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Canterbury, New Zealand
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161 cm / 5ft 3in
76 kg / 167 lbs
White / Caucasian
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56 cm / 22 in
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  • English

  • New Zealand

I love acting, I studied drama all through high school, and have developed my own sense of confidence on screen, whether it be through presenting or character acting.

I have directed short films, internet videos, a few TV show type videos, and a stage musical, all which involved a lot of interaction with actors so I understand what I'm looking for in an actor, and I try to give this back to a director if I am their actor.

Here are a few short films which I acted in:
Bourbon Legends
Cult Popture


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Post Production & Editing ability


I completed a Degree in Film & Television at the New Zealand Broadcasting School, which has had me involved in many different writing projects, including dramas, documentaries, music videos, sitcoms and short films, as well as learning how both the film and television industries work in New Zealand and in the rest of the world.

Last year, for my 6 month internship, I worked in the Marketing Department of Tait Communications as a video intern. My responsibilities included writing, filming and editing corporate video, Working and writing under directions from marketing executives, Attending meetings with marketing associates and advertising agencies and contributing my own ideas and thoughts.

After my internship ended on September 7th, Tait Communications hired me on for an additional 3 months to continue my work.

I have been involved in writing, directing and editing several videos for both internal and external content, including promotional material, instructional videos and product launches, like this one here:
In 2014 I wrote, co-directed and co-edited a short film in 48 hours, for the New Zealand Rialto Channel 48 Hour Film Festival. We were the last team to hand in our film with only 30 seconds to spare, and got awarded with our heat’s ‘Audience Favourite’ award, and also took home the regional awards for Best Script, Best Use of Line, Best Editing, Best Original Song and also won Runner-Up in Christchurch. We later won the National award for Best Use of Prop. Our highly commended film, a Romantic Comedy titled “Something New”, can be seen here:

For my final project at Broadcasting School in 2013, I poured my heart and soul into creating a 20-minute Sitcom pilot episode, “Stubble”. I had written the script about a year before, and filming took over a month. Editing took another couple months after that, including one night where I snuck around security and slept on the campus. “Stubble” is a project I am very excited about, and I am wanting to pursue later on in my career once I get a bit more experience in the industry under my belt. If you are interested, I will email you the private YouTube link for my test pilot.

I have knowledge of how 'the game' works as well, thanks to my studies. This year I have been collaborating with a few of my friends and have been creating a series of Vlogs, in which I, or one of my friends, discuss something that is currently happening currently in the media, and try to put our unique spin on it. I have written all the scripts for the episodes in which I present, and have directed and edited some of those which I’m not in:

My email address is


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  • English

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