/Mishra TV
SF Journey From Madness/Dr. Slavnic(V/O)/Media Pending
SF Weekend Warriors/Lucy/Int.Film Base
FF Gossip Nation/Mary/Mike Kang to:Gossip Nation/style reel Standard def.
FF Silent Eyes/Lily Night/James Peniata
FF DeathInTheAfternoon/Eileen Cameron/Brad Mc Bride
SF Brother to Brother/Mrs. O'Neil/ Matthew Scott
Digital Xmas Card
FF Bring Her Home:DOA/Senator Ironside/Matthew Scott
SF Lethal/Receptionist/Ori Halup
FF Green Fire Envy/Anne Shepard/Jessica Lytton/Ben Richardson
SF The Good Samaritan/Business Woman/Daniel Martinez
SF BOB/Complaining Lady/Erin MacLennan
SF Music Box 2006/Lorraine (with Joy Hruby)/Richard Narramore
SF Haunted Australia (2006) Mary - Medium Ian Nicholson
SF Miasma'06/Det. Insp. Hall/Alan Nurthen
SF Afterlife '05/Marlee Benson(with Lisa Hensley)/Dean Francis
SF Amorality Tale '04/F.E./Mike Bullen
T.V. DEDO Janice Tony Radevski
Deadly Woman - Katherine Mock - Kate Ryerson/ Beyond
Australia 'The Story of Us' - Margaret - Lisa Matthews/Essential Media & Entertainment
Deadly Woman - Jean Ann James - Kate Ryerson/Beyond
Love Child - Saleswoman(HildaJames) - Shirley Barrett/Playmaker 4- Chanel9
Deadly Woman - Catherine Booker - Jane Manning/Beyond
Behind Mansion Walls - Gillian Ison (Sister)-James Knox/Beyond
Deadly Woman- Patient - Series 6 - James Knox/Beyond
Deadly Woman- Client - Series 6 - James Knox/Beyond
Short Stack Music Video Doctor Dan Reisinger
Dewayne Everette-Smith Music Video - Mother - Semiprime(Sony)
Rabo Bank Direct Amelia
Grain Waves TVC Woman in car Pepsico
HOTM Customer CO Chanel 9
USAVER Cougar Three Drunk Monkeys/Charley Stadler
Digital Xmas Card Bullseye Advertising -
Mrs. Grady - Sean Triner/Pareto
Grease Assistant Backstage Manager WTC/Andrew Castle
Narrate This! Narrator Andy Piper
The Regal History of Our Willy Grandma O Andy Piper
668 Neighbour of The Beast Ethel Blithe David Devjak
Beauty & The Beast Backstage Tom Sweeney
Voice Over
Journey From Madness - Dr. Slavnic - Nick Kelly - Media Pending Productions
MDNSW - Training videos
David & Jacko - Zombie Tunnels (You Tube animation) by David Downie
UTS B11- Boss
2 X Raising Children Network Video's - Carol& Jess - Leslie Marsh
Psychic documentary re-enactment - Jane - Kate Mc Ginniskin
Pink Ladies Concert '09 Soloist / Choir Joy Sweeney
Pink Ladies Concert '08 Singer Joy Sweeney
Northside Christmas Spectacular '09 Choir WTC/Joy Sweeney

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