Andy Woodruff

Andy Woodruff

London, United Kingdom


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It was an absolute pleasure to work with Andy. What an amazing team and great opportunity. I will definitely work with him again. Mel

Recommended for Casting Jul 19, 2020

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Great shoot. Fun, easygoing and creative. Would recommend

Recommended for Casting Sep 30, 2019

Professional, accomodating, friendly and helpful. Great team to work with.

Recommended for Casting Apr 11, 2019

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Andy is a wonderful casting professional. He has a fantastic work ethic and great sense of humour. A pleasure to work with alongside his crew which were equally fabulous!

Recommended for Casting Jan 15, 2019

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Lovely working with them ! My first and best shoot ever.

Recommended for Film & Stage Crew Oct 26, 2018

Things were organised, everyone was having fun and there was a great atmosphere on set! I loved every second and I hope I can get another chance to work with them again!

Recommended for Casting Oct 10, 2018

#Professionalism #Efficiency #GreatVibes

Recommended for Casting Oct 5, 2018

I thoroughly enjoyed working with Epik Music Videos. It was professional - the briefing beforehand was good, directions during the shoot was precise and the atmosphere amongst the crew was generally just very enjoyable throughout the day. I would highly recommend, and I hope I get to work with them again.

Recommended for Casting Oct 3, 2018

Thanks for hiring me on a great job

Recommended for Film & Stage Crew Sep 13, 2017

Fantastic team! Everyone is professional, friendly and easy to work with, highly recommended!

Recommended for Casting Jul 5, 2017

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Good honest people too work for. Equally kool.

Recommended for Casting Jan 20, 2017

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Andy was an easy-going person and everything was well planned. I had a lot of fun working for this project.

Recommended for Casting Jan 4, 2017

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Polite, clear, helpful & always a goid days work

Recommended for Casting Jan 4, 2017

Andy is a great guy to work for creating a relaxing but efficient creative envirement.A pleasure to be involved with your recent project

Recommended for Casting Feb 1, 2015

Recommended for Film & Stage Crew Sep 11, 2017

Recommended for Casting Feb 21, 2017

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Recommended for Casting Jan 12, 2015

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Recommended for Casting Oct 1, 2014

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Recommended for Casting Aug 28, 2013

Recommended for Casting May 9, 2013

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