Amelia Conway

Amelia Conway Pro

New South Wales, Australia


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A fun, bubbly sweetheart with a professional attitude to the industry. A true pleasure to work with. She demonstrates her knack for acting clearly on camera and is able to take warm and cool feedback to construct a performance that can both allow her expertise to shine and give a Director the character they desire to come to life.

Recommended for Acting Nov 22, 2021

Amelia was fun and easy to work with on the shoot for a mattress. A real pro with many smiles during and after the job. Highly recommended.

Recommended for Acting Nov 22, 2021

I had the pleasure of working with the amazing and talented Amelia in 2021, her professionalism and willingness to adjust to different directions helped to make performing beside her much easier. I look forward to being her husband/working with her again soon.

Recommended for Acting Nov 22, 2021

Amelia had a complex role to play and took direction extremely well to bring out the nuances of the character. A pleasure to work with, I unreservedly recommend her as a strong and committed acting professional.

Recommended for Acting Nov 19, 2021

I had the pleasure of working with Amelia on a TVC, and she is an absolute joy to work with. Amelia is very professional, polite, respectful, friendly, passionate about the industry, and talented. I would highly recommend Amelia for any role!

Recommended for Acting Sep 18, 2021

Easy to work with, professional and very talented.

Recommended for Acting Aug 10, 2021

Amelia was an incredible actor to work with and I feel really lucky to have gotten the chance to direct her. Watching her performance unfold from behind the monitor was truly inspiring and her ability to take onboard new direction and tweak her performance from take-to-take was uncanny. In addition, she was a delight to have on-set - any casting professional or filmmaker would benefit greatly from working with her.

Recommended for Acting Aug 9, 2021

I highly recommend Amelia. She is a total professional; on time, well prepared and delivers magic while on set. Not only that, she carries a great positiive energy while she is at work- I look forward to working with her again soon.

Recommended for Acting Aug 9, 2021

Worked with her on a bathrobe commercial. She is a great talent. Glad she was part of this project. 5 stars

Recommended for Acting Jul 2, 2021

Amelia worked with us as the presenter of a short educational video. We were impressed by her understanding of the script and the way she that came across in the shoot. Her performance showed clearly the distinction between acting and professional presenting, which is clearly one of her skills. Both her voice and movements were well matched to the topic and she required little in the way of direction. Needless to say she was pleasant, obliging and someone we would welcome working with again.

Recommended for Presenting Jun 26, 2021

Amelia is a delightful lady who brought a professionalism and experience to our photoshoot. She has a warm and friendly charm and her beautiful character and nature truly shines through in front of the camera. Was an absolute pleasure to work with Amelia and would highly recommend her for any casting and would most certainly cast her again.

Recommended for Modelling Jun 18, 2021

Amelia was very professional and flexible throughout the whole production. She added her own twist to the character and delivered it so well. She had a great attitude and was very easy to work with. Would love to work with her again!

Recommended for Acting Jun 1, 2021

A terrific actress who's very professional and easy to work with.

Recommended for Acting May 16, 2021

I had the pleasure of working with Amelia on a recent tech video. She was enthusiastic, funny, amiable and highly professional; helping to foster a very relaxed and comfortable environment. A wonderful actor, I would 100% recommend and would jump at the opportunity to work with her again.

Recommended for Acting May 10, 2021

Amelia was amazing to work with, I couldn’t have asked for a better actress for my first student film. I couldn’t recommend her highly enough, she’s incredible!

Recommended for Acting May 6, 2021

Amelia was a pleasure to work with. A great performer who provides a focused performance blended with a professional approach.

Recommended for Acting Apr 29, 2021

Worked Amelia on a Real Insurance tvc. She did a great job learning her lines and taking direction from the film crew. Outside of filming she was friendly and lovely to talk to.

Recommended for Acting Apr 21, 2021

Amelia would be an asset to any set. I cast her as a lead role for my short film Bonded by Blue. Amelia is such a talented and intuitive actor. Some of the scenes I wrote for this character were highly emotional and challenging. Amelia nailed the brief, channelling her character perfectly and elevated each scene like the true professional she is. Amelia is always on time, helpful, respectful and positive. I highly recommend you hire her for your project. A

Recommended for Acting Mar 9, 2021

Very professional and impressive. Amelia came to our film & photoshoot and took direction really well to deliver some fantastic content.

Recommended for Acting Mar 1, 2021

Amelia was super professional and easy to work with. She was a pleasure to have on set and absolutely shines in front of the camera. I highly recommend her and she is amongst the top talent we have worked with.

Recommended for Acting Jan 24, 2021