Ajay Allen

Ajay Allen

Wakefield, United Kingdom


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A real gentleman not to be missed.

Recommended for Acting Dec 10, 2017

I've worked with Ajay recently and he is an outgoing and easy to get along with individual, he told me about his work as a Jack Sparrow look a like. He always stays in character which makes him an exceptional entertainer.

Recommended for Acting Jun 13, 2017

I worked with Ajay on emmerdale, he was such a fun and friendly guy, so polite and out going, lovely guy to work with. Such a pleasure to work with him and would again and highly recommend hiring him.

Recommended for Acting Mar 22, 2017

Ajay is truly talented! Creative passion is there in abundance . . . hard working and dedicated . . . . highly recommended . . . Best wishes for making your "Dreams come true" Dee ; D

Recommended for Acting Mar 10, 2017

Confident hardworking and very professional. Keep up the great work

Recommended for Acting Aug 18, 2016

Amazing to work with... thank you for being so approachable and friendly - with a great positive attitude, ready to work!

Recommended for Acting Jan 14, 2016

I have worked with Ajay on two different occasions now and have found him to be profesional on both occasions I enjoyed working with him and would like to work on more things in the future ..

Recommended for Modelling Nov 10, 2015

Fantastic actor and children's entertainer. Enthusiastic, reliable, easy to work with and a real credit to my business. Ajay never EVER drops out of character and children and adults simply love him! Thrilled to have found Ajay through this website and I cannot recommend him highly enough.

Recommended for Acting Aug 25, 2015

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